Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Azure Experiments

Yay! Last night was quite epic. Salvage was cancelled, so I waited around with some spare Assault tags, and just by luck I managed to get a ton of uniques done, and rank up at long last!

The challenges were very very daunting at first, but thanks to Ayuki and my photographic memory, I aced them first time round. I really, really liked the ending, after spending over a year ranking up from PSC, it felt nice and well deserved. Not too drawn out, not too anti climatic. It was perfect. Just got a few more uniques until Captain, then it's spam Red vs Blue and FL time for salvage points/Breeder's set!

As soon as I got my key item, Shin, our leader, was spamming LS chat with the fact he single handedly claimed King Behemoth! So we all ran to help him out. I was getting ready for Salvage and was on my PUP, so I asked if I could bring it along to test it out. KB isn't as bad as Nid, and we had a full alliance at the time, so he said the more the merrier! :D It was an epic battle and I learned a lot about deploy distance dangers (lol, Shockwave), and keeping above 600/1024 MP. Here's some damage screenies~

Ice Maker + x1 Ice

Ice Maker + x2 Ice

Overloaded, rofl

Ice Maker + x1 Ice

Congrats to Conchita on Earring!

Salvage! We've been 6 manning a lot of bosses recently, but a lot of 35 drops have been super emo. Zidi and Usu finally got their Morrigan's Robes, but QQA just does not put out. We also got an orgasmic double 35 drop from Arrapago's chariot, before splitting up to do Silver Seas and Zhaylom. I just need the Bhaflau's boss for Ares's Cuirass's 25 body and Usukane pants, and then the really easy 15 pants NM in Silver Seas. I'm so glad my PUP will be a little bit stronger with these pants. I can't wait!

Also rankups galore~! One step away from Holy Knight. I'm gonna try to get it before the version update, hoho. Mikhe is also my favourite Campaign NPC. Matching Yagudo hats~!!

Over and out~!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Dance to victory!

Oh my god, oh my god. It's finally over.

I hit 37 DNC in a 10~14 hour long party (I afk'd a lot, lol.) that took me from 31 1/2 to 37 1/2. It was intense, but I'm so glad I got it over and done with. Sooo much free inventory space now! D; But why? What possible reason could I have for this sub?

Oh yeah, that's right baby!

Yayayaya! Although I only got to briefly test it out, it didn't take long to make puppet /dance macros for each waltz and samba, as well as show off the fact gravity lands almost 100% of the time thanks my my H2H merits and +acc.

The weird thing is, PUP/DNC is a very very VERY hard job to master. You have to think of lots of things at once. For example;

- Your damage input and output, using DEF- and Eva- steps to have the upper hand.
- Keeping said steps up in order to gravity or provoke if shit hits the fan.
- Add onto that the recast of Vent and Role Reversal, especially if you're using Valoredge.
- But with all THAT going on, you still have to keep an eye on maneuvers for the automaton, and make sure you don't overload. (I forgot to put on dark maneuvers a few times on WHM head because I was overwhelmed with the new dances.)

That being said, I want to try my hardest to master this sub, because it has an incredible amount of potential, making full use of the Accuracy bonus job trait, AND ability to cure yourself so you can use other frames. It is breathtaking how much fun it is when you're totally focused.

Anyway, I only had a short time to test it because of this:

hi2u Tier 3 Einherjar! We almost wiped with 36 last night because we got the WORSE combination ever. Bhoots that all opened with Blizzaga 3 AT ONCE, (we outran about 6 of them, but all the BLM died so we had to Dynamis-style /assist it up!), then sets of bats, then...a Poroggo boss. We were all spread out, and since water bomb is hate reset THEN picks a random alliance member to hate, he was all over the place Dx No abjurations yet, but we might spam Tier 3 a bit before we try the big guy himself. (The sooner we clear Odin and get his key item, the sooner we spam Tier 2 and 3 for points!)

Speaking of Dynamis, we did Jeuno and got MNK MNK RNG SAM SAM uhhh and DRG I think. Anyway, I was asked to lot this, since I was told I'm a cheap RNG... ?_?

