Friday, 25 July 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still

That's an aurora. The lightsday effect in Behemoth's Dominion should you ever go visit it! What better way to start this tale than with a beautiful image such as that.

The story begins two and a half years ago. My old linkshell on Fenrir, primarily a sea LS, started to camp HNM. DRK was the only job I had levelled at the time, so there wasn't much gear I needed from them.

It all began with these. A pair of Black Gadlings that I owned. Back then, Kunwu ore was limited and rare. I only had these and the legs. Little did I know the market would plummet as more and more people did Bahamut v2 in years to come.

Because CDC was a sea LS, we did Limbus hand in hand. It was around the time I got DRK AF+1 Hands that I decided to sell these gadlings.

I met with an elvaan DRK in Ru'Lude who saw my search comment. I was selling them for 3mil at the time, but he was short on cash. I knew this guy. He was constantly looking up to me and comparing his gear with mine. A DRK rival, one could say, lol.

So he traded me whatever gil he had, and a cursed hauberk...

"I heard you guys do HNM. Maybe you can use this. If not, sell it."

I accepted it along with the gil. Back then it sold for 5mil. So I would have made profit out the ass! But over time, it didn't sell. It just didn't want to sell.


We camped Faf but go beaten by so many bots, the competition was high and group morale was low. We decided to change strats.


So we tried KB and Aspid, but even then, botters would come out to play and beat us to it. We couldn't even get experience because nobody would let us "practice".


So we gave up. We stuck to sea and started Einherjar and Salvage. Those dark ages with Pos-warping and, hacks and no mass bannings never gave us a chance in hell at claiming anything.


But coming to Fairy did give me that chance. By the time the useless piece of junk that I stupidly traded was down to 250k, by the time maintenance pushed HNM into an amazing window where we had a full alliance of people on at one time, and by the time we claimed a whole ton of HNM in one week, it finally happened.

It just...happened. There was no tension, no heartbeat, no stress, no real emotion except shock and surprise when I was told to lot and actually won it. I think I remember me saying I was speechless, but apart from that it's all a blur now. It always is.

Today made me really feel like a part of endgame FFXI. I feel like someone who can now want to go to camps and someone who wants to better themselves not just for myself and the morning group, but for the whole LS. This may just be an extra few STR, DEX and Att on a body piece to some people, but to me it's a trophy of acceptance and fellowship, one of which I'm so proud to be a part of.

Adaman Hauberk - 23.07.08 - Thank you, everyone!

Now for some more drops!

I managed to steal these to tie me over until Homam ever decides to drop. I'm surprised at how awesome the stats are, tbh. I never noticed how decent they were until they dropped, haha.

Tussilo finally got his Denali Kecks after 1/37. No more leg runs! We've decided to work on my disc to 100, for him to get points and for us to spam 100s. I also recently got Captain and started the relic quest, so here's hoping! Just gotta decide between PUP or DRK relic!

And lastly, some funny quotes from today:

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Who are you?

You worthless, good for nothing Mercenary.

I ought to have your tail kicked out of here faster than a chigoe!

Your ranks have become quite established, Mercenary.

They call you Jkun, is it?

Well done, you've been promoted to Lance Corporal. There's still a long way to go now, chin up Jkun!

ABQUABAH! See to it Jkun takes part in every single examination in this place.

It goes without saying that Jkun is your superior.

I'm proud to announce you all passed as First Lieutenants.

Congratulations on your promotion, Jkun.

F-Finally. ;_; The pain of that Morning Star combined with the screams and shouts of Naja are suddenly becoming nothing but a distant memory. It's been a long road, two whole years, but it's finally come to an end.

CAPTAIN KUN. NOBODY WILL STAND IN MY WAY! My 5-tag using, free portal hopping domination of Whitegate has finally begun! I can finally taste the steak at the seat of the Captain's Table!

It all came down to the final assault, Lord Galadlalgralgmar or whatever, who was a total pushover.

The setup was RNG WAR PLD RDM SMN BRD, the mages being JP with quite good english. I had Bor, the PLD, pull him to the starting room, and him in a corner. Mages and me went to the tunnel. I was on RNG, and me and the WAR TP'd on Goldemar until he called a weapon. The weapons stay in the main room, so when it came towards us, I stopped it in the tunnel, the WAR voked, and the TP we built on Golde zerged the weapon down. Rinse and repeat. At 50% all weapons were dead and we just TP burned him with the SMN using offenssive Blood Pacts. Finished with an Eagle Eye shot, taking off off the last 10%. Even fucking Khim and Hydra were harder than this fight. (But we did Hydra with 3 people luls) Better luck next time Goldie~locks!

