Friday, 30 May 2008

Nothing at all?

Well the streak of bad luck is still going strong. Omega is a being his usual stingy self, and Long Bowed Chariot has a serious complex for little miss marduk. In any case, here's some little personal achievements I've accomplished over this incredibly boring month.

Ta da~ My first KV kill. I kited the thing for 15 mins until we all gathered. Reigns's DRK hit 75 and he really wants one, he said he'll help keep the tod chain going for me after he gets his. So expect a lot more Altepa adventures soon? D; I have to thak him and Azu for their support so far, they've been really great.

Speaking of adventures, I finally got off my keister and did this quest. It was...really nice. I like how the dude actually died in Xarcabard then his daughter completed all the maps on the West side. It was really sweet.

Aw yeeee. Thanks to Usagikun and Ryuushin I made it to 12/12 ingots for Ares Body. Now if only Long Bow drops something good. Not one synth break, huzzah!

Speaking of crating, I managed to get my 100,000 points for this. It just means when I hit level 80 (72 atm), I can get +5 with support and work on Karabura (sp?) Arrows until 89. Whee! Also, cute title. Makes me think of giving a piece of wood a bath and shower for some reason. Always wanted to own one of these, too. Now I have it is feels weird, especially when I'm nowhere near level 100 D;

Merits! While this screenshot will be incredibly useless in a month or so, I finally capped RNG Tier 2. I got a new high score chain number, and decided to max out Snapshot for the -delay.

Okay, so about these merits.

Next update, the Tier 2 catagory for all jobs will be increased to Combo 5 Max 10. That's 4 new merit notches for each job. That means about 200k of exp per job. That means emo. Emo. Emo. BUT, it also means an improvement on PUP! So I'm all for it. Here's what I'll be doing:

Key: Merit Ability: New Level (Current Level)

Optimisation: Lv. 5 (3)
Fine Tuning Lv: 3 (1)
Role Reversal: Lv 1 (1)
Ventriloquay: Lv. 1 (1)

Lv. 5 Optimization is a 25% boost to Attack, R. Attack, Defense and MAB. Lv. 3 Fine Tuning is a 15% Boost to Accuracy, R.Accuracy, and Magic Defense. In my opinion, I use Valor and Storm more than Sharp, and 25% MAB is too good to pass up. Fine Tuning will still be upgrade a notch, putting it to it's maximum cap before the update. 15% Acc should be enough for the things I do with PUP anyway. It's still 5% more than what it was!

Snapshot: Lv. 5 (3)
Recycle Lv. 3 (1)
Stealth Shot Lv. 1 (1)
Flashy Shot Lv. 1 (1)

Stealth's upgrades lower enmity by 10. But RNG will still get hate over time, and it's on a idioted 20 min cooldown. Flashy Shot's upgrades just reduces recast. I've used it liek twice, as a last resort. It's still useless in a tight spot imo. So I'm going for capping Snapshot for -10% Ranged Delay, and 2 more levels of Recycle to stack with Relic hat. Gogo cheapass RNG.

Dark Knight:
Desperate Blows: Lv. 5 (3)
Muted Soul Lv. 3 (1)
Diabolic Eye Lv. 1 (1)
Dark Seal Lv. 1 (1)

Ugh. DRK's getting done last. Desperate Blowjobs Lv. 5 is 25% Haste when Last Resort is up (30 secs). Since I use kraken to zerg, it's totally pointless unless I throw up LR for lulz. Diabolic Eye and Dark Seal are on 20 min timers, and to be honest with Absorb-Acc, Drain 2 AND Drain 1 I hardly need them. I usually save Dark Seal for an aspir if I'm running REALLY low on MP. Diabolic Eye is a last resort. I have hardly any acc issues, and it eats at least 200-300 (15%) max HP when I use it, meaning less powerful Souleater attacks/WSs, and more dying. It's nice to have them, but pointless to have them available sooner. Muted Soul Lv. 3. Why? My theory is that right now Souleater is 72~% of a Provoke. (ty Wiki!) Each MS upgrade is -10 Enmity. So that's -30 less enmity, which means around 35-40% of a Provoke. (IF -50 Enmity (capped) is almost 0% that is). So it can still get SOME hate, which is good. If I never pulled hate, merit pts would be boring.

That's all. The update still has a few notes left, so we'll see where it goes from there. Let's end with a Rebme, and a hope that next month won't be as boring. ;/

Also happy birthday on Saturday Ethy. All the best!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

In a Nutshell

Annual FFXI Player Stats! Here's Jkun's!

And got a shiney new Anniversary Ring too. Time to level up some more subs! ...Maybe.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Taking it Easy

Well for starters, I've finally reinstalled XP on my desktop. Vista was giving my final project for uni a lot of trouble when it came to exporting. Speaking of which, this last week and next will mainly put FFXI on hold until I finish my degree.

