Saturday, 3 May 2008

Best of the Best

Once again, it's been an extraordinary week with a very epic turn of events in both RL and in-game.

To begin with, Friday was a very important day. Not only because it was the first out of three submission deadlines for my university degree, but it was ED'd first attempt at Odin's Chamber after 3 months (2~ months when I joined) of gathering feathers, trying out new strategies, and doing our best to keep a high morale after wiping to wing 3 over and over and over.

Well last night finally saw the end of Einherjar, the story finally completed. In saying this, we're going to start again from Wing 1, train up people new to it, and use all out knowledge to get back into this Chamber within the month.

Odin himself was easy to get down, actually. We had 3 PLD/NIN tanking, and around 7~8 RNG including me to stand around 15' of him, avoiding pretty much all AOE. We had a lot of SMN throwing Garudas at him for some really nice damage. a single RDM and WHM were on kiting duty when he spawned the Valkeries.

His TP moves were devastating. AOE stun, petrify, paralyze, silence, curse, you name it, it's there. Luckily we had enough people to soak up his 10,000 needles every 25%, resulting in about 400DMG~ per character. The animations were beautiful and the music was incredibly emotional. He'd throw his polearm in the air before it multiplied and rained down on us, or he'd occasionally switch to his Hofud sword and slash many members in half!

This is when Odin reaches 11%. At 10% he would talk for 5 seconds before casting Zantetsuken, causing instant death to anyone within 30'. kneeled before his greatness with the /heal command. By doing this, you took 0 damage, as other members dropped like flies. However, we had someone run him to a corner and sacrifice himself in order to save the majority of others. From this point on, he hit a lot harder and faster, before...

Win! Congrats to Zidi on his long awaited EBody, Con on her silly new shoes, and Rage on his lolmfeet.

But for me? There's always this, to remind me of the pain I went through every 2am, 2 nights a week:

But that's not all! I was sitting at 13,750 Ichor before we started, and well what do you know. Odin topped me up to exactly 15,000. You know what this means~!

Now for starters, there is a lot of speculation on what this actually does. So I took the liberty to test it out. Partly for the PUP community by correcting the wiki of it's hidden effects, but mainly because I want to once again prove PUP can be useful. (lol ; ;)

Let's begin with these "hidden effects". Much like AF body, which gives a % of extra HP/MP to the automaton, the Animator+1 must be equipped before activation. Upon activating, any HP/MP bonus will then be calculated and added. These bonuses are not a %, but more a set and specific number of extra boosts depending on frame.

This chart I composed and uploaded to the FFXI Wiki explains these boosts to all frames with photographic evidence. These were recorded without AF Body and 0 Attachments. Also note WHM and BLM heads on the Stormwaker frame gained the same amount of boosts as their RDM head counterpart:

  • Harlequin: HP+50, MP+50
  • Valoredge: HP+60
  • Stormwaker: HP+40 MP+60
  • Sharpshot: HP+45
In addition to this, the master does indeed attain +4 DEX as a hidden effect.

Lastly, the "more directly relayed orders" line made me wonder if recast time has shortened. After messing around in Caedarva on leeches and birds, I noticed E100 would Cure V a lot more often, sometimes before I even hit yellow HP (with Damage Gauge, of course). Which is strange since I'm used to getting maybe 1-2 Cure V's per minute. With this, I noticed up to 3-4 Cure V's one after the other. This really needs to be tested by someone who can do maths and ha a lot more patience than me. ; ;

In any case it's a great piece to finally have. Next up, Buccaneer's Belt? Who knows!

Onto Salvage! Funny story here, actually. Last week I had run out of points to buy a Runic Pass for Salvage and we decided to go on one of our usually lowman Arrapago runs for lulz. Luckily I had one on me already, so went along, bored out of my skull.

Well holy shit, did it sure wake me up. QQA finally. Put. Out. The funny part is, I recently downgraded to XP from Vista again and didn't have Fraps installed just yet. So I couldn't record the most epic drop of all, but hopefully this SS of my mannequin will suffice. :(

You can't spell lootwhore without loot! I'm now 2/3 for Ares Cuirass, with 2 Ingots already crafted and another 8 K Ores waiting for their Wootz counterparts to be put up on AH. I'm lacking the 25 Phobos drop (It always drops when I'm not there!). I have enough money to buy all the ores if - and only if - I get the 25. Because then I can sell back my good old Plastron for 1.5~6mil and fun the last 2-3 ingots that way, hopefully within 2-3 days since I'll be lacking in a WS body piece D:!

In any case than you ED Morning Salvage once again! But I think most of all, a big thank you goes to my patience, lol. It'll be a nice break to stop doing Arrapago if the QQs and Chariot keeps putting out like it's been doing recently! Gogo!

More exciting news as it comes. Stay tuned!