Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Not Yours, Can't Have

This week's been BAD.

Like, I can't even fathom how many times I've logged out of frustration or boredom. Let's take it from the top:

ZNM! Remember that Hydra I spent 3 months getting? It lasted 5 minutes. The majority of the people who offered to help were late, one came the wrong job, four didn't even turn up. We rushed it with one tank and no BRD. It was the most pathetic attempt at any fight I've ever had the misfortune of witnessing. I'm incredibly disappointed at the LS, and the fact a lot of people won't even budge from their exp parties or dicking about on low level jobs if there's nothing in it for them, even though they send me tells DURING the event.

Kudos to the people who actually attempted it with me, but from now on I'm going to find help on these ZNM elsewhere. You know, somewhere where people actually give a shit about killing them, for the FUN of it.

Hey speaking of fun, next up is Ixion.

This bastard has fucked up every event since our first claim and I refuse to camp it after the way I was treated the first time, and many times since.

It's nice knowing you're in an LS where you're classified as "useless", yet somehow you can still watch other incredibly stupid, thick skulled players get in and take your place in an alliance. There's no screenshots of the fight, purely because I was doing my best to actually, you know, kill it. Plus there's no title screenshot either, because of course, I obviously didn't deserve to be in the alliance at the end, nor in the alliance any other night when I asked if I could come.

The next day, Einherjar was cancelled and Dynamis began at 4am instead of 1am. All thanks to Ixion.

The next day, as mentioned above, we were rushed for ZNM, with most people not turning up as they were already camping. All thanks to Ixion.

Day 4? One of our Nyzul static members was told if they didn't camp Ixion, they will never get that stupid DNC dagger they wanted. When it popped, it left us WHMless, since it was his disc we were climbing on, and following that, we failed that run and the next miserably. All thanks to Ixion.

So yeah, fuck you Ixion. I'm never going near your piece of shit face again.

Dynamis. Another annoying thing. For some reason we plan Dynamis 15 mins before it starts. There's a website that allows LSs to book zones, yet we don't. We always get left with shitty dreamworld areas because we don't want to interfere. Why not just book areas in advance? I don't understand how if others can do it, why can't we? It makes no sense, especially with 4 people doing Relics in the LS and absolutely fuck all currency coming in (since people can lot 100 pieces).

I just don't get it. I managed to snag a pair of these in bloody VALKURM. Can you believe it? I guess I'm getting all my regular PUP relic pieces in dreamworlds, then.

Limbus. Omega. Fucker didn't put out. Now it's shitting down legs instead of hands. Why does he tease me so?

Salvage. Fuck Salvage. Nothing drops ever.

Ok, I feel a bit better after venting this all out. So, last week I managed to get ahold of the Death Sickle from Nyzul and thanks to Reb, got Insurgency. It's currently being used more than Guillotine because of the fact sometimes it'll do double damage. It hits for a decent amount, even if base ftp is lower than Guillo, but the STR and INT mods are much friendlier on my gear setup than STR and MND...

It also makes light! With THF, SAM and MNK so far. I can make darkness with THF and MNK too so it's really neat being able to change what SC we need with just one weapon.

So yeah I love it, it's gorgeous.

k that's all! Let's hope this week isn't as emo as Rebme's bum full of worms.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Pummelling to Victory

Nyzul Isle Update!

We managed to get 4 straight wins in a row on Sunday night. This was possibly to counter the 2 epic failures on Thursday. Of course, we started at Floor 80, and ended with Floor 100.

Runic Key: GET! This is what it looks like, by the way:

Not that epic, but still!

Floor 100 granted instant access to two new WSs for two weapons that I recently obtained and broke latents on prior to obtaining the Key.

I haven't tried RNG's Trueflight yet, but PUP's Stringing Pummel is fantastic. It's a 6-fold, crit varies with TP attack, that is enhanced by STR and DEX. Not something stupid like MND or VIT. God, SE did something right for once.

Or did they? Unfortunatly, it doesn't SC that well with the Automaton (Gravitation instead of Light), but has the same properties as MNK's Asuran Fists (Liquefaction and Graviation). I think the reason it's not Acc based is due to PUP's low H2H skill, but with capped merits I'm not complaining!