In any case, on with the update!

MNK 37! Weird thing is, I went from 30-37 in just two parties over the weekend, and actually enjoyed it. Mainly because I never went to Garlaige once. Sauromuge > Altepa > Crawler's Nest. That's how to do it. I was considering taking it further before being reminded of all the gear I'd need...including Black Belt and all the prereqs. Dx Just don't have time at the moment, but man it was a lot of fun.

Einherjar! Starting at Wing 1 again, this time with a massive crowd. Some had to sit out. :/In any case, we got lucky last time, killed the sheep, and got some extra loot. Speaking of Ingots, I'm 10/12 for Ares if the 25 ever drops.

And speaking of Salvage, it still sucks. 0 drops this weekend.

As does Dynamis, with a grand total of 1 WAR Stone this week. Awesome.

Limbus however, was not! I'm now 5/5 DRK AF+1. Thanks to CDC and ED for getting me this complete set. Also, thanks to Salvage, there's no need to upgrade any more AF+1 for RNG either, expect maybe the hat for RAtt+!

Nyzul! Free lot. :/ I thought PUP got the short straw by being put on Goliard, which is pretty much tailored towards mages, but after looking it up properly, it's all situational. Okay so I really should work on my PUP/mage build for events, but for solo and party use, I really wanted these, and Goliard Clogs. I can macro in AF Feet for Repair and WS, of course. Also, these legs are good for times where E100 is doing all the work. Example; Solo BLM head, or using Valoredge in Salvage. Great!

So that's all. Sucks really. Notice I've been using a new UI mainly because of the bigger text, so it's easier on my eyes. (I play at a higher resolution), along with really useful icons that help make buffs and BRD songs easier to read.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Animator +1 Primary Testing

I wasn't convinced that just HP/MP/DEX boosts were all the Animator+1 had in store for PUP, so I decided to look into recast times for various spells. These were cross-posted from BG, but I'd like to keep them here for safe keeping.

First up, Cure recast. This test was pretty hard to carry out, mainly due to the fact if you target mobs that hit too fast and too hard, 1 Cure V/IV every 45~ secs is very dangerous. Yes I understand I could have had people help me, but here's the cold hard truth: My LS hates PUPs and do not wish to take part in trying to improve them. Anyway, I used Attercops because there's a chance they'll dish out 450~ DMG Sickle Slashs and hit me for 70-80 every attack round, with 120~ Critical Hits.

When my HP was within the correct target for curing (60-50%, with Damage Gauge, Automaton at full HP so I would be prioritized), I would use a single Light Maneuver unless one was already up (They kept getting erased due to Poison or Slow).

As always, Soul/Waker would Cure/Erase on command, whereas Valor/Waker would take his sweet time to do anything. This being said, here's some of the factors that have to be considered when testing:
  • Those timestamps are in GMT. Yes it's that late and I'm very sleepy.
  • If the Automaton is in range, it will gain TP and at 100% will prioritze WSs over spells. (This can be altered with Inhibitor, however. A method I used to stop E100 from using WSs)
  • Evasion! Finding the correct mob to test on is hard. Some miss up to 7 times, others crit for twice in a row. So it could be that the 26 second Cure Vs were victims of just bad evasion luck. It's too early in the morning to remember, but I'm pretty sure I didn't notice anything significant.
  • Other spells. If you're poisoned, the automaton will Poisona you. I've never seen a Cure go off right before or after a -na spell, at least not within a noticeable 5-10 second window. I can't find the thread that has the list of seperate timers, either!
Next up, I decided to take some advice from Bagel, not only sticking to cures but looking into offenssive magic also. I headed over to Alzadaal, and after a bit of adjustment, I - for the first time actually - found a nice new solo spot, killing QQ RNG. I always wanted to try this, but was too scared of death. Now that they give up to 220 exp Chain #1s, I might come here more often on BLM Head. :3 ANYWAY on with the real point of this test:

No incredibly noticeable changes. Infact, 26 sec procs a lot more with Animator+1, which makes me think by adding Mana Booster, which "increases frequency of spell use", Animator+1 could be a -% delay on spells? It's too early to test out though, and it's pretty dangerous. One or two overloads coupled with Repair's stupidly long recast and stupid Regen effect is a big price to pay in dem ruinz.

So, it seems Cure Recast is almost halfed on Soulsoother. I tested it once more after those screenies and it happened again. But because you never know what stupid spell the Automaton will cast next (Silence on Colibris? Fuck you, SE.) it's so so so hard to test this thing!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Best of the Best

Once again, it's been an extraordinary week with a very epic turn of events in both RL and in-game.

