Sunday, 19 October 2008



Halloween is almost upon us! Unfortunatly I'll be away from the game and internets for a bit because of some RL troubles, which will hopefully mend themselves soonish, so for now have a spooky entry and a very happy Halloween!

I didn't do the event last year since I took a break then (ironic, ne~?), so I managed to dust off my Coven Hat from 2006 and buy them lanterns! They're pretty awesome except the Sandy one which is just boring as hell with it's :0 face and all that shit.

Me and Reb then did the new 2008 event which was a ton of fun. Seriously, it's amazing when SE does something right with no glitches or boring procedures to get gear or have fun. The boss dropped tons of scarfs for us which is great because I just used my last Windy one up and go there often for WW supplies! :D

Reb then proceeded to invade my Mog House in the form of a ghost...who sneakily resides in my bookcase and comes out to haunt me every night. :(

Later on, we did Einherjar and Dynamis Bubu. Not much dropped aside from 4 or 5 of these fuckers, which I managed to nab one freelot, lol. I seem to be getting lots of things freelot recently, but I wish Lyc's TH proc'd on those DRK or PUP capes as it did with RNG!

That's all for now! Have a great Halloween and rest of October, stay safe, and remember to scare the living shits out of Aeyze, teehee.

Take care~!

Monday, 13 October 2008


Wow, haha. I was looking through this week's SSs, and there was none. Nothing happened this week.

So have some Insurgency pictures, I think someone was looking for them a few updates back!

Oh and lastly, does anyone want some ABCs? :/ lol

Hopefully this week is more adventurous! Over and out!

Sunday, 5 October 2008



Because Japanese players constantly cock blocked us from entering the zones we needed this last month, we farmed 2 Omegas back to back. Last week's didn't put out, but this week's did! I managed to get the hands freelot, thus completing the full Homam set. :D

Big thanks to CDC for my body, head and feets, and ED for the legs and hands. Thank you's all around!

One last time, for the record: I JUST WANT ME HOOOOOMAM~~!