Also it's pretty as hell. Rainbows~~!

Average WS damage is 600-800, but the above screenie was with Lucky Att/Acc COR rolls and Sushi, haha. I'd like to try it again on exp mobs, with /WAR, BRD buffs, COR rolls and STR food though, hoho!

We've also decided a time for our T4 ZNM pops. I'm organising it for next Saturday, so far we have 3 Hydras and 2 Khims. We recently helped Bari get his last 2 items for Khim yesterday, it was a great laugh!

I also met May's new character on Unicorn. She's such a cute mithra model, and we both got MNK15 and some Tele Crystals. :D Yay! It's so much fun nubbing it up again I swear.

Now for some quotes, then it's off for a pre-Einherjar nap! I've also started the mythic weapon quest for Kenkonken once I broke Stringing's latent, I just need 4 more titles to get onto part 2. Gogogogo!

Over and out~!

Friday, 19 September 2008

4 Graet Justiss!

WHAT A WEEK!! Holy shit holy shit..

...but not really. Calm down, jeez. It's been a pretty slow week, give or take a few new shineys for the collection.

WotG Missi- er, Quests. Me and Reb did the ONE new quest they added. Ugh. We still need people for the BCNM but it'll be a piece of cake so who cares.

I love these little Elvaan kids, lol. Moving on..

We've been spamming Xarcabard. Well I say spam I mean we've done it twice. Each run dropped RDM hats, THF hands, and these:

Me and Sub, the only PUPs that attend Dynamis, got ours on the first run. Terrible stats, but it'll look cute with the whole set. Which I'll get if we ever stop doing Xarc. Hopefully.

ED also tried to take on the big cheese before he got patched (again). We got him to 59%, and only failed due to stupid Impact Stream spamming. I did the highest damage at 15% overall, other Ridill/M.Kris DRKs did 6-7%. Kraken ftw it seems.

Campaign! Holy shit we got a ton of zones back, and you can now no longer get gridlocked in cities. I had adventures EVERYWHERE, got a ton of merits, and finally this:

I also spotted my first warmachine. They should make a children's book called that, for ages 3+. The first page should say "Don't stand directly in front of it to take Screenshot or you'll die, moron." in big, red lettering.


There's been a whole bunch of stuff going in in Nyzul and Limbus too. I netted one out of the two Limbus items for my PUP feets (It's the only piece I want to upgrade badly, the rest can be easily replaced by Usukane/Relic).

In Nyzul, Mythic Weapons are dropping out the ass, we've been completing floors with 10 seconds left, Aeyze's been pulling a Medi and porting us up, Aeyze getting banned from porting, Aeyze getting killed by Flans AND Gears, Aeyze being a f- okay, enough.

I've broke latents on the claws already, I just need to get to floor 100 for them to be of any use. Ugh. I think I'm at 140 points into the bow too, thanks to a fun exp party me and Aeyze made, haw haw haw. Shit BRD is shiiiiit.

So! I'll keep this week's entry short and sweet and end with some good timessss, expect another big update once Nyzul is done and dusted! (I hope..)

Don't merit Dark Magic they said...

DG talking about the numerous Xarc wipes last night. Haw haw.

I love Medi's secret, cheeky tells that only I get to see, teehee.

Over and out!

Thursday, 11 September 2008


Fuck you, Dyna-Buburimu.

Not got the NQ (WINDURST, UGH), and Abyss Cape still doesn't exist, lol. OH WELL~!

Also this:

I'm chuffed that I'm all set on enough exp/AN to rank up to Rank 4 Wings, before horribly plummetting back to 1 before the next update, ho ho.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

September '08 Update & PUP Equipment Review

Okay, there's not much new to mention here except for the new PUP AF+1/Relic and Nyzul update. I'm not so fussed about the rest!

Anyway, my opinions on the new armor:


Pup. Tobe +1
DEF:37 HP+17
Accuracy+5 Attack+5
Automaton: Max HP and Max MP Bonus
Lv74 PUP

Crap unless you're using it for Magic Mortar build, of course.

