Monday, 14 April 2008

Brand New Heights

It's been a crazy week. So much new stuff has been happening and achievements have been flying out of the frypan and into the fire. The first and biggest achievement being I haven't left the house in 5 days! Go me, right? Anyway, on with the update, brace yourself!

Salvaaaaaaage! I was lucky enough to get the 35 Skadi legs piece by accident. That's right. When we did Zhoaloaloahmaloam, or however you spell it, the three people who were before me weren't there and/or skiving, so they dropped to me, since my RNG has no relic, and fatpants are well, fat. :( So after nabbing a 25 I handed them in. Voila~ The perfect kraken melee piece, and not a shabby Ranged/WS piece either! The store TP stacks with Rajas, Cobras, Brutal, and a bunch of other shit putting me at +25 Store TP on kraken Setup. That's 100% TP sooner than usual! :V Plus hot damn it looks nice with Denali!

If you remember my second last entry, and I quote "Fuck Einherjar", that kinda turned around for the best in the end. I've never seen such display of skill and teamwork since CoP with Fortei and Vela back when I was a little nub. 30-34 people each night. You could say we got lucky with bosses, but I say we didn't. 2 King Behemoths and a Khimaira, with lesser Einherjar like Eyes, Flans, Scorpions, and Flayers, but damn we did it. We did it good. Expect Odin's Chamber very very soon, but if worst comes to the worst, we all got our Mark of Einherjar, and can access any chamber we wish now. :) Goooo team~! (Currently sitting at 8250/15000 on Animator+1!)

What else have I been up to? Oh yeah, I managed to get 10/10 Merits AGAIN, putting me at 20 merits this week, but that wasn't enough, so I went out and got a new toy for RNG, too.

I'm thinking of 1 in each new JA, since Flashy Shot + Sidewinder is like a mini Eagle Eye Shot, every 20 mins, and Stealth for when I wanna get rid of some hate ;0 Also gonna put the other 3 into Snapshot for less delay, and 1 into Recycle to stack with Relic hat. Also, I want to lower Unlimited Shot to 5 min so it's on the same timer as Sharpshot, and stick the rest in Rapid Shot for even faster Ranged attacks. I think that'll work out quite nicely.

All my other categories are maxed out aside from Magic, inwhich I need 4 more Dark then maybe +8 Enfeebling, because AF+1 Body and Relic feet on DRK make a pretty nifty enfeebling setup for when I need to Sleep II some strays in exp and at events.

Reb's been levelling DNC. I am quite fond of the AF, I must say. She's just gotten over 60 and is 5/5. Congrats~! But I should really be congratulating her on another little adventure we went on...

She's been camping SK since forever and was 0/10 or 0/11 or something. In any case, I met up with her, then one by one more parties came to camp it during Aspid intervals. I think there were 4 separate parties by the time it popped, but I managed to get Aeyze to come help, as did Reb with her friend Artal, a really awesome RNG. Anyway, I claimed with Shadowbind as soon as wind weather popped, and with Reb on THF and Aeyze on RDM we 4-manned the shit out of it and won. Drop too! Congrats!

As payback, we decided to take a small trip down to check on Wyvernpoacher. Afterall, it was right next door and I was curious, especially since Reb was already on THF and wanted to try out her new knife.

Well, what do you know~

Looks like my debt was paid off in full! Now we both have to help Aeyze with Joytoy! npnp since it's already 100% guaranteed to drop! Ohoho. Big thanks to Aeyze Reb and of course Stac, for the 18 previous camps that we tried before it finally decided to show up again. Thank you all~

Before moving on, my friend Ethy came to Fairy for a while. She's into making new characters and starting from scratch over and over again, so now she can hang out with us when she gets bored on Bismark, haha. Nice to have you here!

Lastly, this weekend didn't exist for me. From Friday until, well, 30 mins ago, I decided to take a break from Woodworking on level my subs. I never thought...Smithing...could be this much fun...

0-60, 3 days. I'm nuts. I really am. Thanks to everyone who kept my spirits up, and special thanks to caffeine. NO THANKS TO WATERSDAY, THE GIANT FAG KEPT APPEARING WHEN I WOKE UP FROM NAPS AND I REALLY NEEDED IRON ORES. I also lost a lot of gil but holy shit holy shit it feels good to get it fkin over with. Next up, WW to 70! (loldemonarrowsthatIcanshotforfree)

And now, it's the time again...quote mania Dx! I wonder what escapades and lulz were had this week, hmmm~~?

Nice try Medi, nice try. Ain't gonna work on me, since I own the internet. But for now, have some obligatory Rebme works of art;

This was pretty funny. During Wyvernpoacher, we were trying to stay invisible around two BLM who were soloing and we stole their Gob pet. But they saw through our clever disguise!

That's all for this week. I'm pooped. D:! See you again!