Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Calm Before the Storm

Wow haven't updated in ages, lol.

I guess because nothing has been going on. :/ Not sure where to start, so have a Lilisette!

Yeah I finally did the new missions with Reb and Medi. The fight was crazy easy to duo on DRK+WHM, but the CSs were incredible. Amazing new characters, with fantastic scripts and full of lively emotions. Lilisette is my new wife, of respectfully. I just wish they gave us more than a handful of Missions! Grrrr.

Me and Rubme also did some other adventuring. Such as farming and popping Pallas and Alky. Well, she mainly did that, I farmed fucking BATS. They kept aggroing me and ONLY me. Fuckin...

In any case, Pallas didn't put out, but Alky did. 255k each gooo! We also farmed a bit of Angel Skins for Reb's -1 subligar should she ever get N.Legs. If she sold all the Skins we would have been around 4.5mil. Why Reb WHY?!

We also levelled NPCs! Vime is now at level 52, and I did the two LBs for her to reach 60. I'm also at 27k/60k or something I think (maybe it's 90k?) for the 4th and final armor lock you can buy with fellow points. I wanna get a sexy MNK Gi to match her H2H look, and lock it in with PLD gear in other slots! :D She'll be like a big Elvaan Valoredge MNK thingy!

LOL GAUSSIAN BLUR. Half-assed really. In any case, started capping DRK merits through exp and stupid Campaign now PUP is out of the way. All I need is 5 more into my last Muted Soul notch. I capped Desperate Blows to 5, and holy jeebus it make a huge difference in meripo. With just 1 BRD, Haste and gear, using Last Resort and just whacking the mob for 30sec is like instant 130 TP. Would be more fun if I was /SAM with Meditate too. :D Muted Soul is going to 3, because popping Souleater especially during Kraken Zerg, -30 Enmity is a bit of a nice thing to have. Just so I don't die right after it, ofc.

Mmmm what else. Oh yeah Kami and Gol didn't turn up to the last Zhaloam (I'm never going to spell this shitty zone right so just get used to it, tbh.) run, and I nabbed these off of the Floor 1 Madame:

1/3, but like hell I'll get the 25 and 35 any time soon. Still a nice little goal to work towards for the next THREE HUNDRED YEARS. Fuck.

What else. Oh yeah! ED's gotten good at HNM again, lol. 2 Nids back to back netted us 2x A Bodies, and an E Body, we have Odin next week, and almost a Hydra ZNM pop to go with Usagi's Khim one. Plus we have Omega on Saturday, which is the main reason this entry's title is named the way it is. D: Either I'll slam my head through a wall or overdose on happiness, it's all up to you, Omega. You big, fat piece of fucking, lying, cheating, piss-stained biotechnological crock of shit. Give me my fucking pants or I'll blow up your entire family with a fist full of FIRE, AND YOU REALLY DON'T WANT THAT.

Well that's it. Disappointed? Tough. Have some fun chat times while fishing for Angel Skins, lawl.