Thursday, 17 July 2008


Who are you?

You worthless, good for nothing Mercenary.

I ought to have your tail kicked out of here faster than a chigoe!

Your ranks have become quite established, Mercenary.

They call you Jkun, is it?

Well done, you've been promoted to Lance Corporal. There's still a long way to go now, chin up Jkun!

ABQUABAH! See to it Jkun takes part in every single examination in this place.

It goes without saying that Jkun is your superior.

I'm proud to announce you all passed as First Lieutenants.

Congratulations on your promotion, Jkun.

F-Finally. ;_; The pain of that Morning Star combined with the screams and shouts of Naja are suddenly becoming nothing but a distant memory. It's been a long road, two whole years, but it's finally come to an end.

CAPTAIN KUN. NOBODY WILL STAND IN MY WAY! My 5-tag using, free portal hopping domination of Whitegate has finally begun! I can finally taste the steak at the seat of the Captain's Table!

It all came down to the final assault, Lord Galadlalgralgmar or whatever, who was a total pushover.

The setup was RNG WAR PLD RDM SMN BRD, the mages being JP with quite good english. I had Bor, the PLD, pull him to the starting room, and him in a corner. Mages and me went to the tunnel. I was on RNG, and me and the WAR TP'd on Goldemar until he called a weapon. The weapons stay in the main room, so when it came towards us, I stopped it in the tunnel, the WAR voked, and the TP we built on Golde zerged the weapon down. Rinse and repeat. At 50% all weapons were dead and we just TP burned him with the SMN using offenssive Blood Pacts. Finished with an Eagle Eye shot, taking off off the last 10%. Even fucking Khim and Hydra were harder than this fight. (But we did Hydra with 3 people luls) Better luck next time Goldie~locks!

HOWEVER! Attaining this superior assault rank hasn't been all I've been getting up to.

Recently, we claimed Aspid and KB in one night. Grats to Reigns on W Mask, Nayu and A Body, and Eastina on 3/3 Black Belt. Wewt!

Oh and grats to me for completing my third HQ King title, lul. Gotta catch 'em all!

We've also been racking up the ZNM. Rebme's recent Gears pop netting us 3/3 Hydra. Horrah! We're working on DG's Hydra now, and also Bari's Khim. It's gonna be one hell of a ride. I can't wait to fight them!

We've obtained so much gear from the lesser ZNM and Tier 3s now it's not even funny. I'm so glad to be a part of this system and helping lead the way is half the fun. I really get kicks out of leading a group of people for events, idk why.

Aside from starting up Omega again (2/4), and plugging away IRL, I've just been doing a lot of Pankration, Campaign (ugh, I got demoted from Wings so let's not talk about that rly), and just chilling in Whitegate. Such a lazy life.

I NEED TO MERIT. RNG is becoming so much more used and I want to cap it on merits asap. I also love my Denali body and Zid can suck mah dick for telling me off for TPing in it! :3

Now for some lulz:

Reb is 1/86 rofllll.

Best. Compliment. Ever.