Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Fine Tuning

Once again, the seas have settled.

A lot of events are becoming second nature now. 11 min Limbus runs, daily Kings, and weekly Salvage. I've grown pretty resistant to terrible drop rates and unsuccessful missions, so there's no need to bitch anymore.

I'll still do it, of course. That's just who I am!

Anyway, let's start with some new stuff from the update.

Cobra legs and feet, finally. These followed on from the hat and hands in the last update, and kept faithful to their stats and set bonus. Things like Acc+, Store TP+, and Enmity-, make it perfect for PUP. Mainly due to the fact it also adds +Counter the more you stack it, which is grand for soloing, and let's face it, PUP needs all the Acc+ it can get.

I also switched around Ulthalam's ring with the old Eucphoria ring for +1 Store TP. Whyyyyy? Because adding that last +1 gives me exactly +20 Store TP from gear alone, meaning it's a lot faster to get 100% TP now.

I love this set. Mainly because PUP is on something other than a mage set after level 65. I'm working on getting Enkidu's Mittens and Body from ZNM (The other 3 pieces are crap!) mainly for WS, because they sure are ugly as hell.

Unfortunately, the cobra set is gay as hell. HOT PANTS!

This was lol. Ever since the update, all 3 cities in the past have been under COMPLETE lockdown. Meaning, all Campaign areas are beastmen controlled, the cities have had to ally up with outside forces to drive them out. Windurst has Maat on their side! I watched him solo a few Gigas. He hits like a TRUCK!

Limbussss! We're finished with Ultima again, and we're something like 2/4 Omega. Last one dropped utter crap as always, but here's hoping the next one will be better? ;/ In any case, I nabbed this for RNG. Once I cap Rapid shot, this will stack up nicely for ranged-only fights like Cerb, Odin, campaign and of course, Barrage!

Meritted my ass off these last two days. Before the update, I got 10 merits. After grabbing another 10, PUP is complete ...again. I'm pretty sure they won't touch merits for a long time, because those blue numbers and the fact I need 40 more merits for DRK and RNG, make my cry tears of joy and sadness at the same time.

Lastly, a visit from the big guy Odin again. Now we can do this fortnightly, using the 3-mule-3-feather trick. He dropped rubbish. M Body, lolNhead, and some Shadow gear. The 2880 Ampoules are sexy as hell though, and even if you fail or time out, you get Ampoules based on how many mobs you kill. We timed out at 10% on Wing 3 last night, but got 1980 Ampoules! Awesome! 13/15k for Bucaneer's Belt! Aw yeeee!

June's been a pretty smooth month so far. Let's hope it stays that way!