To begin with, Friday was a very important day. Not only because it was the first out of three submission deadlines for my university degree, but it was ED'd first attempt at Odin's Chamber after 3 months (2~ months when I joined) of gathering feathers, trying out new strategies, and doing our best to keep a high morale after wiping to wing 3 over and over and over.

Well last night finally saw the end of Einherjar, the story finally completed. In saying this, we're going to start again from Wing 1, train up people new to it, and use all out knowledge to get back into this Chamber within the month.

Odin himself was easy to get down, actually. We had 3 PLD/NIN tanking, and around 7~8 RNG including me to stand around 15' of him, avoiding pretty much all AOE. We had a lot of SMN throwing Garudas at him for some really nice damage. a single RDM and WHM were on kiting duty when he spawned the Valkeries.

His TP moves were devastating. AOE stun, petrify, paralyze, silence, curse, you name it, it's there. Luckily we had enough people to soak up his 10,000 needles every 25%, resulting in about 400DMG~ per character. The animations were beautiful and the music was incredibly emotional. He'd throw his polearm in the air before it multiplied and rained down on us, or he'd occasionally switch to his Hofud sword and slash many members in half!

This is when Odin reaches 11%. At 10% he would talk for 5 seconds before casting Zantetsuken, causing instant death to anyone within 30'. kneeled before his greatness with the /heal command. By doing this, you took 0 damage, as other members dropped like flies. However, we had someone run him to a corner and sacrifice himself in order to save the majority of others. From this point on, he hit a lot harder and faster, before...

Win! Congrats to Zidi on his long awaited EBody, Con on her silly new shoes, and Rage on his lolmfeet.

But for me? There's always this, to remind me of the pain I went through every 2am, 2 nights a week:

But that's not all! I was sitting at 13,750 Ichor before we started, and well what do you know. Odin topped me up to exactly 15,000. You know what this means~!

Now for starters, there is a lot of speculation on what this actually does. So I took the liberty to test it out. Partly for the PUP community by correcting the wiki of it's hidden effects, but mainly because I want to once again prove PUP can be useful. (lol ; ;)

Let's begin with these "hidden effects". Much like AF body, which gives a % of extra HP/MP to the automaton, the Animator+1 must be equipped before activation. Upon activating, any HP/MP bonus will then be calculated and added. These bonuses are not a %, but more a set and specific number of extra boosts depending on frame.

This chart I composed and uploaded to the FFXI Wiki explains these boosts to all frames with photographic evidence. These were recorded without AF Body and 0 Attachments. Also note WHM and BLM heads on the Stormwaker frame gained the same amount of boosts as their RDM head counterpart:

  • Harlequin: HP+50, MP+50
  • Valoredge: HP+60
  • Stormwaker: HP+40 MP+60
  • Sharpshot: HP+45
In addition to this, the master does indeed attain +4 DEX as a hidden effect.

Lastly, the "more directly relayed orders" line made me wonder if recast time has shortened. After messing around in Caedarva on leeches and birds, I noticed E100 would Cure V a lot more often, sometimes before I even hit yellow HP (with Damage Gauge, of course). Which is strange since I'm used to getting maybe 1-2 Cure V's per minute. With this, I noticed up to 3-4 Cure V's one after the other. This really needs to be tested by someone who can do maths and ha a lot more patience than me. ; ;

In any case it's a great piece to finally have. Next up, Buccaneer's Belt? Who knows!

Onto Salvage! Funny story here, actually. Last week I had run out of points to buy a Runic Pass for Salvage and we decided to go on one of our usually lowman Arrapago runs for lulz. Luckily I had one on me already, so went along, bored out of my skull.

Well holy shit, did it sure wake me up. QQA finally. Put. Out. The funny part is, I recently downgraded to XP from Vista again and didn't have Fraps installed just yet. So I couldn't record the most epic drop of all, but hopefully this SS of my mannequin will suffice. :(

You can't spell lootwhore without loot! I'm now 2/3 for Ares Cuirass, with 2 Ingots already crafted and another 8 K Ores waiting for their Wootz counterparts to be put up on AH. I'm lacking the 25 Phobos drop (It always drops when I'm not there!). I have enough money to buy all the ores if - and only if - I get the 25. Because then I can sell back my good old Plastron for 1.5~6mil and fun the last 2-3 ingots that way, hopefully within 2-3 days since I'll be lacking in a WS body piece D:!

In any case than you ED Morning Salvage once again! But I think most of all, a big thank you goes to my patience, lol. It'll be a nice break to stop doing Arrapago if the QQs and Chariot keeps putting out like it's been doing recently! Gogo!

More exciting news as it comes. Stay tuned!