Friday, 25 July 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still

That's an aurora. The lightsday effect in Behemoth's Dominion should you ever go visit it! What better way to start this tale than with a beautiful image such as that.

The story begins two and a half years ago. My old linkshell on Fenrir, primarily a sea LS, started to camp HNM. DRK was the only job I had levelled at the time, so there wasn't much gear I needed from them.

It all began with these. A pair of Black Gadlings that I owned. Back then, Kunwu ore was limited and rare. I only had these and the legs. Little did I know the market would plummet as more and more people did Bahamut v2 in years to come.

Because CDC was a sea LS, we did Limbus hand in hand. It was around the time I got DRK AF+1 Hands that I decided to sell these gadlings.

I met with an elvaan DRK in Ru'Lude who saw my search comment. I was selling them for 3mil at the time, but he was short on cash. I knew this guy. He was constantly looking up to me and comparing his gear with mine. A DRK rival, one could say, lol.

So he traded me whatever gil he had, and a cursed hauberk...

"I heard you guys do HNM. Maybe you can use this. If not, sell it."

I accepted it along with the gil. Back then it sold for 5mil. So I would have made profit out the ass! But over time, it didn't sell. It just didn't want to sell.


We camped Faf but go beaten by so many bots, the competition was high and group morale was low. We decided to change strats.


So we tried KB and Aspid, but even then, botters would come out to play and beat us to it. We couldn't even get experience because nobody would let us "practice".


So we gave up. We stuck to sea and started Einherjar and Salvage. Those dark ages with Pos-warping and, hacks and no mass bannings never gave us a chance in hell at claiming anything.


But coming to Fairy did give me that chance. By the time the useless piece of junk that I stupidly traded was down to 250k, by the time maintenance pushed HNM into an amazing window where we had a full alliance of people on at one time, and by the time we claimed a whole ton of HNM in one week, it finally happened.

It just...happened. There was no tension, no heartbeat, no stress, no real emotion except shock and surprise when I was told to lot and actually won it. I think I remember me saying I was speechless, but apart from that it's all a blur now. It always is.

Today made me really feel like a part of endgame FFXI. I feel like someone who can now want to go to camps and someone who wants to better themselves not just for myself and the morning group, but for the whole LS. This may just be an extra few STR, DEX and Att on a body piece to some people, but to me it's a trophy of acceptance and fellowship, one of which I'm so proud to be a part of.

Adaman Hauberk - 23.07.08 - Thank you, everyone!

Now for some more drops!

I managed to steal these to tie me over until Homam ever decides to drop. I'm surprised at how awesome the stats are, tbh. I never noticed how decent they were until they dropped, haha.

Tussilo finally got his Denali Kecks after 1/37. No more leg runs! We've decided to work on my disc to 100, for him to get points and for us to spam 100s. I also recently got Captain and started the relic quest, so here's hoping! Just gotta decide between PUP or DRK relic!

And lastly, some funny quotes from today: