Monday, 2 June 2008

I'm with Ares

omg, finally! FINALLY!

FINALLY, LONGBOW PUT OUT! After all these treacherous months! We also did Arrapago the next day, and FINALLY got Bdob's Pigaches for Alldira. We also saw our first of two Gate Widows, along with a Marduk's leg piece for Quin. (Ayu wasn't there! I feel so sad for her!)

Before I move on, here's what Enyo's, Phobos's, and Deimos's body pieces look like, just for the record!

So after handing them in the next day along with those ingots from the last update...

Woo! The road I chose way back last July (JULY. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? It's true, check this entry!) has finally come to an end. A lot can happen in a year, ne? Mucho thanks goes to CDC for starting off the whole Salvage experience, and morning ED Salvage once again for all the help and effort it took to obtain the pieces and ingots. NO THANKS to the bloody QQs, who are stingy as shit and refuse to drop anything! Dicks.

I've also accumulated 8/10 Merits for the June update. Once I hit 10 + 9999 I'll stop I guess. RNG Tier 1 can wait. I want me some capped PUP abilities!

...Though killing Mamools for 8 hours straight kinda makes me want to crawl into a hole and die.

Stay tuned!