Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Correct Combination Was...

65. 69. 73. 21. 87. 88. 99. 90. 76. 10. 42.

These numbers, and many more, were just some of the correct combinations in my mini adventure that I like to call: Chests.

Firstly, We should familiarise ourselves with the term "Chest", as it can be expressed in a number of ways:

"Adventure? C-chests? No thanks." - Aeyze: Casket Expert.
"Chest? :£ More like. urface!" - Rebme: Resident Dickhead.
"omg it was 51. Fucking chest, ugh, I said 53." - Jkun: Rage Machine.

Let's go into more detail, shall we?

Certain zones contain chests that can either be blue, or brown. Blue chests are discarded faster than your mum's savings at a Debenham's sale. They contain temporary items. Worthless pish posh, I say what what jolly good pip pip.

Brown chests, however, contain the holy grail, the second coming, the elixer of life. Sort of. 99% of the time, you will find trash. Kazham Peppers, Silver Obis, Shit, Ores, Wool, Sand, Cuir Highboots, Threads, Air. Okay so they have Elixers too, but they're not Elixers of LIFE.

However, for the lucky adventurers, for the very very very lucky adventurers, each zone contains one R/Ex piece of equipment that is kickass at low level, and shite everywhere else.

...BUT WAIT A SECOND IT'S NOT THAT EASY, NOPE. Each brown chest is locked.

Yeah. You heard me. These locked chests require you to enter a 2 digit number that is guessed through the power of deduction, using 4-6 shitty clues. Believe me, IT'S ALWAYS GOING TO BE 4. IF YOU SEE A CHEST CONTAINING 6 CHANCES THEN YOU HAVE OBVIOUSLY BROKEN THE GAME AND YOU SHOULD CALL A GM BECAUSE THAT CHEST BELONGS IN FUCKING JAIL.

Anyway, here is an example of a bad clue:

You have a hunch one of the digits is greater than 0.

Yeah, no shit. GOOD clues would look like this:

You have a hunch one of the digits is 6.
You have a hunch one of the digits is 8.

THAT WAY, YOU FUCKING KNOW WHAT IT'S GOING TO BE. But clues such as these are actually incredibly rare, so don't expect them.

Like, at all.

In short: WHY THE FUCK DID I SPEND 20 HOURS DOING THIS? What possessed me to constantly log in, and hammer away at EP mobs praying for a brown chest that might actually contain something? I'll tell you what:


I needed to justify wasting my time on these chests, and even if the rewards are fucking mediocre, I HAD to have something to show for it.

So, after 1/115 Opened chests, I finally obtained a Pet Damage Taken -2 neck piece.


Yep, totally worth it.

I don't ever want to touch a chest again. Y'know, I actually dream about them. I dream about 4 chance chests with shitty clues. I dream about a single mob dropping 2 brown chests as I jump for glee. HOWEVER, I MUST LEARN TO PUT IT ALL BEHIND ME. I MUST FREE MYSELF.

(Thank you Reb, Ze, but most of all E100 because he stayed for the whole show unlike you two fucking slackers)

And so, I wish anyone who seeks out these chests the best of luck...

...because, lol, you're sure as shit gonna need it.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas 2009!

So in true festive spirit, let's take part in the Starlight Festival 2009!

The new items this year were bells. That's right. Bells. Not balls. They're clubs that jingle when you hit stuff. I had somuchfuckingfun with them! The quest was relatively simple, too. Deliver cards to adventurers, deliver presents to NPCs, and...

...Destroy huge fuck off boxes? I really didn't get this part but who cares, the bells fucking jingle holy shit.

So, a big thank you to everyone who supported and read my blog throughout the year! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and don't get told off for fighting HNMs as Santa like I did. :(

Over and out~!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Balls of Steel

It's been a pretty busy week with Christmas coming up, so I'm going to get some little things out of the way before it's too late!

First up, Nyzul's been kind to everyone for a good while now. Rebme's lootwhored a ton of stuff for her seven thousand jobs, Aeyze finally got something *shock*, and while Medi's obsession with collecting 5/5 of every set is still ongoing, I managed to nab quite a lol piece for myself.

lol. WHY JKUN? I'll tell you why. So I can have enough MP on PUP/WHM to cast reraise when weakened.

