Sunday, 3 February 2008

Now with added fairies!

On the 31st January, my good friend Stac and I packed our bags and moved to Fairy! I've had to explain myself countless time on numerous forums, so I'll keep this one short:

We were very unhappy on Fenrir. Being in an EST-run LS with events at 11.30pm-3am most nights, and boring events at that, we decided to move somewhere more GMT friendly. That, and we wanted to do new things. Sea and Limbus grow boring after a while, as does City/Ice Dynamis.

After talking to Aeyze about her move to Fairy, I found out the LS leader of her shell was someone I'd briefly met IRL. After babbling away to him, I found it was also home to Niisse, someone I also know IRL. But when we found out their events starts at 3pm GMT, and the fact they do daily Salvage, Einherjar, and Dynamis all through the one shell, our minds were quickly made up.

The move was scary. The server was empty. People were bazzaring in Rolanberry instead of Sauromugue! Regular, familiar faces outside Mog Houses and parts of Whitegate were no more, and I was examined at least 80 times. After going to a few events for the last few days, I've met a lot of very nice people.

From Goliant, the pervy Taru that loves Stac's creamy legs, to Ayuki and Zidiane, who are very friendly members, and even though I thought Ayuki was manly, she's actually a girl. Just clarifying this. She's a girl.* Anyhoo, a lot of old timers wondered who the hell we were, some being confused or angry, but I think my introductory post cleared things up. At every event there is someone new sending me tells, it's a very nice feeling to be accepted and taken a likeness to so quickly. Gipi was chatting away about my lolclub merits, while I babbled on about Kamineko's new MC Hammer pants she got from Ultima earlier that day. All in all, it's an LS I can see myself and Stac fitting into very well, and actually being awake for events is an incredible feeling.

This being said, there will be an incredible amount of people I'll miss. Genevie, Neha, Nicholi, Reminja, CDC, DBD, Wabbits, Europa, everyone who helped raise me up higher and higher, and maybe sometimes watched me eat dirt more than fight, I've got you all on my Friend List, so you're not going anywhere!

* MSN conversation with Ayuki JUST AS I WROTE THAT SENTENCE:

Ayuki says: you're telling the world how pretty and fantastically adorable i am?
Ayuki says: or it is gonna be a manly comment T.T!
James says: ...

Woops, too late!

More updates as they come!