Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Here & There

Well, it certainly has been an eventful few weeks!

Over Christmas, I mainly finished up RNG. Capping exp, skills such as Throwing and Axe, and taking it as my farming job to Sea. It's much more useful on a lot of fights (Justice, since I don't get hit by blind, Prudence, since I don't have to run after it, and Temperance, since we're low on piercing damage usually.)

I use that Mithra model way too much. Also, ignore Slycer. He was trying to block my view but I ended up shooting him instead. Dick.

I've also been finding time to merit with DBD. We nailed an amazing 25k/hour party (by my standards, since most of my parties suck ass) which got me this:

Yay, now I just need one last one in GSword then Combat skills are maxed! Yay~ I also started working on Dark Magic, getting it to 8 since SE revealed there will be DRK specific spells being released sometime soon. Aspir II, please? ; ;

In addition to everything above, I decided to make a FFXIclopedia account to keep track of my stats, especially Assault, Nyzul, and Campaign Ops. I've ranked up to Star #2 in Campaign, and in Assault:

Yay~! I have SO MANY to do first time round, so I have no problem ranking up, just finding people to do them is tough since we've started a Nyzul Isle static that's currently at floor 10 in one day using 2 tags, lol. Me, Nich, Stac, Dsab, Actionman and a new sever transfer Loydz are gonna take it all the way to floor 100!

But since I came back there was always one person who I wanted to take something from. I took his dignity last time, now I took his zaghnal:

;_; I was so happy, even if I had to lot against someone else. It's the one item I've been hunting down alongside Abyss Cape for absolutely ages. Now, I feel like I've REALLY finished CoP, and I've never regretted a second of it.

So! Things are changing. University is back, and my work has just begun there. People are moving to and from Fenrir, and new friendships are always starting, so here's to whatever lies ahead!