HOWEVER! Attaining this superior assault rank hasn't been all I've been getting up to.

Recently, we claimed Aspid and KB in one night. Grats to Reigns on W Mask, Nayu and A Body, and Eastina on 3/3 Black Belt. Wewt!

Oh and grats to me for completing my third HQ King title, lul. Gotta catch 'em all!

We've also been racking up the ZNM. Rebme's recent Gears pop netting us 3/3 Hydra. Horrah! We're working on DG's Hydra now, and also Bari's Khim. It's gonna be one hell of a ride. I can't wait to fight them!

We've obtained so much gear from the lesser ZNM and Tier 3s now it's not even funny. I'm so glad to be a part of this system and helping lead the way is half the fun. I really get kicks out of leading a group of people for events, idk why.

Aside from starting up Omega again (2/4), and plugging away IRL, I've just been doing a lot of Pankration, Campaign (ugh, I got demoted from Wings so let's not talk about that rly), and just chilling in Whitegate. Such a lazy life.

I NEED TO MERIT. RNG is becoming so much more used and I want to cap it on merits asap. I also love my Denali body and Zid can suck mah dick for telling me off for TPing in it! :3

Now for some lulz:

Reb is 1/86 rofllll.

Best. Compliment. Ever.


Sunday, 13 July 2008

And With Days Like These

Omega didn't put out again!

Surprise surprise.

I'm glad my friend got the gloves though. Now I don't feel bad if another pair drop, cuz they go freelot now I think, so I'll try to grab some. I want at least something from Omega soon, gawd.

Anyway not going to play much this week, kinda fed up of failing all these job applications irl. Less games, more work!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

With Days Like These


It was one of those days. Not the bad kind, either. The days of hyper fuckwin that only come along once every 40 or 50 Arrapago runs.

No but really. It all started when me, Tina and DG went to take pics of ZNM. It was Bombs, so we went to Ifrit's Cauldron.

Now I never come here. Ever. None of my AF for DRK or RNG was here, nor was any quests or weapon latent NMs or anything. I was here once for Bomb Queen Ring but that was it. So I didn't have the map. The first Bomb we engaged got to 3% then Self Destructed, and dropped a coffer key. Since I was in twat mode I only had 2 charges left on my Trapper, I lotted it and decided to look for the chest while Tina and DG took pics.

'allo! Finally. DG was pissed he didn't get his map, since he needed it also. So we came back after I got a new camera. I joked around, saying "I feel it, THIS Bomb one will drop a coffer key for you, DG." And it did, lul! Even the simplest of things like getting maps is still amazing fun. D:

But fuck that, onto the ZNMs themselves. We've reached up to Tier 3. Now the lesser fights are not really a challenge, but the fact people are sticking through to the very end and not ditching after they get some low tier gear is. With help from other people in the LS and some outsiders who do ZNM religiously, we took down 3 Tier 3 mobs today and got us some awesome loots.

This fucker was a pain in the ass. BLM/WHM that can use both respectable two hours, and has 40k base HP, but because he can use Benediction, it's more like 65-70k HP. He also has a nasty AOE move that's distance based called Groundburst, that fucked up a few melee and THF each time. We had 2 PLD first time round, then just 1 second time round. But honestly, BLM and RNG own this fight. SAM too. 2 SAM can take it from 30-0% post-Benediction just by Making yo Sushi if he doesn't use Groundburst or Firespit first.

RNG was amazing DMG, and could also complete a light SC that a SAM self-Fragged on with their new ability. It really was an easier fight second time round, we were the ED pioneers, though I'm sure a party of BLM/NIN with Gaiters and a RDM could take this down just as fast.

Anyway onto the drops!

On my pop, that crazy red DRK sword dropped. I gave it to DG if he gave me Enkidu Mitts from his pop. Lo' and behold~

They dropped. I'm a very happy PUP. They screw with my Store TP build, and are mainly for WS compared to the godliness that is Usukane, but fuck it, PUP finally gets some good STR and Acc gear that's not near impossible to get. (hi2uSalvagehandsandfeet)

Oh and this was after the 2nd fight. DG tanked all those Firespits with fucking BQ Ring on. wth.

