Thursday, 21 August 2008

The Little Things II

I've been on a little break from FFXI, mainly because after going to Amecon '08 I discovered there a lot more things to do than sit and stare at a game for 13 hours a day.


I like to call it the Niisse syndrome. Part of me wants to still play purely for exploring and adventure, but the part about gear and drama and lotting I just want to get rid of. It's a shame that will never happen though, considering how deep our roots into FFXI currently are.

Speaking of which, Niisse came back for his world tour before he leaves for good. He was really generous, giving everyone food, money (Aha, I'm talking like I'm a homeless bum...) but really, I'll put everything to good use, even these killer sunglasses!

Another awesome thing that happened was meeting two people from Unicorn at the convention; Syrenis and Tredrial. Syrenis is a Mithra PLD, and Tred is a little Taru WHM turning into a little MP-infested DRK!

Where to start? I made a Jkun on Unicorn. Same name, hair and size. Only problem is, he's completely new. No subs or anything, and everything kicks his ass. (Then again, that bit hasn't changed...)

I met Tred first, and we did the summerfest event so I could have something nice and free to wear rather than ugly Elvaan JSE, haha. We talk every now and then on Skype too, and she's friend with a good bunch of people. They said there's always a space for me on Uni if need be! x3

Then Syrenis surprised me yesterday by meeting up with me in Windy. I got to see the inside of her MH and had a little chat. Look, she even has the little Airship! It's sooo cute, the propellers move and everything!

It was nice to spend some time with Syrenis, and I hope we can do it again. I like her a lot, but there's still so much I want to find out about her life. D: Excitement!

Back to Fairy, and Nyzul has been going well. My disk is at 30, and will be 50 next week. Gogo PUP relic! The update is just around the corner too, if SE stick to their word. I'm glad AF+1 comes from Limbus in the end, as I really enjoy it with the morning group. Plus, after some minor incredible LS drama, Dynamis might be fun to attend once again. :)

That's that! So I leave you with hat quotes! I think I have 4 or 5 by now, hoho.

Let it be known. My hat is nice.