I'm not joking.


Oh, and it's got some neat Haste for Utsusemi soloing, putting me at +19%! dohoho.



Right, so, next up. Limbus. We had some problems last few Apollyon runs, but at least I got laid:

lol, oh u Medi, oh u. It's a good thing this heated passion was short lived. The next day I woke up and found out I had a serious case of the...

What the fuck is this? Time to get a new graphics card, I think...

And so our spotlight finally shines on the long awaited Moblin Maze Mongos. Er, Mongers. Today I teamed up with Medi, Tuss, Alch and Rad to storm into our nubby little two-rune zones and take out everything in sight.

Of course, me being me, would always change the music to "The Big One" if I got the chance. Which I did. Once. BUT IT WAS AWESOME. I made 4k limit points out of 4 runs, and even got that little eyepatch everyone seems to be sporting. Pity it goes over the eye my hair DOESN'T cover, now I can't see shit.

So, to end with, let's have some little fun times from the previous week:



Reb tried to Flee in Whitegate and it got para'd, ahahaha fkn nab.


I love winning bets when the stakes are this high. ;(

Over and out~!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A Reason for Fisticuffs

I didn't make a post last week because nothing happened and I was really busy irl. Now it's died down a little, I've went back to the Aery (It's so much more fun during the day with the good old Brits playing), and in addition to LS Events, I've also camped a whole host of NMs in my spare time!

Including an unclaimed Fafnir! Okay, but seriously. Aery aside, let me get one thing straight. I hate camping NMs. If I could, I would never do it. But because some items REQUIRE certain NM hunts as prereqs. to continue other quests, I have no choice.

Alas, with thanks to Aeyze, Rebme, and myself, we managed to thwart down the following foes over the span of three days, and almost finish one of the most annoying questlines I've ever started:

The brown belt.

First up, I had to eradicate two rams that loved to wander the entirety of two whole zones.

Aeyze/RNG and my RNG/WHM kept both zones covered, luckily nabbing a claimed Rampaging Ram at 1% from a fellow BST who kindly gave me the horn. Then as Aeyze went to sleep, the Ram's Lumbering counterpart appeared where she parked her character. Honestly, they both look so much alike I had a double-take, hohoho.

Stage one complete! (Now, onto the worst part...)

When I was camping treasure caskets in Sauro for those Herder's panties that were released in the patch, I came across Dodo. He dropped the skin on the first kill, even if it took me 2-3 hours of killing placeholders for chests and eventually running into him by accident.

Okay that's a total lie I was camping him for 3 hours but shhh don't tell anyone.

Next up, I decided to camp Morborl as I heard he was a simple, easy timed camp with no placeholders.

I wish people would stop lying to me.

Anyhoo, I parked my character in Ordelle's at 4pm, full of high hopes, sunshine and marshmallow dreams of a quick 1 hour pop. 2am came along, and I had to go to Dynamis. Still no pop. Dynamis only lasted an hour as we hilariously messed up the boss in Qufim and I had to solo tank the fucker for a few minuites. So, after a delicious Raise 1, I headed back to Ordelles where I loaded Timestamp and went to bed from 4am until mid afternoon, I don't remember. Some time after Faf had died.

Anyway, still no pop. In my log, at 4.30, a guy came and started to kill the Stroper in the room many times, and he was still there, but /away when I woke up, which lead me to believe Morborl still hadn't popped while I was asleep. (Else I would have seen someone kill it in my log, ah ha~!).

No problem. That leaves between 2pm-4pm for him to pop. I heard he was a 21-24 hour NM, so I thought if I went there at 4pm the day before, the earliest he can pop is 2pm. I stayed staring at the screen from then until 3pm, when he finally decided to show up.

So, a straight 23 hour camp with a sleepy break in between. What a nightmare, tbh.

And so, I decided to end this dream swiftly by camping the dreaded Nue once and for all.

"0/5", "0/93", "1/1 tee hee!", "5 hour repawns", "Didn't pop for 16 hours" were all phrases I read on forums and heard about from friends. This was not going to be pret--

Oh. Hi there Nue. It seems you're up unclaimed.


Oh, hello again Nue. It seems you're up again unclaimed, 1 hour after I killed you.


