Thursday, 24 April 2008

Shoot to kill!

My luck has been strangely good this week. Maybe Altana is taking pity on me or something.

In any case, let's start off the entry with Ranger!

Goodbye, sodding AF feet, hello pimptown at last! Arrapago's dickhead of a Chariot finally put out 2 times in a row! Congrats to Usagikun who got the other pair, completing his Skadi feet also! This is a full time piece for me. STR and RAcc for WS, Acc for Kraken, and Movement+12% for lolcrafting and kiting if it's necessary. Truly and amazing piece. Thank you again ED!

Next up, Dynamis! I had to lot against another 4 people, but came out on top. Now my RNG's leg slot is 100% complete. These go with my RAcc build for certain HNM and stack well with Blood Gauntlets and Denali Jacket. Yay :D They also hide the ugly tops of Skadi Feet on Elvaan, but appear as short shorts on Mithra :Q!

RNG also got another new toy. It did amazing damage in Campaign, however I've had literally no time to merit any more. :( Boo!

Because it's similar to RNG, and I found this picture in this week's Fraps dump, I took E100's Sharpshot frame to Limbus. On the Apollyon with physical resistances, he managed to do this much damage to the kraken NM on floor 2, with Wind/Fire/Dark up + Flame Holder. Not bad, he even tanked it with Replicator and got off a few 250+ RAtt shots after I popped Overdrive. :3

Lastly, (Short entry huh?) Alchemy 60! Again this took 2-3 days but was dead easy due to the Alchemy guild being beautifully placed next to the Whitegate AH, and it selling lots of support for bronze pieces instead of gil, and lots of guild items that were always in stock. Beautiful.

Here's some funny things I also found while rummaging through this week's folder.

And that's all! Stay safe!