Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Not Yours, Can't Have

This week's been BAD.

Like, I can't even fathom how many times I've logged out of frustration or boredom. Let's take it from the top:

ZNM! Remember that Hydra I spent 3 months getting? It lasted 5 minutes. The majority of the people who offered to help were late, one came the wrong job, four didn't even turn up. We rushed it with one tank and no BRD. It was the most pathetic attempt at any fight I've ever had the misfortune of witnessing. I'm incredibly disappointed at the LS, and the fact a lot of people won't even budge from their exp parties or dicking about on low level jobs if there's nothing in it for them, even though they send me tells DURING the event.

Kudos to the people who actually attempted it with me, but from now on I'm going to find help on these ZNM elsewhere. You know, somewhere where people actually give a shit about killing them, for the FUN of it.

Hey speaking of fun, next up is Ixion.

This bastard has fucked up every event since our first claim and I refuse to camp it after the way I was treated the first time, and many times since.

It's nice knowing you're in an LS where you're classified as "useless", yet somehow you can still watch other incredibly stupid, thick skulled players get in and take your place in an alliance. There's no screenshots of the fight, purely because I was doing my best to actually, you know, kill it. Plus there's no title screenshot either, because of course, I obviously didn't deserve to be in the alliance at the end, nor in the alliance any other night when I asked if I could come.

The next day, Einherjar was cancelled and Dynamis began at 4am instead of 1am. All thanks to Ixion.

The next day, as mentioned above, we were rushed for ZNM, with most people not turning up as they were already camping. All thanks to Ixion.

Day 4? One of our Nyzul static members was told if they didn't camp Ixion, they will never get that stupid DNC dagger they wanted. When it popped, it left us WHMless, since it was his disc we were climbing on, and following that, we failed that run and the next miserably. All thanks to Ixion.

So yeah, fuck you Ixion. I'm never going near your piece of shit face again.

Dynamis. Another annoying thing. For some reason we plan Dynamis 15 mins before it starts. There's a website that allows LSs to book zones, yet we don't. We always get left with shitty dreamworld areas because we don't want to interfere. Why not just book areas in advance? I don't understand how if others can do it, why can't we? It makes no sense, especially with 4 people doing Relics in the LS and absolutely fuck all currency coming in (since people can lot 100 pieces).

I just don't get it. I managed to snag a pair of these in bloody VALKURM. Can you believe it? I guess I'm getting all my regular PUP relic pieces in dreamworlds, then.

Limbus. Omega. Fucker didn't put out. Now it's shitting down legs instead of hands. Why does he tease me so?

Salvage. Fuck Salvage. Nothing drops ever.

Ok, I feel a bit better after venting this all out. So, last week I managed to get ahold of the Death Sickle from Nyzul and thanks to Reb, got Insurgency. It's currently being used more than Guillotine because of the fact sometimes it'll do double damage. It hits for a decent amount, even if base ftp is lower than Guillo, but the STR and INT mods are much friendlier on my gear setup than STR and MND...

It also makes light! With THF, SAM and MNK so far. I can make darkness with THF and MNK too so it's really neat being able to change what SC we need with just one weapon.

So yeah I love it, it's gorgeous.

k that's all! Let's hope this week isn't as emo as Rebme's bum full of worms.