Rebme and Aeyze popped out to come help me, but this time Nue didn't show his ugly face for 3 hours.


...Including his Fang!

1/3. That's my story.

I was sad to hand all these items in, especially after the painful adventures it took to go get them. I also had some fun doing Tenshodo fame and Ninja scroll quests, to give me a little more cash and to also get my reputation up to level 6 for the black belt, buuuuuut let's not get too ahead of ourselves, shall we?

Mission Complete, Fox.

Could this be the start of a new job for Jkun?

Could he actually be levelling something of use in high-end merits and endgame itself?

Could he finally have a chance to level up Guard skill for PUP?

lol, Don't be silly. But we'll see!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A Buffoon's Testing

Version Update Day!

One good item for PUP, and I got lucky on the synth, so let's get testing:

Buffoon's Collar Testing (For those who care)

(Like, nobody)

(Well maybe like two people)

Test 1 (What this thing do?):

- Soul/Waker Frame/Animator+1 (Not that it matters) + Light Maneuvers (No CHR gear).
- Activated then waited on a 3 min cooldown, before using a maneuver every 10 seconds until Overload:

None: 2 Maneuvers -> Overload on 3rd (As expected)
Puppetry Dastanas +1: 3 Maneuvers -> Overload on 4th (As expected)
Buffoon's Collar +1 (Tested Twice): 5 Maneuvers -> Overload on 6th (WTF?)
Both (Tested twice): 4 Maneuvers -> Overload on 5th (Almost the same as using Collar by itself)

First Conclusion: AF Hands and the Collar do not stack (as in, their extra Overload threshold aren't combined), but oddly, the Collar (by itself) adds 2 whole extra maneuvers to the burden threshold, and when combined, adds 1-2. From what's on paper, it seems the Collar, when combined with the gloves, counters their effect as oppossed to using the Collar by itself.

This is very weird, I think this is to not break people at a higher level when they combine these two items? As it stands, I still recommend using both for the extra stat bonuses gloves give, and the extra threshold space the Collar gives (even if it counter's the effect on the gloves already). You'd have to be a buffoon NOT to macro this during maneuvers pre-AF though, so all you new Puppeteers better pick one up!

Side Notes: Considering +1 AF hands do the same thing NQ ones do, I'm guessing that also applies to the collar. My first synth went 1/1 on the HQ so it must be crazy low (Or I'm lucky, which is impossible). The materials needed are:

Clothcraft (???):
7x Colibri Feather
1x Karakul Cloth
Earth Crystal

Test 2 (Oh, NOW it works!):

- Spirit/Waker Frame/Animator+1 (Again, not that it matters) + Ice Maneuvers (No INT gear).
- Activated then waited on a 3 min cooldown, before using a maneuver every 10 seconds until Overload:

None: 2 Maneuvers -> Overload on 3rd (As expected)
Puppetry Dastanas +1: 3 Maneuvers -> Overload on 4th (As expected)
Buffoon's Collar +1 (Tested Twice): 4 Maneuvers -> Overload on 5th
Both (Tested twice): 5 Maneuvers -> Overload on 6th (womg?)

Final Conclusion: Same tactic, different frame/elemental strength. Slightly different results. These ACTUALLY make sense, and can you believe it, unless I got lucky, they do stack after all.

I went back and tested again with the Light Maneuver setup, and I must have been doing something wrong on Test #1 (like not removing attachments, hurr durr), but fear not! The results are now the same as these (and then some! I managed to get 6 Light Maneuvers in a row before overloading on the 7th when combining them!).

SUCCESS! A new item that works even when combined with PUP AF. Enjoy your new little toy, knowing level caps under 60 and little accidents at 75 won't be a problem any more!

Tips: I'd like some more tests from other people on different setups! I'm eager to know the results. Also, don't pay too much for this! It cost me 13k as I farmed the feathers myself and bought the skin. Someone will always sell new items for more than their value and trick you into overpaying for HQs. Remember, it's a very low synth with a very high HQ rate. You should pay the cost of the Karakul cloth and that's it!

Thanks for reading, all two of you.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Trueflight Tears You Up

This entry isn't really about Trueflight. Aside from how shit it is and the fact I have no MAB set for it (yet), I just wanted a spiffy title to this post. Aren't you disappointed? No? k.

