Saturday, 29 December 2007

Straight to your Heart!

So, it's been a long, tiring, and adventurous journey, but it's finally come to a rather quick ending!

Ranger finally hit 75 yesterday, on Trolls none the less! (PUP hit 75 on Mamool - maybe my next job will ding on Undead Swarm?) In any case, I levelled it to 67! Since I got the Kraken for DRK and recently returned, I ran full force to 75, even if I took my time to explore WoG throughout. Most of my exp, from 69-72 was from Campaign. I would lfg for 2 or 3 hours and make 15k just guarding my two favourite areas, Jugner, and Vunkerl Inlet. It's great fun, and I'm all caught up in my current missions/Maws.

Gear! The only piece that was a bitch to get were these. Most of my gear crosses over from DRK (Prudence Torque, since I'm going a Gun/Kraken Build, Rajas, Flame Ring, turban, etc) and PUP (P.Body, P.Legs, Brutal Earring, etc). I still need a few mouth watering things like Denali jacket and perhaps Osode, but they can wait. I'm happy with gear I already own for my other jobs, and my little Hellfire+1. It's great fun!

Swiftly after hitting 75, I managed to unlock these two WSs. Thanks to Mizuko, Sazaku, Positron, and Stac for helping break latent and take down the teeny little NMs. (BUT NOT BEET LEAFHOPPER, HE WAS A HORRIBLE ONE /WRISTS) Picture related is me on my Mithra costume, the same model as my RNG role model Ashiya.

And lastly, in true Winter tradition, I got ill. D: IRL, too! At least Mizuko looked after me when I got stuck in her bed. Ahem.

Have a great New Years, see you in 2008~!