Friday, 7 March 2008

Fafnir is a Dick

A nice relaxing break, if I say so myself. Most of the morning Salvage groups went away to Minamicon from Thursday-Tuesday, which left me time to mess about with all these days off.

Kicking off with Morning Fafnir, which lasted...2 days, before climbing his way back to 6am.

I managed to get a second claim in too! I prefer /WAR to /SAM for Faffy, probably because half the LS afks a lot and Provoke is much less infuriating than Stun, especially since I can run around while spamming it.

New Drain 2 record, shite drops. Though we did get a Fafnir during NA time that got Pankake a Ridill. Grats!

On the topic of Wyrms, we did a mass KS99 (Well over 20 Orbs), and my turn is next Saturday. In any case, this was my first time doing the Wyrm one, and now I know not to do as much damage D; He kept hitting me in the air! D:

Salvage! I'm now 2/3 Usukane Pantaloons~ I can't wait. The final piece drops from Long-Bowed Chariot, an NM which we do frequently for Ares/Morrigan bodies, Skadi feets, and now these. Woo hoo! Long Armed was great fun though, Brainjack, the AoE Charm attack, is hilarious when it hits everyone.

And let's not forget even more Salvage epeen (This was before even getting an INT cell or half my gear back!)

Assault! I managed to do a ton of uniques with ED and some pick up parties that I mostly made. Now I have 11 Uniques left until Captain. Can't wait! :D

Beseiged! Me and Rebme warded off a big bad level 8 Trolls yesterday, before I died to Gere and didn't get any exp. We've also been ISNMing to finish her ores for Skadi's body. Her COR and THF are gonna be so hawt once it's done! Also, Dread Spikes makes the Puk ISNM a total joke. I can pull hate without worrying at all now as long as they're up when he does Boreas Mantle. That and Reb is the best BRD at sleeping them so damn fast!

Still not cleared Wing 3 in Einherjar! We've been getting fantastic test results though, like how WSs make KB incredibly angry, and how Diremites are cocksuckers to manaburn. In any case, we did some Tier 2's for points and look, abjurations do exist! They went freelot to a BRD though since these drops pretty much every Fafnurz, lulz.

Merits! hi2u Level 4 Dark Magic + another 3 in the bag~ I don't know whether to go past 4 until they release the new DRK spells. So I'm gonna wait and work on MP. Part of me wants to do RNG JSM but if I start them I'll spend every day meriting until they're complete...

Campaign, Yay? There's no new missions and no new items, also no new rank so in 30 days it's gonna wear off God damnit SE. At least that's me caught up on rank though? lol

Welp! Once again, as friendships strengthen, so do the jokes. Let's finish off with some personal favourites this week!