Friday, 30 May 2008

Nothing at all?

Well the streak of bad luck is still going strong. Omega is a being his usual stingy self, and Long Bowed Chariot has a serious complex for little miss marduk. In any case, here's some little personal achievements I've accomplished over this incredibly boring month.

Ta da~ My first KV kill. I kited the thing for 15 mins until we all gathered. Reigns's DRK hit 75 and he really wants one, he said he'll help keep the tod chain going for me after he gets his. So expect a lot more Altepa adventures soon? D; I have to thak him and Azu for their support so far, they've been really great.

Speaking of adventures, I finally got off my keister and did this quest. It was...really nice. I like how the dude actually died in Xarcabard then his daughter completed all the maps on the West side. It was really sweet.

Aw yeeee. Thanks to Usagikun and Ryuushin I made it to 12/12 ingots for Ares Body. Now if only Long Bow drops something good. Not one synth break, huzzah!

Speaking of crating, I managed to get my 100,000 points for this. It just means when I hit level 80 (72 atm), I can get +5 with support and work on Karabura (sp?) Arrows until 89. Whee! Also, cute title. Makes me think of giving a piece of wood a bath and shower for some reason. Always wanted to own one of these, too. Now I have it is feels weird, especially when I'm nowhere near level 100 D;

Merits! While this screenshot will be incredibly useless in a month or so, I finally capped RNG Tier 2. I got a new high score chain number, and decided to max out Snapshot for the -delay.

Okay, so about these merits.

Next update, the Tier 2 catagory for all jobs will be increased to Combo 5 Max 10. That's 4 new merit notches for each job. That means about 200k of exp per job. That means emo. Emo. Emo. BUT, it also means an improvement on PUP! So I'm all for it. Here's what I'll be doing:

Key: Merit Ability: New Level (Current Level)

Optimisation: Lv. 5 (3)
Fine Tuning Lv: 3 (1)
Role Reversal: Lv 1 (1)
Ventriloquay: Lv. 1 (1)

Lv. 5 Optimization is a 25% boost to Attack, R. Attack, Defense and MAB. Lv. 3 Fine Tuning is a 15% Boost to Accuracy, R.Accuracy, and Magic Defense. In my opinion, I use Valor and Storm more than Sharp, and 25% MAB is too good to pass up. Fine Tuning will still be upgrade a notch, putting it to it's maximum cap before the update. 15% Acc should be enough for the things I do with PUP anyway. It's still 5% more than what it was!

Snapshot: Lv. 5 (3)
Recycle Lv. 3 (1)
Stealth Shot Lv. 1 (1)
Flashy Shot Lv. 1 (1)

Stealth's upgrades lower enmity by 10. But RNG will still get hate over time, and it's on a idioted 20 min cooldown. Flashy Shot's upgrades just reduces recast. I've used it liek twice, as a last resort. It's still useless in a tight spot imo. So I'm going for capping Snapshot for -10% Ranged Delay, and 2 more levels of Recycle to stack with Relic hat. Gogo cheapass RNG.

Dark Knight:
Desperate Blows: Lv. 5 (3)
Muted Soul Lv. 3 (1)
Diabolic Eye Lv. 1 (1)
Dark Seal Lv. 1 (1)

Ugh. DRK's getting done last. Desperate Blowjobs Lv. 5 is 25% Haste when Last Resort is up (30 secs). Since I use kraken to zerg, it's totally pointless unless I throw up LR for lulz. Diabolic Eye and Dark Seal are on 20 min timers, and to be honest with Absorb-Acc, Drain 2 AND Drain 1 I hardly need them. I usually save Dark Seal for an aspir if I'm running REALLY low on MP. Diabolic Eye is a last resort. I have hardly any acc issues, and it eats at least 200-300 (15%) max HP when I use it, meaning less powerful Souleater attacks/WSs, and more dying. It's nice to have them, but pointless to have them available sooner. Muted Soul Lv. 3. Why? My theory is that right now Souleater is 72~% of a Provoke. (ty Wiki!) Each MS upgrade is -10 Enmity. So that's -30 less enmity, which means around 35-40% of a Provoke. (IF -50 Enmity (capped) is almost 0% that is). So it can still get SOME hate, which is good. If I never pulled hate, merit pts would be boring.

That's all. The update still has a few notes left, so we'll see where it goes from there. Let's end with a Rebme, and a hope that next month won't be as boring. ;/

Also happy birthday on Saturday Ethy. All the best!