Thursday, 10 July 2008

With Days Like These


It was one of those days. Not the bad kind, either. The days of hyper fuckwin that only come along once every 40 or 50 Arrapago runs.

No but really. It all started when me, Tina and DG went to take pics of ZNM. It was Bombs, so we went to Ifrit's Cauldron.

Now I never come here. Ever. None of my AF for DRK or RNG was here, nor was any quests or weapon latent NMs or anything. I was here once for Bomb Queen Ring but that was it. So I didn't have the map. The first Bomb we engaged got to 3% then Self Destructed, and dropped a coffer key. Since I was in twat mode I only had 2 charges left on my Trapper, I lotted it and decided to look for the chest while Tina and DG took pics.

'allo! Finally. DG was pissed he didn't get his map, since he needed it also. So we came back after I got a new camera. I joked around, saying "I feel it, THIS Bomb one will drop a coffer key for you, DG." And it did, lul! Even the simplest of things like getting maps is still amazing fun. D:

But fuck that, onto the ZNMs themselves. We've reached up to Tier 3. Now the lesser fights are not really a challenge, but the fact people are sticking through to the very end and not ditching after they get some low tier gear is. With help from other people in the LS and some outsiders who do ZNM religiously, we took down 3 Tier 3 mobs today and got us some awesome loots.

This fucker was a pain in the ass. BLM/WHM that can use both respectable two hours, and has 40k base HP, but because he can use Benediction, it's more like 65-70k HP. He also has a nasty AOE move that's distance based called Groundburst, that fucked up a few melee and THF each time. We had 2 PLD first time round, then just 1 second time round. But honestly, BLM and RNG own this fight. SAM too. 2 SAM can take it from 30-0% post-Benediction just by Making yo Sushi if he doesn't use Groundburst or Firespit first.

RNG was amazing DMG, and could also complete a light SC that a SAM self-Fragged on with their new ability. It really was an easier fight second time round, we were the ED pioneers, though I'm sure a party of BLM/NIN with Gaiters and a RDM could take this down just as fast.

Anyway onto the drops!

On my pop, that crazy red DRK sword dropped. I gave it to DG if he gave me Enkidu Mitts from his pop. Lo' and behold~

They dropped. I'm a very happy PUP. They screw with my Store TP build, and are mainly for WS compared to the godliness that is Usukane, but fuck it, PUP finally gets some good STR and Acc gear that's not near impossible to get. (hi2uSalvagehandsandfeet)

Oh and this was after the 2nd fight. DG tanked all those Firespits with fucking BQ Ring on. wth.

After, we did Dea, a Wivre mob that takes INSANE DMG from BLU BLM and RNG. We kitied it to the tower near Halvung, right on top of a level 60 pt, and ripped it up good. It was my pop, yet Bari donated the T2 trophy to me to be able to buy it. So I gave Medi Enkidu Subligar for her DNC, and gave Bari the two Grips we got for his BLM as payback. All I wanted was the trophy, honestly. Such an easy fight!

So now I'm at 2/3 Hydra. I have enough to buy my 3rd pop, but Reb has a Gears pop she'll donate to me to complete the set. Awesome. I only need Enkidu's Harness then I'm totally happy. Other pieces for PUP can be replaced by Cobra and Usukane easily. I can see myself doing this for a long time though, just because it's so much fun!

Lastly, I came RNG to this and all other ZNM. It's much more useful than DRK and since I have fucking amazing gear for it, why the hell not. I can keep track of where kited mobs are (such as moving Dea from it's spawn point to the watchtower), know where certain mobs are while farming pictures with widescan, and use Skadifastfeets to run out of AOE range much faster. Plus holy bolts on the undead ZNM path are fucking amazing with my current MND setup.

So speaking of RNG, I forgot to mention I finally got this from Ein:

Because ED only do Dyna once a week now, and because I'll be commenting Abyss Cape until I'm old and grey, I decided this would be better than Scout's Belt for now. I full time it, and it's lovely indeed! Now to save up 100,000 Ampoules for that eyepatch, ey?