Friday, 5 September 2008

End of the Road

Not much else to say, really! At 98 I took the painfully expensive Iron Splitter Route to 100. This included stopping to grab some Guild Points for Wood Enscrollment, and camping the AH for Earth and Dark Animas. It took around 30~ Adaman Ingots at 55k each to get to 100 from 98. That's pretty much all my gil gone safe for 98k until some other stuff sells on the AH.

I can't help but feel a little sad though. Don't get me wrong, it feels fantastic purely at the fact I don't need to waste time on total loss synths any more and craft for money for once, but it's also one less thing I have left to do in the game. :(

There's always Clothcraft and Goldsmithing to 60 though, haha. YEAH RIGHT, no more crafting for a LONG TIME methinks.

In any case, mission accomplished! Woodworking 100+3, over and out~!