Friday, 4 April 2008


Okay so, I've been lazy with a lot of things.

Actually no that's not 100% true, FFXI's DROP RATE has been lazy. We're still 0/198783432 on QQA's 35 and Bhaflau Boss's 25 Ares Body pieces in Salvage. Omega, finally, put out 2 Leg pieces at a time in Limbus, but alas, my lotting skills fail me. Plus Einherjar Wing 3 is still raping our asses. If only people turned up, we might stand a chance. Well, that and if only we didn't get Soulflayers every. Fucking. Time.

So I've just been sleeping with Fafnir, meriting, and Campaigning my way back to Holy Knight after the swap to Windurst and back again. I've also been adventuring with Aeyze, Rebme, and a few other LS people, helping them out on missions, low level NMs, and having a relaxing, fun past few weeks. So on with the screenies~!

The most beautiful thing you can witness, really. 10 full merits. I went for 4 MP because of lolelvaanDRK, and 4 HP due to PUP and RNG not using MP at all. 40 more MP also means on RNG I can use Intruder Earring to zap it into 40 HP, which is pretty much +80 free HP on RNG.

Now this next achievement was really a bigs surprise. Medi told me that recently in her Nyzul static, Denali Body went FFA. It's really the only thing I want from Nyzul, since it's mainly for looks and for RNG it's a mini Osode without the STR and with R.Att+9. Also, one of their DDs recently quit the game. Looking over the fact I had enough Assault Points to do about a month of Salvage, I asked their leader if I could join. The second run we did, it dropped and he told me to lot.

I'm gonna keep helping them out until the month or so is up, but Tussilo, the leader, and everyone is well aware of this and I'll even help them find a replacement when the time comes. Thanks a lot to you guys for this, feels like a big achievement, even if to you guys it is the "lol" piece that drops often.


Also LOL @ this Nyzul mob's name; Cumin Custard. No thanks. I would rather cum elsewhere tyvm.

As I mentioned before, me and Rebme did a lot of adventuring. From the new WoG missions, to new Beastmen areas,

...To getting lost and dancing on craglines...? Why, Reb, Why. It was a lot of fun, though. I really like how deep the characters personalities are. The animation and rigging team really has come a long was since Zilart. Plus whoever writes the stories know exactly what the fans want. (OMG HALVER WHEN HE'S YOUNGER OMG!)

Due to the lack of drops in this update, I wish to bring up a serious note:

Rest in peace, Yagudo Hat. 2005-2008.

What?! But...But you LIVE in that hat! You can't get rid of it! probably what you're asking yourself, if you know me well enough. But if you know me even better and helped me complete a little quest that I started a few years ago, you'll know it isn't gone, so to speak. Just upgraded!

Finally! The fight took 3 or 4 attempts to get down, and I think in the end we glitched it...but... Thank you so much Aeyze, Ayuki, Zidiane and Rianah for 5 manning this epic fight. The cutscenes were very enjoyable, and now my favourite hat has a story behind it and a lot more epic memories. It isn't THAT useful and I doubt I'll ever let Tsoo Haja see the light of day, but it's a personal and emotional achievement so thank you to all who helped!

Next up, Campaign. Let's also begin with how using a Black Mine temporary item not only gets you killed as it's technically AOE damage, but it de-aggros all the mobs fighting Fortifications, and makes them hit other campaign members (tl;dr: BLACK MINE = THE PERFECT MPK)! So without further ado~

Thanks to Aeyze also, for making me this awesome motivational poster. Now personal inside jokes such as BLACK MINE and FANG RUSH are consistent every single day! It works so well, until this happens:

Venture roll. Just proves I'm the best. /levels COR.

That's it for this week!