Sunday, 27 April 2008

Wood Worshipper

To an extent, this title seems suitable not only for the update, but for the struggling path I chose when I decided to take Woodworking as my only craft past 60. Due to today's teeny weeny update, let's fill in the space with my little crafting adventures so far. I'll split it up into titles so you don't get bored and wander off, cuz I know you will.

My Decision.

It all began with a stone. Okay so it really all began with a crystal, but you get the drift. Back in the days when the FFXI Brady Guide was what FFXIWiki is now, I decided it would be fun to level a craft. But there was so much choice! I looked at which each had to offer, oblivious as to which made the most money, lost the most money, or took the most time. No, back then my heart was set on what you could wear on your head. Specs? Nah, that's too geeky. SHADED Specs? That shit is so cash. Whoa hold the fuck on. What's this? A COOK'S HAT? /foam~

Cooking it is!

...Which was a very good choice, since back in the day when all the ingredients were (and still are) dirt cheap, it was the perfect craft to get used to how the system works. Mainly making juices for LS friends and mithkabobs for my little Level 60 DRK, I kept plugging away until I hit 70. Then I realized you had to actually work for the Guild Point items. Fuck. Sapping my cash away with ridiculous recipes, my cooking, money, dreams and sanity faded away at level 74, where it still stands today. After all, my DRK was en route to 75, and much more fun adventures awaited ahead.


It was only last year I got back into crafting. I thought "Cooking was fun, I'll try to get back into it." Was I wrong? Yes. The big money maker then was sushi. What does sushi use? Fish! How bad can fishing really be?

WELL. My fishing is level 4. I think it took me a jolly good week to get it there. It makes me itch at the fact it isn't a blue number, or hell even Level 0 would look nicer, but it can't be helped. So I did my research and looked up other subcrafts. One that stood out to me was Woodworking. "If I level Woodworking, I can use cooking to make sausages!"

I'm not kidding. That was my original excuse.

Working my Wood.

So off to Sandy! I must admit. When Positron, one of my old LS mate, showed me what he could do, HQing all those Elemental Staves with his name on it, and making Furniture out the ass, tossing them at me because he couldn't shove any more on AH, I was really interested. The guild was in Sandy, right on my doorstep was Carpenter's Landing, and a big fucking forest to log, too. I went for it. I worked my wood.

At the time, I was levelling RNG. I crafted all my arrows every few levels to match my RNG's levels. When I hit WW 55~, I stopped and got RNG to 75. Partly because I couldn't equip Demon Arrows until 60, partly because I took a break from FFXI for half a year, but mainly because I couldn't be arsed.

I'm a little subcraft.

So this year, after hopping over to Fairy and meeting a host of new people with many jobs, levels, and crafts, I decided to make my nation proud and take up WW again. But alas, like everything in FFXI, it's just not that easy. That's right, Woodworking was on hold again. Why? SUBCRAFTS. It all began when I tried to synth something that needed smithing. Well isn't that just dandy. Now that FFXIWiki existed in it's present glory, I looked up guides and recipes and yep, sure enough, even to get to 100 needed 2 subcrafts at AT LEAST level 57.

So it began, if you can recall my last few entries. I spent one weekend getting Smithing from 0-60. The guild was in Sandy, no problem. Some gil was lost but made swiftly again between 50-60 with Darksteel recipes. The next week, I spent Thursday-Sunday getting Alchemy from 0-60. Again, the guild was in Whitegate, right next to the AH. The little trips to Bastok were a nice break from the big city, and relaxing since I hardly ever go there. Not to mention Jusatsu prices = Mmm!

Working my ...boner?

Then along comes Mr. Bonecraft to piss on my little fun parade, ruin the party, and make me want to take crafting altogether and feed it to a very pissed of puerto rican.

Given, it only took me two days, since I think - by now, after getting 4 of these bastards to 60 or beyond - I have it down to a T, but no. Just no. I never want to touch Bonecraft again. Why? I'll fuckin' tell you why.

My Method (And loss of Sanity)

Firstly, I had to set my HP in Windy because that's where the guild was. So before I even started I had to do that Lure of the Wildcat quest to get a warp to Whitegate. Secondly, I had to mess around in Sandy [S] and Sandy to get those Trainee Gloves for the +1 Skill under level 60 (Much like Smithing's Trainee Hammer, only this quest wasn't as gay).

Right. Thirdly. The guild can just suck my giant penis. 350 gil for a bone chip? For one bone chip? No thanks. I know this is possibly the maximum price because people keep buying them out. But Jesus Christ they were stuck like this every day I checked. The fact things like Giant Femurs are 35,000 gil from the guild just makes me laugh too. How SE thinks getting 1.7k from Fafnir but selling you a bone for 35k is fair ...Nevermind.

Speaking of which, Bonecrafting uses the same fucking ingredients for EVERYTHING. Right, watch this. Off the top of my head, in the next 5 seconds, typos aside, I will type out everything I can remember using. Bone chips, Giant Femurs, Scorpion Shells, Scorpion Claws, Beetle Shells, Beetle Jaws, Demon Horns, Crab Shells and various Leathers. Am I missing something? NO. I'M NOT. Maybe, looking back now, things like distilled water, but heck, even THAT recipe used Giant Femurs D: (Gelatin, I forgot it's name. Okay, so I did have to look that up.)

Why am I complaining? Because it's so easy to mess up with so many similar ingredients. Especially when you run on 2 hours of sleep like me. I think, I could be wrong, but instead of using a Bone Chip + Beetle Jaw for Bone Arrowheads, I would, many a time, just hit enter too soon and end up the a Bone Hairpin. Or use two Beetle Jaws and get a Beetle Ring. I was about to pop a bitch.
It gets worse?!

It does! NOTHING STACKS. Well that's not true. Jaws, Horns and Chips do. (lol, which is pretty much half of everything you need to get to 60) Shells and claws and god forbidden FEMURS, though, god damn. Having to buy them all separately for 500g-2k from the AH one at a time, trail back to Windy for support, then Warp back to Whitegate for more did my skull in. About 50 warps in total I can safely say.

Yes, I could have farmed them, but with my amazing drop rate of 1 Femur an hour in Bubu and 5 Shell in 2 hours in Onzozo I think not. I coulda merited on Mamool and sold a stack of Wind Crystals for 1k faster than it would be to farm those non stackable shitty shit Mc shit items.

Then again, this is what pissed me off most:

You were unable to buy the Giant Femur for 2500 gil.
You were unable to buy the Giant Femur for 2500 gil.
You were unable to buy the Giant Femur for 2500 gil.
Fuck that.

The End Result?

Enough said. It wasn't fun. But god damn it feels nice to be back in Sandy. ; ; Even better, it feels nice to have Bone and Alchemy 60. The reason all my crafting SSs are of my favourite Mithra model is purely because I want something nice to look at when crafting. Rwar. Anyhoo, this opens up the path to 100 Woodworking, with only GP items and money holding me back!

Well, at least I've started on the latter! :D Gogo 1/4 items! But really wth @ the title, lol. /praise!

I also can't end this entry without mentioning the impact Ethy had on me throughout. My lil' friend on Bismark who started a character on Fairy. She's my GP buddy who pokes me at 4pm on the dot every day with the current Guild item needed. It's a great help and her constant /comforts and /cheers are what kept me going. Thanks Ethy!