Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Dance to victory!

Oh my god, oh my god. It's finally over.

I hit 37 DNC in a 10~14 hour long party (I afk'd a lot, lol.) that took me from 31 1/2 to 37 1/2. It was intense, but I'm so glad I got it over and done with. Sooo much free inventory space now! D; But why? What possible reason could I have for this sub?

Oh yeah, that's right baby!

Yayayaya! Although I only got to briefly test it out, it didn't take long to make puppet /dance macros for each waltz and samba, as well as show off the fact gravity lands almost 100% of the time thanks my my H2H merits and +acc.

The weird thing is, PUP/DNC is a very very VERY hard job to master. You have to think of lots of things at once. For example;

- Your damage input and output, using DEF- and Eva- steps to have the upper hand.
- Keeping said steps up in order to gravity or provoke if shit hits the fan.
- Add onto that the recast of Vent and Role Reversal, especially if you're using Valoredge.
- But with all THAT going on, you still have to keep an eye on maneuvers for the automaton, and make sure you don't overload. (I forgot to put on dark maneuvers a few times on WHM head because I was overwhelmed with the new dances.)

That being said, I want to try my hardest to master this sub, because it has an incredible amount of potential, making full use of the Accuracy bonus job trait, AND ability to cure yourself so you can use other frames. It is breathtaking how much fun it is when you're totally focused.

Anyway, I only had a short time to test it because of this:

hi2u Tier 3 Einherjar! We almost wiped with 36 last night because we got the WORSE combination ever. Bhoots that all opened with Blizzaga 3 AT ONCE, (we outran about 6 of them, but all the BLM died so we had to Dynamis-style /assist it up!), then sets of bats, then...a Poroggo boss. We were all spread out, and since water bomb is hate reset THEN picks a random alliance member to hate, he was all over the place Dx No abjurations yet, but we might spam Tier 3 a bit before we try the big guy himself. (The sooner we clear Odin and get his key item, the sooner we spam Tier 2 and 3 for points!)

Speaking of Dynamis, we did Jeuno and got MNK MNK RNG SAM SAM uhhh and DRG I think. Anyway, I was asked to lot this, since I was told I'm a cheap RNG... ?_?

Oh. Oh now I get it. You bunch of dicks. D: At least we can end this post on a much funnier note, this was taken during my DNC's struggle to 37, when Aeyze opted in to PL me since I send her a few videogame soundtracks in the mail. We were talking over MSN at the time, and I was sharing my 6 Gig FFXI porn picture folder to her! :D

And it's true! She's like the crazy sister I wish I had! There's still a while to go until Salvage time, so I guess I should do some uni work. Not much else has happened this week personally. Omega didn't put out enough (lolhead and feet, both went FFA), Ultima is next week, and we got 2 completed Morrigan's Robes in Salvage, yet QQA still never gives us some Ares luvvin'!

More updates as they come~!