After, we did Dea, a Wivre mob that takes INSANE DMG from BLU BLM and RNG. We kitied it to the tower near Halvung, right on top of a level 60 pt, and ripped it up good. It was my pop, yet Bari donated the T2 trophy to me to be able to buy it. So I gave Medi Enkidu Subligar for her DNC, and gave Bari the two Grips we got for his BLM as payback. All I wanted was the trophy, honestly. Such an easy fight!

So now I'm at 2/3 Hydra. I have enough to buy my 3rd pop, but Reb has a Gears pop she'll donate to me to complete the set. Awesome. I only need Enkidu's Harness then I'm totally happy. Other pieces for PUP can be replaced by Cobra and Usukane easily. I can see myself doing this for a long time though, just because it's so much fun!

Lastly, I came RNG to this and all other ZNM. It's much more useful than DRK and since I have fucking amazing gear for it, why the hell not. I can keep track of where kited mobs are (such as moving Dea from it's spawn point to the watchtower), know where certain mobs are while farming pictures with widescan, and use Skadifastfeets to run out of AOE range much faster. Plus holy bolts on the undead ZNM path are fucking amazing with my current MND setup.

So speaking of RNG, I forgot to mention I finally got this from Ein:

Because ED only do Dyna once a week now, and because I'll be commenting Abyss Cape until I'm old and grey, I decided this would be better than Scout's Belt for now. I full time it, and it's lovely indeed! Now to save up 100,000 Ampoules for that eyepatch, ey?

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Calm Before the Storm

Wow haven't updated in ages, lol.

I guess because nothing has been going on. :/ Not sure where to start, so have a Lilisette!

Yeah I finally did the new missions with Reb and Medi. The fight was crazy easy to duo on DRK+WHM, but the CSs were incredible. Amazing new characters, with fantastic scripts and full of lively emotions. Lilisette is my new wife, of respectfully. I just wish they gave us more than a handful of Missions! Grrrr.

Me and Rubme also did some other adventuring. Such as farming and popping Pallas and Alky. Well, she mainly did that, I farmed fucking BATS. They kept aggroing me and ONLY me. Fuckin...

In any case, Pallas didn't put out, but Alky did. 255k each gooo! We also farmed a bit of Angel Skins for Reb's -1 subligar should she ever get N.Legs. If she sold all the Skins we would have been around 4.5mil. Why Reb WHY?!

We also levelled NPCs! Vime is now at level 52, and I did the two LBs for her to reach 60. I'm also at 27k/60k or something I think (maybe it's 90k?) for the 4th and final armor lock you can buy with fellow points. I wanna get a sexy MNK Gi to match her H2H look, and lock it in with PLD gear in other slots! :D She'll be like a big Elvaan Valoredge MNK thingy!

LOL GAUSSIAN BLUR. Half-assed really. In any case, started capping DRK merits through exp and stupid Campaign now PUP is out of the way. All I need is 5 more into my last Muted Soul notch. I capped Desperate Blows to 5, and holy jeebus it make a huge difference in meripo. With just 1 BRD, Haste and gear, using Last Resort and just whacking the mob for 30sec is like instant 130 TP. Would be more fun if I was /SAM with Meditate too. :D Muted Soul is going to 3, because popping Souleater especially during Kraken Zerg, -30 Enmity is a bit of a nice thing to have. Just so I don't die right after it, ofc.

Mmmm what else. Oh yeah Kami and Gol didn't turn up to the last Zhaloam (I'm never going to spell this shitty zone right so just get used to it, tbh.) run, and I nabbed these off of the Floor 1 Madame:

1/3, but like hell I'll get the 25 and 35 any time soon. Still a nice little goal to work towards for the next THREE HUNDRED YEARS. Fuck.

What else. Oh yeah! ED's gotten good at HNM again, lol. 2 Nids back to back netted us 2x A Bodies, and an E Body, we have Odin next week, and almost a Hydra ZNM pop to go with Usagi's Khim one. Plus we have Omega on Saturday, which is the main reason this entry's title is named the way it is. D: Either I'll slam my head through a wall or overdose on happiness, it's all up to you, Omega. You big, fat piece of fucking, lying, cheating, piss-stained biotechnological crock of shit. Give me my fucking pants or I'll blow up your entire family with a fist full of FIRE, AND YOU REALLY DON'T WANT THAT.

Well that's it. Disappointed? Tough. Have some fun chat times while fishing for Angel Skins, lawl.