Friday, 13 June 2008

June 2008 Update Day!

Monday was update day! Even though it took 5 hours to download in the end, I've been up until 6am mostly every day since then exploring and adventuring.

I haven't even started on most of the new content such as Campaign Ops and WotG Missions, but I've mainly been helping solve the new "Zeny NM" mysteries, theories and strategies.

ZNMs are basically NMs that drop a plethora of new gear without having to spend hours camping or killing placeholders. Every few NMs are set on difficulty "Tiers", and after clearing certain NMs from certain Tiers, you can progress onto harder ones with even better drops. These NMs are popped by taking images of creatures using the Soultrappers from Pankration. Every few days the creature changes, and you can trade up to 10 images a day. When you have enough "Zeny" from trading images, you can buy pop items for NMs. I love this system and hope they never ever change it.

So! As soon as they came out, reports were announced there was new job-specific items available to Puppetmasters. Since I have so much pride in this job since the day it came out, I had to find out how to get my hands on them. Luckily, they drop from a ZNM named Ob, a tier 1 Automaton that only costs around 1000 Zeny to pop.

I was astounded at the amount of people who helped me. From day 1 of the update until now, me and a lot of people in ED have developed a little static-type bond when it comes to ZNMs. We go farming for images together, go for Astral Candyless adventures walking to all the ??? pops, and actually get drops by low manning the majority of these NMs.

Back on topic. Ob. He's an automaton. Originally, he starts off as a Harlequin, and under 50% he would spam Magic Mortar like these was no tomorrow. We used to start off fighting normally until 50%, then kite and have BLM nuke it to death. We did this 5 times before...

...we found out it can change frame.

IT CAN CHANGE FRAME? YOU MEAN, NO MORE MAGIC MORTAR? That's right! It seems this NM is one of the hardest Tier 1s...UNLESS you have a PUP in the party! PUP actually has a use! Recently, it seems whatever maneuvers are up, Ob will leech from them and change frames dependant on element. Wind and Thunder makes him Sharpshot, which is the easiest in my opinion. Valor is quite easy too, but honestly, as long as you don't get Harle or Stormy, which both have access to Magic Mortar, then the fight is a joke. I still feel happy we managed to kill it 5 times before we noticed this method, haha.

So! Onto the drops!

Firstly, a PUP specific earring. It gives a 20% bonus to Regen when using Repair. It also stacks with AF feet. Now E100 can have stat effects removed, and get +36 more HP per tick with Oil+2.

Next up are attachments. The update gave light to two Valoredge specific attachments: Coiler and Steam Jacket. Coiler, can add a whopping 10-40% Double Attack depending on the number of Thunder Maneuvers that are up, and Steam Jacket will reduce damage of the same type over time (ie: Melee hits, ranged attacks, magic). So we have pretty much a mini-Ridill and Aegis for E100. The double attack is incredibly powerful, procing right before and after a WS occasionally, and generating so much hate that the poor soul ends up tanking!

I still need to get my hands on Steam Jacket, and will posts tests ASAP. (I have 2 more Ob pops waiting in storage!)

A few other fights we did are below!

This Lil'Apkallu was adorable to fight. It would sometimes flee in terror before unleashing 3 waves of AOE TP moves, then running around in circles covering his face, embarrassed. A very fun and enjoyable fight.

Next up was a Colibri who liked to charmga us all, a Puk who would go apeshit with Windshear at low TP, a blue Chigoe that could debuff you with every horrible spell imaginable, a dozy, slow BLM-friendly Marid, and randomly, a 20% Skeleton that we nabbed and got out asses handed to us before he waltzed away as if we'd never met.

Congrats to Bodde on his new A.Feet ripoff, Medi and Truechaos on their sexy Gardua SMN heads, and Darkkghostt for getting us Tier 3 Access and a Mamool Ja lord pop! Go team!

We also went out to see what all the fuss was about with Ixion.

...But then with half the LS in bed we decided to leave him alone.

Next up, Nyzul! I got these adorable and pretty decent clogs for PUP. The CHR and evasion are useful for Maneuvers, and they match Pahluwan and Usukane perfectly in terms of looks. :D Unfortunatly I'll have to upgrade to the new set of Cobra feet that came out with the new Campaign rank, but that's a story for another day (Mainly becasue they're pretty ugly :/)

The new merit increases have me at 4/5 Optimisation. I have 2 more merits from Campaign, and I need 8 more to cap PUP Tier 2 again. Whee!

But lastly, all-in-all, after only exploring half of the new content thus far, it's been a lot of fun. I feel like I've really began to fit in well with the LS this week. Making new friends such as Bodde, Bari and True, rekindling old friendships with Darkk, Gipi and Medi, and even hanging with old timers like Zidi and Kami, has given me a lot of courage when talking in /lschat and getting back to being my own little loud self again. I don't take comments to heart, and roll with the punches, replying to insults with insults. It's all good, even if I am depicted as a mithra-elvaan-loving pedo.

It's also let me do something I haven't done since I came to Fairy. Lead. It feels...nice. I have people asking me what the plan is, what NMs we can do, what drops what and where it's popped from. It just feels so nice to be needed and looked up to again. I guess that's the type of person I am, and I hope I can pull through enough to fight the big ZNMs with everyone at the end of the road, knowing my interest in these silly little things was the thing that started it all off.

But it's not just me, it's everyone who helped take pics, buy pops, and kill the NMs in the end that are the real leaders. Here's to you guys, let's go kick some more ass!