Monday, 18 June 2007



So, I was duoing in the Thickets with Kravin's BLM and my PUP and we noticed that E100 can fight stuff and solo it pretty well when I'm half way across the map!

So we came up with the crazy idea that maybe I could take down two of those Brittle Rocks in Tier 1 Lebros Assault on PUP.

And it worked! We didn't have enough other DD to actually beat the thing, and I really hate any Tier 1 Assault, but I deployed E100 on one of the North walls and I ran to one of the East ones and started punching it. When he finished cutting away at his wall, he ran back to my side aggro free and helped take down the remaining walls.

It was an experience if any lol, each day I get bored in the game I find out something new. :p

Sky tonight. Kravin said most of the stuff is going FFA apart from Haidate. Which I don't need. I hope I can grab a pair of Kote from Seiryu at least, maybe some Crimson Gauntlets. Gonna be so glad when my RNG can wear them...!

Thanks for reading!