Monday, 12 May 2008

Taking it Easy

Well for starters, I've finally reinstalled XP on my desktop. Vista was giving my final project for uni a lot of trouble when it came to exporting. Speaking of which, this last week and next will mainly put FFXI on hold until I finish my degree.

In any case, on with the update!

MNK 37! Weird thing is, I went from 30-37 in just two parties over the weekend, and actually enjoyed it. Mainly because I never went to Garlaige once. Sauromuge > Altepa > Crawler's Nest. That's how to do it. I was considering taking it further before being reminded of all the gear I'd need...including Black Belt and all the prereqs. Dx Just don't have time at the moment, but man it was a lot of fun.

Einherjar! Starting at Wing 1 again, this time with a massive crowd. Some had to sit out. :/In any case, we got lucky last time, killed the sheep, and got some extra loot. Speaking of Ingots, I'm 10/12 for Ares if the 25 ever drops.

And speaking of Salvage, it still sucks. 0 drops this weekend.

As does Dynamis, with a grand total of 1 WAR Stone this week. Awesome.

Limbus however, was not! I'm now 5/5 DRK AF+1. Thanks to CDC and ED for getting me this complete set. Also, thanks to Salvage, there's no need to upgrade any more AF+1 for RNG either, expect maybe the hat for RAtt+!

Nyzul! Free lot. :/ I thought PUP got the short straw by being put on Goliard, which is pretty much tailored towards mages, but after looking it up properly, it's all situational. Okay so I really should work on my PUP/mage build for events, but for solo and party use, I really wanted these, and Goliard Clogs. I can macro in AF Feet for Repair and WS, of course. Also, these legs are good for times where E100 is doing all the work. Example; Solo BLM head, or using Valoredge in Salvage. Great!

So that's all. Sucks really. Notice I've been using a new UI mainly because of the bigger text, so it's easier on my eyes. (I play at a higher resolution), along with really useful icons that help make buffs and BRD songs easier to read.