Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Pummelling to Victory

Nyzul Isle Update!

We managed to get 4 straight wins in a row on Sunday night. This was possibly to counter the 2 epic failures on Thursday. Of course, we started at Floor 80, and ended with Floor 100.

Runic Key: GET! This is what it looks like, by the way:

Not that epic, but still!

Floor 100 granted instant access to two new WSs for two weapons that I recently obtained and broke latents on prior to obtaining the Key.

I haven't tried RNG's Trueflight yet, but PUP's Stringing Pummel is fantastic. It's a 6-fold, crit varies with TP attack, that is enhanced by STR and DEX. Not something stupid like MND or VIT. God, SE did something right for once.

Or did they? Unfortunatly, it doesn't SC that well with the Automaton (Gravitation instead of Light), but has the same properties as MNK's Asuran Fists (Liquefaction and Graviation). I think the reason it's not Acc based is due to PUP's low H2H skill, but with capped merits I'm not complaining!

Also it's pretty as hell. Rainbows~~!

Average WS damage is 600-800, but the above screenie was with Lucky Att/Acc COR rolls and Sushi, haha. I'd like to try it again on exp mobs, with /WAR, BRD buffs, COR rolls and STR food though, hoho!

We've also decided a time for our T4 ZNM pops. I'm organising it for next Saturday, so far we have 3 Hydras and 2 Khims. We recently helped Bari get his last 2 items for Khim yesterday, it was a great laugh!

I also met May's new character on Unicorn. She's such a cute mithra model, and we both got MNK15 and some Tele Crystals. :D Yay! It's so much fun nubbing it up again I swear.

Now for some quotes, then it's off for a pre-Einherjar nap! I've also started the mythic weapon quest for Kenkonken once I broke Stringing's latent, I just need 4 more titles to get onto part 2. Gogogogo!

Over and out~!