Saturday, 16 June 2007

Introduction & Dark Knight Background


Long time player, first time blogger. I thought it would be good idea to keep my Final Fantasy XI memories separate from my personal Livejournal ones, so here they are!

Let me introduce myself. I'm Jkun from Fenrir. I main both Dark Knight and Puppetmaster.

My history and life in FFXI has spanned over three very eventful years so far, with each year creating more and more memories of a world I have grown to love.

If you are an avid player of Final Fantasy XI, please enjoy reading about everything I will get up to from now on. If not, why not give it a try?

Okay! Let's begin! My current linkshell, CoolDudesChillin' was founded in September last year by Sumazi and Sath, two really good friends of mine. It was at this time I had just finished getting Puppetmaster to 75, and CDC were hiring. Focused on sea, our little group of rapscallions expanded to tackling Sky, HNM, Limbus and more. Before we knew it, we had quite a reputation.

Since those golden days, a lot of things have changed. My best friend Fortei left the game to get on with his life, and now Sumazi and I quietly run CDC, trying out best to keep the Linkshell alive and kicking.

Now that the brief history session is over, let's finally talk about my character!


Dark Knight

The first job I grew attached to after 30 was Dark Knight. This job made its way to 75 where it became my main and the job I'm most skilled at using. It's faced off against monsters in CoP and Zilart, Dynamis, Limbus, Einherjar, Assault...the list goes on! The most memorable moments I've experienced on Dark Knight weren't achieved just by myself. leveling it to 75 and meeting a lot of friends on the way was the best time of my FFXI life so far.

The second best? Probably the time my very first endgame linkshell tried so hard to defeat Cerberus before allowing me to have me the beautiful Algol great sword, or the time my Social/Dynamis linkshell worked so hard to help fund my Relic Scythe, which is still a long way away from completion!

Speaking of which, Scythe is my current choice of weapon (sorry Algol!) for Darkn Knight, and I'm currently working hard on creating the perfect Haste setup. A few more pieces of Homam should fix that! Currently, here's short introduction to the gear I use during exp, minus my traditional Yagudo Hat!: 


Weapon Skill:

Dark Magic:

I honestly don't know many people that wear Plastron over Hauberk or Hauberk+1 for WS. I wear it because of the added STR and Attack, and because when running around sea or to and from Merit camps I can flip a macro button and regen some MP while I'm on the move. At full HP I combine this tactic with my Parade Gorget and it's all systems go!

One or two items are still needed to pimp my Dark Magic setup out a bit more, like a certain Sea cape and Blood Gauntlets, but what I have works pretty well on anything. My drain 2's sit at 300+, with 400+ on Magic Bursts that I usually find myself closing! 

Play Style & Subjobs:


When I was growing up, I was told to never, ever break a skillchain. Back in the days when Bibiki Bay and Sky were the best 75 exp camps, I did nothing but Skillchains, and I still abide by that rule. When it comes to HNM or Jailers, /THF is my subjob, and closing Darkness is my forte(i).  In exp parties, Limbus, or on jailer of Faith, it has to be /NIN. When soloing? /NIN. Oh shit, some dude needs LB1? /NIN. I can't stress how useful a subjob NIN is. Especially when you pull a ton of hate, and Spikes, Drain and Drain 2 are down. Utsusemi really does save your ass!

I took DRG to 37 in order to use the Wyvern Earring, an extra +5% Haste in my never ending journey to reach the haste cap, plus, who could resist jumps? More TP, more damage!

However, with a good tank, I'll go /WAR and watch those Weaponskill numbers fly! /SAM is also incredible for damage dealing, right up there with /WAR due to Hasso and Seigan, and recently, new 2 handed weapon strength buffs!

Never forget, DRK is all about damage, yo!

Thanks for reading! I hope we can make many, many more memories from here on!