Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Over my Dead Frog's Body!


VICTORY!! I feel really bad at the fact I've pretty much lootwhored everything in Salvage, teehee. Poor Alldira hasn't even seen one drop from these damn frogs too. D; Still, it was fun (and really cheap) to craft the lumber myself, which is always good. :D

So yeah, Woodworking. Sucks right now. I hit 97 today. It's around 500k a level with the Cythara Angelica synths. But because there's 2-3 other people doing the exact same synth at this exact moment in time I had to farm most of my ingredients. (Though Alice helped a ton by buying me 4 stacks, whoa, ty!)

GET!! But really farming these fuckers is a pain in the ass. One more level of this shit to go then I'll prolly stop and get some cash. 98-100 is




So anyway! I've been having some fun on Unicorn as of late. Me and Tred got to level 11/12, I did a couple of Windy OPs, got a few Gate Crystals, did Missions up to Rank 2, and got my ass to the dunes as soon as I hit 13.

It's been really nostalgic, but the fun part is most of this low level stuff can be done solo, which is great fun to me, since partying with some people really does my head in.

That's all for now. September update is-a-coming!