I'll try to keep this short. I'm crazy busy this week and haven't been on FFXI much (unless you count from 11pm-3am most nights. :/), but aside from that I have a couple of new goodies and a few random things to toss at you.

Limbusssss, I missed today's because my dog got in a fight with another dog on our daily walk, which sucked but I had to look after him (he gets scared by a lot of things, fkn wuss), but the week before was fun and I managed to get me these gloves:

1 more STR than Enkidu, but lacks DEX and Acc. Still, I mainly got them for the slight possibility that they further reduce overload.

Spoiler: They don't.

Oh well! That means every Auto effect on other +1 pieces are the same as their NQ counterpart, so I'm done with PUP's limbus items. Yay. (I SAY that but I'll probably get the whole bloody set...)

Dynamis! I was on RNG at the time too, and since these instantly replaced Skadi's 3 STR, the difference was pretty outstanding. (For lolDynamis mobs anyway). I managed to get 50-100 points more damage on my Slugs, what a great piece!

Oh, and I still laugh at people who think THF kill = drops. This is like the 8th time this has happened since I came to Fairy.

I also joined a ZNM LS :D Finally. They're very full (18+ people so some have to sit out on fights), but since they use RNG and DRK for a lot of stuff I was allowed to fight! The lotting system is great, fair and actually works.

You get points per each monster killed on farming days. 1 for T1, 2 for T2, etc. I made 9 points on my first day. When you want gear, it's auctioned off when it drops. With people throwing more and more points until they want to stop in order to lot. When a piece is maxed out and nobody needs it, the LS sells it to outsiders and splits the money between whoever helped kill.

So I'm very happy. I love these fights with 18 people instead of lowmanning. It means lots of mobs cleared in just 3 hours a week (Seriously, T3 Troll took 7-10 mins, it's amazing!), and hopefully in time I can get revenge on Tinnin and his red and white bondage suit he tempts me with...

I also finally made my 3rd Hobbybo! This one's for me, since I needed the Earth element in my MH, lol.

Now for some randoms:

Reb being Reb...

lolSalvage mobs! (I was half naked, without Souleater!)


Okay I'm done.

Monday, 17 November 2008

New Tact

It's been a very eventful and progressive week to say the least, so let's start with some new shineys!

Limbus! We broke out of the norm for one day to do a Temenos and as luck would have it, PUP and COR popped in the same chest for me and Rebbers. Which lead to:

Wait a minute. I thought Saagheera was meant to upgrade these?! Unfortunately after talking to a GM there is indeed a typo on a (lot of) new jobs' AF+1 sets, PUP feet were one of them. Oh well!

After seeing another LS starting to warp while picking these up I asked if they had any PUPs that wanted the item. I've never really asked for something like this before, considering I've kept to myself and my own LS for anything I needed, but they said they'd rather give it to someone who can use it than watch it drop to a random person, so I really am in their debt considering it dropped just as I zoned into Temenos!

So much thanks to Missingno, Kuroi and their Limbus group!

I tagged along to a crazy SMN burn lead by Gol and a few other people to kick some Dobsons around for Aeyze's robocop hat so she can do crazy WSs on NIN, and we managed to get two! She told me to ask Gol if I could come, since she really didn't want to see any others rot. How thoughtful. ;3 Thanks all!

I also camped this bastard for 5 hours straight one night. Whyyyyy? For this, of course!

PUP's /SCH build is almost complete, however more on that in a later update. There's so much to talk about I don't know where to begin!

The LS gathered again on Saturday to take down another ToAU king, this time it was the worst one of all... DurrHurrLur is a douche. We started off with around 16-17 people, went down to 13, then at 9%, 4 hours later, the rest of the LS *finally* arrived a LITTLE TOO LATE and finished him off with us. It was a very intensive fight, purely because I had to fight the boss, his adds, and my sleeping pattern in order to bring him down.

But bring him down we did! 2/3 Titles, one to go!

Once I get some more tests and screenies of gear when FFXIAH.com isn't being lame I'll make another update note on PUP/SCH gear and tactics. I've also included various job's gear sets on the left hand side which are updated regularly!

Take care~