Friday, 19 September 2008

4 Graet Justiss!

WHAT A WEEK!! Holy shit holy shit..

...but not really. Calm down, jeez. It's been a pretty slow week, give or take a few new shineys for the collection.

WotG Missi- er, Quests. Me and Reb did the ONE new quest they added. Ugh. We still need people for the BCNM but it'll be a piece of cake so who cares.

I love these little Elvaan kids, lol. Moving on..

We've been spamming Xarcabard. Well I say spam I mean we've done it twice. Each run dropped RDM hats, THF hands, and these:

Me and Sub, the only PUPs that attend Dynamis, got ours on the first run. Terrible stats, but it'll look cute with the whole set. Which I'll get if we ever stop doing Xarc. Hopefully.

ED also tried to take on the big cheese before he got patched (again). We got him to 59%, and only failed due to stupid Impact Stream spamming. I did the highest damage at 15% overall, other Ridill/M.Kris DRKs did 6-7%. Kraken ftw it seems.

Campaign! Holy shit we got a ton of zones back, and you can now no longer get gridlocked in cities. I had adventures EVERYWHERE, got a ton of merits, and finally this:

I also spotted my first warmachine. They should make a children's book called that, for ages 3+. The first page should say "Don't stand directly in front of it to take Screenshot or you'll die, moron." in big, red lettering.


There's been a whole bunch of stuff going in in Nyzul and Limbus too. I netted one out of the two Limbus items for my PUP feets (It's the only piece I want to upgrade badly, the rest can be easily replaced by Usukane/Relic).

In Nyzul, Mythic Weapons are dropping out the ass, we've been completing floors with 10 seconds left, Aeyze's been pulling a Medi and porting us up, Aeyze getting banned from porting, Aeyze getting killed by Flans AND Gears, Aeyze being a f- okay, enough.

I've broke latents on the claws already, I just need to get to floor 100 for them to be of any use. Ugh. I think I'm at 140 points into the bow too, thanks to a fun exp party me and Aeyze made, haw haw haw. Shit BRD is shiiiiit.

So! I'll keep this week's entry short and sweet and end with some good timessss, expect another big update once Nyzul is done and dusted! (I hope..)

Don't merit Dark Magic they said...

DG talking about the numerous Xarc wipes last night. Haw haw.

I love Medi's secret, cheeky tells that only I get to see, teehee.

Over and out!