Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Over my Dead Frog's Body!


VICTORY!! I feel really bad at the fact I've pretty much lootwhored everything in Salvage, teehee. Poor Alldira hasn't even seen one drop from these damn frogs too. D; Still, it was fun (and really cheap) to craft the lumber myself, which is always good. :D

So yeah, Woodworking. Sucks right now. I hit 97 today. It's around 500k a level with the Cythara Angelica synths. But because there's 2-3 other people doing the exact same synth at this exact moment in time I had to farm most of my ingredients. (Though Alice helped a ton by buying me 4 stacks, whoa, ty!)

GET!! But really farming these fuckers is a pain in the ass. One more level of this shit to go then I'll prolly stop and get some cash. 98-100 is




So anyway! I've been having some fun on Unicorn as of late. Me and Tred got to level 11/12, I did a couple of Windy OPs, got a few Gate Crystals, did Missions up to Rank 2, and got my ass to the dunes as soon as I hit 13.

It's been really nostalgic, but the fun part is most of this low level stuff can be done solo, which is great fun to me, since partying with some people really does my head in.

That's all for now. September update is-a-coming!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

The Little Things II

I've been on a little break from FFXI, mainly because after going to Amecon '08 I discovered there a lot more things to do than sit and stare at a game for 13 hours a day.


I like to call it the Niisse syndrome. Part of me wants to still play purely for exploring and adventure, but the part about gear and drama and lotting I just want to get rid of. It's a shame that will never happen though, considering how deep our roots into FFXI currently are.

Speaking of which, Niisse came back for his world tour before he leaves for good. He was really generous, giving everyone food, money (Aha, I'm talking like I'm a homeless bum...) but really, I'll put everything to good use, even these killer sunglasses!

Another awesome thing that happened was meeting two people from Unicorn at the convention; Syrenis and Tredrial. Syrenis is a Mithra PLD, and Tred is a little Taru WHM turning into a little MP-infested DRK!

Where to start? I made a Jkun on Unicorn. Same name, hair and size. Only problem is, he's completely new. No subs or anything, and everything kicks his ass. (Then again, that bit hasn't changed...)

I met Tred first, and we did the summerfest event so I could have something nice and free to wear rather than ugly Elvaan JSE, haha. We talk every now and then on Skype too, and she's friend with a good bunch of people. They said there's always a space for me on Uni if need be! x3

Then Syrenis surprised me yesterday by meeting up with me in Windy. I got to see the inside of her MH and had a little chat. Look, she even has the little Airship! It's sooo cute, the propellers move and everything!

It was nice to spend some time with Syrenis, and I hope we can do it again. I like her a lot, but there's still so much I want to find out about her life. D: Excitement!

Back to Fairy, and Nyzul has been going well. My disk is at 30, and will be 50 next week. Gogo PUP relic! The update is just around the corner too, if SE stick to their word. I'm glad AF+1 comes from Limbus in the end, as I really enjoy it with the morning group. Plus, after some minor incredible LS drama, Dynamis might be fun to attend once again. :)

That's that! So I leave you with hat quotes! I think I have 4 or 5 by now, hoho.

Let it be known. My hat is nice.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Little Things

I always wondered what this would feel like, now I know:

You see, back when I hit 80 Woodworking, I was worried about the gap for 80-90. There's no profit synths until 91, and a 11 level gap is very intimidating. After getting 150k GP, I went to buy my third GP item only to find out I needed Veteran rank first. -_-;

So I had to find a way to get to level 88. Awesome.

I already have +2 from body and gloves. Advanced Support is another +3, so I'd be at 85 Skill in Sandy. The 91 Synth I'm referring too is of course, arrows. Kabura Arrows. But unlike every other arrow on the way to 91, they require the usual Arrowheads, Fletchings, Lumber and... a non stackable, bane of my existance, boneworking based horn. Awesome.

But not all was lost. Oh no. It just so happened these horns were plentiful at every AH, since they drop from rams, with bonecrafters kill frequently.

When I say every AH, I mean every AH. Luckily, I couldn't have picked a more perfect time to jump the 80-90 gap!

SUMMERFEST. I love Summerfest. Doing this year's event gained you access to fun minigames, sexy Hume females in swimmies, and a free teleportation service to any of the 3 starting cities. So I loaded up on the other materials, and jumped from city to city, buying ever horn on the AH and trundling back to Sandy.

The best part is, these arrows cost about 3k to make, and sell for 150k a stack of quivers. I made a small loss near the start, but finally hit 88 on these things before running out of fletchings. (They're very, very rare) I've sold 2 stacks of Quivers at the moment, but if the last doesn't sell I can use it on RNG. They're very sexy arrows indeed!

So to sum things up,

Aw ye. Now I feel accomplished. I'll get to 91 once more materials are on the AH, then it's the long, expensive road to 100. Awesome.

I did some KS99s this week also, netting me about 400k and this;

It's seems to be the shitty drop as nobody needs it, but it's the main reason I did the Wyrm KS99 with my seals. 1/3! If I get all 3 and a pair of Destroyers, I might just level MNK and put those H2H merits, Usukane gear, and experience on PUP to use!


Over and out!