Oh. Oh now I get it. You bunch of dicks. D: At least we can end this post on a much funnier note, this was taken during my DNC's struggle to 37, when Aeyze opted in to PL me since I send her a few videogame soundtracks in the mail. We were talking over MSN at the time, and I was sharing my 6 Gig FFXI porn picture folder to her! :D

And it's true! She's like the crazy sister I wish I had! There's still a while to go until Salvage time, so I guess I should do some uni work. Not much else has happened this week personally. Omega didn't put out enough (lolhead and feet, both went FFA), Ultima is next week, and we got 2 completed Morrigan's Robes in Salvage, yet QQA still never gives us some Ares luvvin'!

More updates as they come~!

Monday, 11 February 2008

A New Venture

Well it's been an exciting week and a half, that's for sure. Maybe it's because I've spent all this time doing new and exciting things, pushing my boundaries, and seeing just how much I still have to achieve, but knowing that it's now actually possible makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The schedule of events is pretty nice. Einherjar is before or after Dynamis every Monday and Friday. Wednesday and Saturday are official Limbus and Salvage days, but we static a 6-7 man Arrapago group every day around 6pm. We can clear up to floor 5 with 50 mins remaining most of the time, just those 7 mins on the last Qiqirn Treasure Hunter floor are a pain in the ass.

Lastly, sea is also on Wednesday at evening time, but I'm gonna hold back on that until HNM windows free up or Uni works gets easier (lol, yeah right.) Right now Fafhogg is sitting at 8-9am every morning, which gets me up at least, with Aspid around noon. I do university work in between windows, and since I'm getting used to doing things in 30 min increments, it's actually a lot of fun.

Enough walls of text, on with the loot!

The Dynamis system is quite unique and newcomer friendly. Long time members use priority to "protect" items. This way they save up all their effort and hard work for that one item (RDM Hat, Dreamworld gear, PLD body etc.) . At the start of each run, your comments decide what you want. Anyone can sponser/obtain currency, too. Sponsers get all single currency, where as 100 pieces are randomed if you want those instead of AF. Blue comments list an item you want for your current job, Red comments for a job you're not on but have at 75, and Yellow for 100 pieces. If a piece drops, and nobody has it commented, it goes FFA to anyone with that job at 70+, 73+ for Icelands. After attending 4 induction runs (the next run is my last) newcomers can start lotting non FFA items, and their priority won't go down. Basically, after 4 runs, you can lot on anything you can use, so every week you have a chance at getting something rather than waiting in line for months. The randoms and lotting decide it, not dick-sucking leadership points!

The only things the LS zergs are: Kirin, JoL, Bahamutv2, Dynamis Lord, Animated relics etc. This is how it should be, really. With each Zerg will come a BRD song rotation and incredible Acc buffs, so Club merits in my opinion are a waste. The kraken itself still isn't out of service, but the fact they make use of all my jobs is what matters. Being treated like a person rather than a multi-hit weapon for once is a nice change. I go PUP 90% of the time to Salvage because they gave the the chance, and it rocks the socks off in there. I merit on Kraken RNG most of the time, again,  because they gave me the chance, and getting a few more Ridill/Kraken RNG in the party can get up to 30k/hour.

Fenrir never gave me any chances, it was always DRK this, kraken that.

For the record, once you get Ranged, Abilities, and Magic cells in Salvage, the automaton is pretty much a 7th person. His nukes land 600-900 damage on almost every mob, 300-400 on bosses, and are incredibly effective on undead with Ventriloquy and mobs that move around such as QQTH and QQA. For now I'll keep weapons as they are, until I finish Dark Magic, then maybe shove the other 4 into H2H.

Tier 1 Einherjar. We had 10 BLM in one alliance and 10-12 melee/tanks in the other. Pull one set of mobs and time nuke. One BRD SV Hoard Lullaby, timed nuke again. Rinse and repeat for the second set, then the melee set up 2 or 3 SCs for the boss, if it's the Oboron, me and a RDM/DRK was on stun duty and hit every TP move. If it's a marid, one BLM nukega chigoes. If it's a manticore, PLDs cover a BLM if it grabs hate. There really isn't anything hard about it, and we beat every chamber in at least 7 mins.

