Saturday, 29 December 2007

Straight to your Heart!

So, it's been a long, tiring, and adventurous journey, but it's finally come to a rather quick ending!

Ranger finally hit 75 yesterday, on Trolls none the less! (PUP hit 75 on Mamool - maybe my next job will ding on Undead Swarm?) In any case, I levelled it to 67! Since I got the Kraken for DRK and recently returned, I ran full force to 75, even if I took my time to explore WoG throughout. Most of my exp, from 69-72 was from Campaign. I would lfg for 2 or 3 hours and make 15k just guarding my two favourite areas, Jugner, and Vunkerl Inlet. It's great fun, and I'm all caught up in my current missions/Maws.

Gear! The only piece that was a bitch to get were these. Most of my gear crosses over from DRK (Prudence Torque, since I'm going a Gun/Kraken Build, Rajas, Flame Ring, turban, etc) and PUP (P.Body, P.Legs, Brutal Earring, etc). I still need a few mouth watering things like Denali jacket and perhaps Osode, but they can wait. I'm happy with gear I already own for my other jobs, and my little Hellfire+1. It's great fun!

Swiftly after hitting 75, I managed to unlock these two WSs. Thanks to Mizuko, Sazaku, Positron, and Stac for helping break latent and take down the teeny little NMs. (BUT NOT BEET LEAFHOPPER, HE WAS A HORRIBLE ONE /WRISTS) Picture related is me on my Mithra costume, the same model as my RNG role model Ashiya.

And lastly, in true Winter tradition, I got ill. D: IRL, too! At least Mizuko looked after me when I got stuck in her bed. Ahem.

Have a great New Years, see you in 2008~!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

The return, plus some goodies?

So, because of University work nailing me down like a dead skunk, I've been unable to play since September! Recently, I was asked to come back. A lot of people missed me helping out the LS, so I decided to come back, grab WoG and start playing again, but this time, much more casually. Tons of stuff has changed in-game and IRL, but playing games for fun and when suits me best is better not only for my health, but for my attitude towards everything - including endgame.

Anyway, moving on - goodies! I was surprised about these, until I realized most stuff in the LS is now going FFA due to the amount of things they achieve.

Bahamut v2. He's one mean motherfucker. We had 3 Kraken DRKs and killed him in 20 seconds. Nobody wants Hose ever, so they FFA'd to my PUP, who can now kick! ...Yay? The battle looked a lot like this:

It was the most epileptic 20 seconds of my life. Afterwards, we had a few days off. So I decided to explore WoG. Considering I spent the first 3 hours of the expansion waiting in Garliage to get back to the Maw I so stupidly jumped off the cliff from, it's been good fun. The new areas mess with your head, since the layout of the levels is completely different. But the most messed up thing is soloing Colibri in E.Ronfaure. I mean what the hell. I love it. The missions are fun, the battles are epic, and the sense of being in the past is something I've always wanted to explore since I did the San D'Oria missions way back in 2005.

...Dancer! I'm slowly taking this to 37 purely as a subjob for PUP. My main goals and reasons are to put on dance shows for people with E100. It's always been a fucked up dream of mine, lol. I'm loving soloing with it right now, and on paper it will work so well with my PUP's H2H (And now kicking?) skills, getting tons of TP, and having E100 cure me aswell as casting Drain Samba. Greatest solo combination ever, let's hope it works in practice.

Recently I've been getting to know a few new LS members and people in general. One girl, Mizuko, has been hanging out with me a lot lately. Sazaku her boyfriend is really awesome, and they're both in the LS, so I can talk to them both at the same time! We got up to some shenanigans at a Bomb Queen run the other day:

Positron let me have his pop set as he needed +4 Inventory space desperately, and I needed the ring for my Kraken Build, (I'm now around 200 HP from the cap without Carbonara.) I'd like to go back and farm cores/ash again for Mizuko and Posi, to thank them for all their hard work. Here's some chat screenies:

lol, my pervy side. Oh how I miss you so. We've hung out numerous times, especially levelling DNC to 5 together, which resulted in many laughs and incredibly loud macros. Speaking of friends, I've been in touch with Ashiya who switched server a while back too. Seems she's also playing the game casually, which is great news, since I knew it was dragging her down near the end, so much so she had to transfer. I miss you Ashiya D: Your horrible PUP jokes and endless scorns were greatly appreciated!

That's all for now~ if I don't update again before Christmas, I hope everyone has a great winter break. See you in 2008~!