Sunday, 9 September 2007

Black & White

I've become hooked on my darling little 'bo ChaosChariot. He recently grew into a teenager and a week later he stretched his big beautiful wings into this gorgeous creature:

Isn't he lovely? His stats currently include Impressive Strength and Better than Average Indurance. What a beast! I've been racing him, playing the Chocobo Hot and Cold game (2/4 La Thiene so far!) and taking great care of him. It's great that I can still ride him when he retires without having to look after him. Once I've capped his physical attributes, I'll work on teaching him stories to up his abilities. So much fun!

Alongside my last update, where I capped my PUP merits, countless parties and constant 4am mornings finally paid off!

Since I'm working on a haste build, capped Desperate Blows was a must for my Last Resort effect and /SAM's Hasso. Muted Soul will help a fraction when I'm Krakenin' stuff, and Souleater recast is now the same as Last Resort at 5mins. Nice and tidy.

So returning back to CDC, we took down Omega in 5 mins. Literally. We got him to 20% so fast, we farmed for about 15 mins only to get 2 pods, before we got bored of spamming Stone I on the poor guy. There's a lots of drama and commotion over his legs, so I went the safe route, avoided it, and nabbed his eyeball.

It's replacing my W.Turban because I love MAcc, and it has lots of other gimmicks like Acc, DEF, just little things that really sell stuff to me when I look at a piece of armor in full perspective. I'll get more haste one day. One day!

Now onto the interesting stuff. The update that was released recently upgraded PUP to incredible strengths. It took around 4 or 5 days to complete the quests for each of the new WHM and BLM heads that work well with all existing frames (apart from, well, Sharpshot, obviously.) These heads provided the following new spells:

Tier IV nukes (Stone IV, Water IV, Aero IV, Fire IV, and if you have max merits like moi: Blizzard IV)
Drain (Will only Drain living mobs)
Aspir (Will only Aspir mobs with MP pool)
Absorb-INT (Absorbs 20-19 INT every time, will only absorb from enemies with high INT)

Cure V (Replaces Cure IV)
Regen III
Various -na spells
Ability to cure all party members in a strict order: Automaton > Master > Party members.

In addition to this, the maximum skill levels for each frame were increased dramatically:

Ranged Skill 240 > 269
Melee Skill 240 > 269 (279 with Max Merits)
Magic Skill 240 > 279 (289 with Max Merits)

I'm currently capped on magic, and sitting at 270/279 Melee and 250/269 Ranged. I fine it very hard to skill these up considering the only hard mobs I have the patience for are exp mobs such as Mamool or Trolls! And so far, I can reach these numbers with all the obvious BLM attachments (Ice Maker, Mana Channeller etc.):

The version fix tomorrow is also improving their base stats, and fixing their max HP and MP since this information was messed up in the update (Boo for 1.6k HP when I used to have 1.9k!)

So while skilling these up I managed to cap my evasion! On DRK it stops at 225, but on PUP it goes up to 260! It's REALLY at 250, but my Boxer's added an extra +10 Skill, hence capping it!
Oh ho ho ho ho!

I messed around with some of my furniture too. I got some new pieces here and there and just tried to make my Mog House look nice and warm. Wait a second, what's that ugly triangular flag on my wall?!

That's right! It's the final item from completing all the ToAU missions! Me, Nich, Deca, and a few others spammed our way through many attempts at this final fight, before taking down the big guy himself. The rewards were totally worth the 6 hours we spent retrying it! A spiffy title, amazing ring, pretty wall hanging, and my long lost Glory Crown! But the best reward was the memories, I'll never forget the pain we went through, haha. /wrists

And for now, that's all. I also want to make a mention toooo Dsab, Stac, Ubermonkey, and Decadence, who I met up with IRL for a day of hilarity in Stirling, may we have many more ridiculous adventures!