Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Weekend Shenanigans

Well, it was one of those weekends. A weekend which I achieved so much stuff in-game, even if all I did IRL was eat cereal, sleep, and go to the toilet.

Man, isn't FFXI great?

First up, Assault! Out of nowhere I jumped from 3 Assaults into Rank 4 to this:

It must be due to all the Salvage I've been doing, heh. I helped my friend Phobe camp Joytoy also, even if it popped well after we both fell asleep. She got it though, and it all ended with smiles. The next day I helped them both get that damn Ilrusi Atoll staging point and we tried Golden Savage. Let's just say /SMN sub is a pretty bad idea, haha.

Completely my fault, and feeling a bit dumb for trying, I decided to help Nicholi, Tyrage, and Saam kill Gessho for the ToAU 34(35?) BCNM. Me and Slycer tried to duo it 3 times (No exp loss!) and failed miserably. Once everyone was logged on we took him down easily. After that, well, I won't spoil it... So have some screenies of Aphmau!

Next, here's a pic of the Timepiece I got after spending 100 days together with my new friend in Vana'diel! Next up: Miniature Airship after 365 days! WOO!

And lastly, ohhh how long I have waited to see this:

Finally, after waiting almost a year, these babies are mine. A big thank you again to CDC, but no body this time, our lucky streak is over. Thanks to me.

Over and out!