Sunday, 15 June 2008

Jkun Wright: Ace Evaporator


Now here's a story, all about how, my life got flipped turned upside down. Again. We started the day with Omega. Surprise surprise. Freelot head and feet. Nobody wants that shit ever. Feeling a little pissy, I scrounged an Assault to do Salvage. (I'm still not Captain, which is pissing me off.) Zidi said I can join him and Kami in their little RvB static, which would take a lot off my mind.

Salvage was Arafaggo. We got Ayuki's 35 Marduk hands, 2 freelot 25 Skadi legs, and lots of death by trying to get close-up shots of the boss for ZNMs. ;/

So having everyone else do Nyzul or exp or whatever, I went and watched Dr Who.

I came back and popped over to see if KV had popped because Artal, my friend, got the ToD yesterday and we proceeded to camp today. I had nothing else to lose after wasting the whole day afking.

Reigns came, a Taru who has been camping with me up until we lots the ToD and got it back again. At this point, we had enough to stall it. Then another LS came. It was 3v3. We sent Artal to go check the weather. 2 days of heat spells, then sandstorms. Eastina, a RDM, turned up. So we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Then on the day it was meant to be a sandstorm, no pop. No pop at 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00. Then, in the corner of my eye I saw a huge black cloud fly over my head. BUT IT WASN'T A CLOUD. IT WAS KING FUCKING VINEGAROON!

Artal leaped at me, Chi blasting the face off of it. I stunned and proceeded to kite. We got Rage on NIN to help kite, and I ran away to gather people. The LS was taking a night off from Saturday events, and to my surprise, they all came.

Every single person in the LS came to KV.

We all buffed up, got TP, and zerged him to death. The last two KVs went this smoothly too. But the last two KV's didn't put out. Reigns was up for helm, so it was no biggie. I just like collecting titles.

However, Reigns had to afk. About 1 hour into camp, he had parent aggro and to avoid Draw-In we booted him from the pt. We waited for him to come back but it was too late by the time it died...

I was speechless. Zid said, he stands by the rule: "You camp it, you get it". I don't know if it was all the heat and sandstorms in Altepa, but after all this time helping Reigns camp it for hours straight, I forgot I also wanted it for myself.

A big thank you to Azu and Reigns for helping camp up until now and keep both of our hopes up, Artal for getting the ToD yesterday and claiming like a bitch! Rage for holding him until the LS gathered, and everyone in ED who made this almost forgotten dream come true.

To quote Ains: "You almost look like a real DRK now". Thanks...Dick.