1500/15000 points toward Animator+1!

I've camped these guys at least 50 times and lost claim to bots every single time. Well, not anymore. I've done 2 Faffies since I joined, and one of them was my own voke that claimed! The reason I'm not facing him is because the sackies have this superstition that if the THF party finish anything off, more stuff drops. There wasn't a THF the second time around, so I took the honours.

N Head and E Hands went to outside LS people, nobody wants them anymore. Not even me!

I was on Mithra model at the time, but here's big Nid. Things are so much easier if you treat them like chavs. Here's some Drain II damage, using full Dark Magic setup at 307 skill, no Dark Seal used.

And here's another killshot of Khim. I don't feel like I've "beaten" an NM unless I get the killshot. It's a pathetic little obsession of mine, really.

What's weird about Fairy is nobody Bazaars anything! There's about 5-6 people in Rolanberry, selling either ABCs or Dynamis currency, but that's about it! Check it out!


Now for some more personal achievements. The Second Lieutenant quest was one of the most fun things I've ever done. It had it's own little story with a fantastic "to be continued" air about it, and each character was full of life. Whereas I still think ToAU is the light-hearted comedy expansion of FFXI, I can't help but absolutely love the mini quests and Assault storyline. I'm gonna be really, really sad when it's all over.

Campaign pales in comparison. I honestly just use it to top up exp loss at the end of the week on all my jobs, spamming Aegis Scream and/or any new solo ones like Material Storm 3 and Crystal Fist. Next promotion gets me more solos quests, at least. I should set up a static, but some uniques I need are still impossible even on Fairy, nobody lets the beastmen win ever!

Here's a small collection of new titles I got this week, too. Don't worry, I'm sure the boredom will set in the more I do it, but for now let me have my moments! D:

Now all that is off my chest, I'm sure there is some real work I should be doing... Hmmm... Over and out~!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Now with added fairies!

On the 31st January, my good friend Stac and I packed our bags and moved to Fairy! I've had to explain myself countless time on numerous forums, so I'll keep this one short:

We were very unhappy on Fenrir. Being in an EST-run LS with events at 11.30pm-3am most nights, and boring events at that, we decided to move somewhere more GMT friendly. That, and we wanted to do new things. Sea and Limbus grow boring after a while, as does City/Ice Dynamis.

After talking to Aeyze about her move to Fairy, I found out the LS leader of her shell was someone I'd briefly met IRL. After babbling away to him, I found it was also home to Niisse, someone I also know IRL. But when we found out their events starts at 3pm GMT, and the fact they do daily Salvage, Einherjar, and Dynamis all through the one shell, our minds were quickly made up.

The move was scary. The server was empty. People were bazzaring in Rolanberry instead of Sauromugue! Regular, familiar faces outside Mog Houses and parts of Whitegate were no more, and I was examined at least 80 times. After going to a few events for the last few days, I've met a lot of very nice people.

From Goliant, the pervy Taru that loves Stac's creamy legs, to Ayuki and Zidiane, who are very friendly members, and even though I thought Ayuki was manly, she's actually a girl. Just clarifying this. She's a girl.* Anyhoo, a lot of old timers wondered who the hell we were, some being confused or angry, but I think my introductory post cleared things up. At every event there is someone new sending me tells, it's a very nice feeling to be accepted and taken a likeness to so quickly. Gipi was chatting away about my lolclub merits, while I babbled on about Kamineko's new MC Hammer pants she got from Ultima earlier that day. All in all, it's an LS I can see myself and Stac fitting into very well, and actually being awake for events is an incredible feeling.

This being said, there will be an incredible amount of people I'll miss. Genevie, Neha, Nicholi, Reminja, CDC, DBD, Wabbits, Europa, everyone who helped raise me up higher and higher, and maybe sometimes watched me eat dirt more than fight, I've got you all on my Friend List, so you're not going anywhere!

* MSN conversation with Ayuki JUST AS I WROTE THAT SENTENCE:

Ayuki says: you're telling the world how pretty and fantastically adorable i am?
Ayuki says: or it is gonna be a manly comment T.T!
James says: ...

Woops, too late!

More updates as they come!