Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Weekend Shenanigans

Well, it was one of those weekends. A weekend which I achieved so much stuff in-game, even if all I did IRL was eat cereal, sleep, and go to the toilet.

Man, isn't FFXI great?

First up, Assault! Out of nowhere I jumped from 3 Assaults into Rank 4 to this:

It must be due to all the Salvage I've been doing, heh. I helped my friend Phobe camp Joytoy also, even if it popped well after we both fell asleep. She got it though, and it all ended with smiles. The next day I helped them both get that damn Ilrusi Atoll staging point and we tried Golden Savage. Let's just say /SMN sub is a pretty bad idea, haha.

Completely my fault, and feeling a bit dumb for trying, I decided to help Nicholi, Tyrage, and Saam kill Gessho for the ToAU 34(35?) BCNM. Me and Slycer tried to duo it 3 times (No exp loss!) and failed miserably. Once everyone was logged on we took him down easily. After that, well, I won't spoil it... So have some screenies of Aphmau!

Next, here's a pic of the Timepiece I got after spending 100 days together with my new friend in Vana'diel! Next up: Miniature Airship after 365 days! WOO!

And lastly, ohhh how long I have waited to see this:

Finally, after waiting almost a year, these babies are mine. A big thank you again to CDC, but no body this time, our lucky streak is over. Thanks to me.

Over and out!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Busy body

Well recently taking a break from the game, I came back to mainly have something to do during the weekends and get over the fact my best bro Fortei is leaving the game.

I've been hanging out in Europa an awful lot during GMT time, popping in for Salvage at 1pm on Sundays (omggmtevents :DDD) and messing around with missions.

I'm up the the last BCNM in ToAU, the CSs have been amazing so far, I'm in love with Nash...er..Aphmau, and her puppets!

As far as sea goes, we've been kicking some Faith's and Hope's around hoping and having faith in getting Torques, but none have dropped. Ironic.

I've also been a very busybody with merits and skilling up, capping my club at 220 (Putting it up to 8 merits also for Kraken) and completing PUP Tier 2, and 5/5 Melee frame. Next up is 5/5 Magic, capping Club, then maybe H2H or finishing DRK Tier 2. Long way to go.

So yes. Salvage. I go with Europa on Sundays because I have nothing else to do and I don't feel tired going to events at 1.30pm. I mainly go for experience to help CDC's Salvage runs, and to possibly master how the concept of it works like Slycer or Ryushii. It's real interesting, and me and Agrona have lead the last two CDC runs, both of which went VERY well.

1/3 Ares body! Positron, Sumazi, Kravin, Etterni, a lot of people have started the path to upgrading pieces and it can only get easier as more people learn how to pass cells faster. We already own at Sea, soon we'll own this event too!

Also, we had some fun with "The Don" on the 3rd floor of Silver Sea. It was a great laugh when Sasuun was the only one not to get charmed, ho ho ho.

Now to leave you with this week's amazing phrase:


Friday, 13 July 2007

Jkun obtains...

...a Kraken Club!

After waiting in hope for almost a month now, constantly buying and selling and trading and haggling, I finally got one of my own. Credits please~!

A big thank you to:

Saam, for letting me borrow his Kraken to skillup and use until I got my own,
Sumazi, for always trying to find new ways to get me one and keeping my spirits up,
Kravin, for helping promote the Kraken fund on FFXIAH.com,
Ashiya, for NOTHING after selling hers to that Tiz guy,
Salsa, the JP Taru DRK who wouldn't sell it to anyone but another DRK,

...and to you, the person who started this whole quest. It's finally over, friend.