Pantin Tobe
DEF:45 HP+15 Accuracy+10
"Subtle Blow"+5
Automaton: Accuracy+10
Lv74 PUP

Good contender to Palwuhan, Antares and Enkidu's. The Acc+ for the Automaton affects all frames as a bonus too.


Pup. Babouches +1
DEF:12 HP+19 STR+5
Accuracy+5 Evasion+5
Enhances "Repair" effect
Lv74 PUP

Great WS and TP piece for people with no Usukane.

Pantin Babouches
DEF:17 HP+14 INT+2
MND+2 Attack+5
Automaton: "Magic Atk. Bonus"+5
Lv72 PUP

Crap unless you're using BLM head as a replacement BLM, then it's good!


Puppetry Taj +1
DEF:16 HP+15 DEX+5 VIT+5 MND+5
HP recovered while healing +3
MP recovered while healing +3
Lv74 PUP


Pantin Taj
DEF:19 HP+12 STR+3 AGI+3
Adds "Regen" effect
Automaton: Adds "Regen" effect
Lv75 PUP

Good for idling/resting and WS, (Usukane Head still beats it, but it looks nicer than Voyager Sallet, which is the only other "decent" STR head piece for PUPs.)


Pup. Dastanas +1
DEF:13 HP+18 STR+5 AGI+5
Enhances "Maneuver" effects
Reduces "Overload" rate
Lv74 PUP

"Meh" WS piece compared to Enkidu's. Posibly good for surpressing Overload if it's an icnrease on the NQ. I'll test it fo' sho'

Pantin Dastanas
DEF:18 HP+16 DEX+2 CHR+2 Haste+3%
Automaton: Haste+3%
Lv73 PUP

Great for TPing if you can cap Acc in other places, hopefully the Haste works on the automaton's spell recasts too. Fuck me for getting Usukane right before these though, lol.


Pup. Churidars +1
Lv. 74
DEF:26 HP+16 DEX+5 CHR+5
Automaton: Enhances "Cure" potency
Spell interruption rate down

Crap. Unless you're main healing, but if that's the case what's your number so I can verbally deck your party's face in.

Pantin Churidars
Lv. 71
DEF:32 HP+13 STR+2 VIT+2
Automaton: Magic Accuracy+5

Overshadowd by Usukane once again in terms of TP/WS, but a nice TP piece for the +Acc, or an addition to BLM head's nuking mode alongside it's feet counterpart.


Pantin Cape
DEF:6 DEX+5 Attack+15
Automaton: Attack+15

Hoooly shit. I came.

As for the Nyzul relic, I'm still on floor 50, but we'll be getting 100 for everyone soon enough. I'm seriously considering taking up the PUP Mythic Weapon, too:

DMG:+17 Delay:+49
Enhances "Martial Arts" effect
Suppresses "Overload"
"Stringing Pummel"
Aftermath (Incl. Automaton):
Inc. Acc./Atk., Occ. attacks twice

I can't begin to explain why I'd want this. I really don't need to either. One of the longest journeys of my FFXI life is about to begin, I can feel it...

So yeah, a good update! I'm happy eventually I'll get a bunch of this stuff in due time!

Friday, 5 September 2008

End of the Road

Not much else to say, really! At 98 I took the painfully expensive Iron Splitter Route to 100. This included stopping to grab some Guild Points for Wood Enscrollment, and camping the AH for Earth and Dark Animas. It took around 30~ Adaman Ingots at 55k each to get to 100 from 98. That's pretty much all my gil gone safe for 98k until some other stuff sells on the AH.

I can't help but feel a little sad though. Don't get me wrong, it feels fantastic purely at the fact I don't need to waste time on total loss synths any more and craft for money for once, but it's also one less thing I have left to do in the game. :(

There's always Clothcraft and Goldsmithing to 60 though, haha. YEAH RIGHT, no more crafting for a LONG TIME methinks.

In any case, mission accomplished! Woodworking 100+3, over and out~!