Saturday, 16 June 2007

Puppetmaster Background


When Puppetmaster was released, I levelled it straight away. I had never levelled a pet job in any game before, and anything that revolves around robots is right up my alley! The main reason though, is because even to this day, I wanted to prove to the community that I could make PUP a versatile, enjoyable, and respected job, instead of the current laughing stock that it is.

An ongoing struggle if there ever was one!

Square Enix still has a little way to go before it can be considered a standard endgame job, but in any case, it's one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in FFXI, and I'm going to keep on enjoying it!

I can be seen in the Woodlands, soloing Puks or Colibri most of the time, or in Limbus, if you can catch me I might even put on a small dance performance! My favourite frame for most everything is Valoredge. It's the one I've put maximum merits into, and was the first upgrade I got at level 10. Ain't he cute?

I play Puppetmaster by putting the Automaton first. Sacrificing myself to save him, knowing that when he has recovered he'll sort me out right away. Oh! Did I mention? His name is E100.


Weapon Skill:


It's funny writing up a list of different gear sets for an unpolished job. The rarity of Salvage gear makes the list totally incomplete, but with the gear I have, I still do my best to perform well out there on the battlefield.

Lacking a Faith Torque for TPing in, I reuse my DRK's Great Sword Thunder Gorget for the most of my PUP Weaponskills. If I ever get off my lazy butt, the P.Legs from Mamool Ja Assault will be worn full-time for their STR and Acc bonuses!

Recently, I got Dragoon sub up for PUP and DRK. However it really shines on PUP due to lack of good gear for a melee build like myself. /DRG gives: +10 Acc and +10 Att from Job Traits, +6 more Att from the Wyvern Mantle, and +5% Haste from the Wyvern Earring. Piled with Swift Belt and Walahra Turban, this gives lower H2H delay than /MNK or /WAR. You also get two jumps for quicker TP gain, extra damage, and for looking cool. Sorta.

Play Style & Subjobs:


I'm a melee build. With a strange Evasion obsession too. /WHM and /BLM are strictly for Warp and Besieged, never for anything else. I leave all the cures to E100 while I punch stuff. Simple!

When soloing - and I solo a lot - I usually pick /NIN for anything over Even Match, and /WAR for anything under it. /NIN gives shadows, without which I feel naked and exposed! /WAR is great for switching hate to and from my Automaton.

As I mentioned before, with most enemies under EM, I choose Valoredge Frame with Strobe, and bounce hate to and from me and E100 until the thing dies. If I'm in a pinch, I pop an Oil+2 and swap E100's HP with mine, then let him recover with the Oil still active. Cannibal Blade hits for 300+ every time, giving him a nice chunk of HP back also.

With /NIN, I have StormBody and ValorHead as a curebot for quick Cure 4s on demand. Knockout also deals a fair amount of damage, and can Skillchain with anything I do. This setup works great in Boyada Tree against Steelshells, especially now with Replicator and the new Merits.

My sub of choice is definitely /DRG. I use it at events and when I'm in exp parties. Jumps, a ton of good traits, and Latent Gear all improves PUP's performance in exp, even if everyone focuses on lil' E100!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more updates soon!