Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Busy body

Well recently taking a break from the game, I came back to mainly have something to do during the weekends and get over the fact my best bro Fortei is leaving the game.

I've been hanging out in Europa an awful lot during GMT time, popping in for Salvage at 1pm on Sundays (omggmtevents :DDD) and messing around with missions.

I'm up the the last BCNM in ToAU, the CSs have been amazing so far, I'm in love with Nash...er..Aphmau, and her puppets!

As far as sea goes, we've been kicking some Faith's and Hope's around hoping and having faith in getting Torques, but none have dropped. Ironic.

I've also been a very busybody with merits and skilling up, capping my club at 220 (Putting it up to 8 merits also for Kraken) and completing PUP Tier 2, and 5/5 Melee frame. Next up is 5/5 Magic, capping Club, then maybe H2H or finishing DRK Tier 2. Long way to go.

So yes. Salvage. I go with Europa on Sundays because I have nothing else to do and I don't feel tired going to events at 1.30pm. I mainly go for experience to help CDC's Salvage runs, and to possibly master how the concept of it works like Slycer or Ryushii. It's real interesting, and me and Agrona have lead the last two CDC runs, both of which went VERY well.

1/3 Ares body! Positron, Sumazi, Kravin, Etterni, a lot of people have started the path to upgrading pieces and it can only get easier as more people learn how to pass cells faster. We already own at Sea, soon we'll own this event too!

Also, we had some fun with "The Don" on the 3rd floor of Silver Sea. It was a great laugh when Sasuun was the only one not to get charmed, ho ho ho.

Now to leave you with this week's amazing phrase: