Sunday, 4 May 2008

Animator +1 Primary Testing

I wasn't convinced that just HP/MP/DEX boosts were all the Animator+1 had in store for PUP, so I decided to look into recast times for various spells. These were cross-posted from BG, but I'd like to keep them here for safe keeping.

First up, Cure recast. This test was pretty hard to carry out, mainly due to the fact if you target mobs that hit too fast and too hard, 1 Cure V/IV every 45~ secs is very dangerous. Yes I understand I could have had people help me, but here's the cold hard truth: My LS hates PUPs and do not wish to take part in trying to improve them. Anyway, I used Attercops because there's a chance they'll dish out 450~ DMG Sickle Slashs and hit me for 70-80 every attack round, with 120~ Critical Hits.

When my HP was within the correct target for curing (60-50%, with Damage Gauge, Automaton at full HP so I would be prioritized), I would use a single Light Maneuver unless one was already up (They kept getting erased due to Poison or Slow).

As always, Soul/Waker would Cure/Erase on command, whereas Valor/Waker would take his sweet time to do anything. This being said, here's some of the factors that have to be considered when testing:
  • Those timestamps are in GMT. Yes it's that late and I'm very sleepy.
  • If the Automaton is in range, it will gain TP and at 100% will prioritze WSs over spells. (This can be altered with Inhibitor, however. A method I used to stop E100 from using WSs)
  • Evasion! Finding the correct mob to test on is hard. Some miss up to 7 times, others crit for twice in a row. So it could be that the 26 second Cure Vs were victims of just bad evasion luck. It's too early in the morning to remember, but I'm pretty sure I didn't notice anything significant.
  • Other spells. If you're poisoned, the automaton will Poisona you. I've never seen a Cure go off right before or after a -na spell, at least not within a noticeable 5-10 second window. I can't find the thread that has the list of seperate timers, either!
Next up, I decided to take some advice from Bagel, not only sticking to cures but looking into offenssive magic also. I headed over to Alzadaal, and after a bit of adjustment, I - for the first time actually - found a nice new solo spot, killing QQ RNG. I always wanted to try this, but was too scared of death. Now that they give up to 220 exp Chain #1s, I might come here more often on BLM Head. :3 ANYWAY on with the real point of this test:

No incredibly noticeable changes. Infact, 26 sec procs a lot more with Animator+1, which makes me think by adding Mana Booster, which "increases frequency of spell use", Animator+1 could be a -% delay on spells? It's too early to test out though, and it's pretty dangerous. One or two overloads coupled with Repair's stupidly long recast and stupid Regen effect is a big price to pay in dem ruinz.

So, it seems Cure Recast is almost halfed on Soulsoother. I tested it once more after those screenies and it happened again. But because you never know what stupid spell the Automaton will cast next (Silence on Colibris? Fuck you, SE.) it's so so so hard to test this thing!