Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Azure Experiments

Yay! Last night was quite epic. Salvage was cancelled, so I waited around with some spare Assault tags, and just by luck I managed to get a ton of uniques done, and rank up at long last!

The challenges were very very daunting at first, but thanks to Ayuki and my photographic memory, I aced them first time round. I really, really liked the ending, after spending over a year ranking up from PSC, it felt nice and well deserved. Not too drawn out, not too anti climatic. It was perfect. Just got a few more uniques until Captain, then it's spam Red vs Blue and FL time for salvage points/Breeder's set!

As soon as I got my key item, Shin, our leader, was spamming LS chat with the fact he single handedly claimed King Behemoth! So we all ran to help him out. I was getting ready for Salvage and was on my PUP, so I asked if I could bring it along to test it out. KB isn't as bad as Nid, and we had a full alliance at the time, so he said the more the merrier! :D It was an epic battle and I learned a lot about deploy distance dangers (lol, Shockwave), and keeping above 600/1024 MP. Here's some damage screenies~

Ice Maker + x1 Ice

Ice Maker + x2 Ice

Overloaded, rofl

Ice Maker + x1 Ice

Congrats to Conchita on Earring!

Salvage! We've been 6 manning a lot of bosses recently, but a lot of 35 drops have been super emo. Zidi and Usu finally got their Morrigan's Robes, but QQA just does not put out. We also got an orgasmic double 35 drop from Arrapago's chariot, before splitting up to do Silver Seas and Zhaylom. I just need the Bhaflau's boss for Ares's Cuirass's 25 body and Usukane pants, and then the really easy 15 pants NM in Silver Seas. I'm so glad my PUP will be a little bit stronger with these pants. I can't wait!

Also rankups galore~! One step away from Holy Knight. I'm gonna try to get it before the version update, hoho. Mikhe is also my favourite Campaign NPC. Matching Yagudo hats~!!

Over and out~!