Thursday, 27 November 2008

Trueflight Tears You Up

This entry isn't really about Trueflight. Aside from how shit it is and the fact I have no MAB set for it (yet), I just wanted a spiffy title to this post. Aren't you disappointed? No? k.

I'll try to keep this short. I'm crazy busy this week and haven't been on FFXI much (unless you count from 11pm-3am most nights. :/), but aside from that I have a couple of new goodies and a few random things to toss at you.

Limbusssss, I missed today's because my dog got in a fight with another dog on our daily walk, which sucked but I had to look after him (he gets scared by a lot of things, fkn wuss), but the week before was fun and I managed to get me these gloves:

1 more STR than Enkidu, but lacks DEX and Acc. Still, I mainly got them for the slight possibility that they further reduce overload.

Spoiler: They don't.

Oh well! That means every Auto effect on other +1 pieces are the same as their NQ counterpart, so I'm done with PUP's limbus items. Yay. (I SAY that but I'll probably get the whole bloody set...)

Dynamis! I was on RNG at the time too, and since these instantly replaced Skadi's 3 STR, the difference was pretty outstanding. (For lolDynamis mobs anyway). I managed to get 50-100 points more damage on my Slugs, what a great piece!

Oh, and I still laugh at people who think THF kill = drops. This is like the 8th time this has happened since I came to Fairy.

I also joined a ZNM LS :D Finally. They're very full (18+ people so some have to sit out on fights), but since they use RNG and DRK for a lot of stuff I was allowed to fight! The lotting system is great, fair and actually works.

You get points per each monster killed on farming days. 1 for T1, 2 for T2, etc. I made 9 points on my first day. When you want gear, it's auctioned off when it drops. With people throwing more and more points until they want to stop in order to lot. When a piece is maxed out and nobody needs it, the LS sells it to outsiders and splits the money between whoever helped kill.

So I'm very happy. I love these fights with 18 people instead of lowmanning. It means lots of mobs cleared in just 3 hours a week (Seriously, T3 Troll took 7-10 mins, it's amazing!), and hopefully in time I can get revenge on Tinnin and his red and white bondage suit he tempts me with...

I also finally made my 3rd Hobbybo! This one's for me, since I needed the Earth element in my MH, lol.

Now for some randoms:

Reb being Reb...

lolSalvage mobs! (I was half naked, without Souleater!)


Okay I'm done.

Monday, 17 November 2008

New Tact

It's been a very eventful and progressive week to say the least, so let's start with some new shineys!

Limbus! We broke out of the norm for one day to do a Temenos and as luck would have it, PUP and COR popped in the same chest for me and Rebbers. Which lead to:

Wait a minute. I thought Saagheera was meant to upgrade these?! Unfortunately after talking to a GM there is indeed a typo on a (lot of) new jobs' AF+1 sets, PUP feet were one of them. Oh well!

After seeing another LS starting to warp while picking these up I asked if they had any PUPs that wanted the item. I've never really asked for something like this before, considering I've kept to myself and my own LS for anything I needed, but they said they'd rather give it to someone who can use it than watch it drop to a random person, so I really am in their debt considering it dropped just as I zoned into Temenos!

So much thanks to Missingno, Kuroi and their Limbus group!

I tagged along to a crazy SMN burn lead by Gol and a few other people to kick some Dobsons around for Aeyze's robocop hat so she can do crazy WSs on NIN, and we managed to get two! She told me to ask Gol if I could come, since she really didn't want to see any others rot. How thoughtful. ;3 Thanks all!

I also camped this bastard for 5 hours straight one night. Whyyyyy? For this, of course!

PUP's /SCH build is almost complete, however more on that in a later update. There's so much to talk about I don't know where to begin!

The LS gathered again on Saturday to take down another ToAU king, this time it was the worst one of all... DurrHurrLur is a douche. We started off with around 16-17 people, went down to 13, then at 9%, 4 hours later, the rest of the LS *finally* arrived a LITTLE TOO LATE and finished him off with us. It was a very intensive fight, purely because I had to fight the boss, his adds, and my sleeping pattern in order to bring him down.

But bring him down we did! 2/3 Titles, one to go!

Once I get some more tests and screenies of gear when isn't being lame I'll make another update note on PUP/SCH gear and tactics. I've also included various job's gear sets on the left hand side which are updated regularly!

Take care~

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Books go pew pew!

Yay for little adventures!

When I went to visit Aeyze and Usagikun in Reading a few weeks ago, we burned my SCH from 15 to 33. Earlier this week I finished those last 4 INCREDIBLY challenging levels. I say challenging, mainly because it was a hard to stay awake let alone main heal a party. I level synched through Garlaige, Yhoater, did a few Campaign OPs with Rebme, then finally dinged 37 in ...Valkurm.

At least it's over! That's the hard part. Part 2 of my diabolical "LET'S SEE IF PUP CAN BE A MAGE" plan involves grabbing some spare Goliard from Nyzul and then some Enfeeb+ and MP+ items from the AH when I scramble some gil together. IT WILL BE POSSIBLE!

Next up, some incredible fun with ED and finally some progress on my Kenkonken. We decided to take down Gulool Ja Ja, and after grabbing some keys we engaged the fucker at around 1am!

...Then died at about 1.10am. Okay so, first try wasn't that good. So we tried again!

2 hours or so later, with a little brick shitting at 3% when Mijin killed both tanks, we managed to take him down by sacrificing BLM, Eagle Eye Shot, and Reigns' Make Yo' Sushi!

TITLE GET! 2 to go! :D Big thanks to everyone who helped, and excellent holding from Krys, Jinx, Aggy and Shin, plus some amazing skill from Aeyze and Zid's tanking (and Aeyze shitting her pants, as usual, hohoho!)

Before the truckload of fun that was invading Mamook even started, we needed to take down a freshly popped puppy, which I managed to get another pew pew screenshot from. I swear my SS-button skills are just as good as my stuns! ;3

Lastly, putting my Woodworking to good use. I HQ'd 2/6 staffs on a random day during a random moon for Shin's mule. I didn't SS the Aquilo's, but here's the Terra's. So that makes 4 staves I've HQ'd since hitting 100! :D

I also made Aeyze and Rebme's early Christmas presents! There was dye up on the AH (THERE'S NEVER DYE UP ON THE AH), and after Aeyze helped farm some Lumber I tried making them. Wiki said WW was the only craft needed.

Wiki lied.

Even though I got them both made with no problems, and managed to get 2 0.1's for Goldsmithing, I went to Bastok and got it to level 10 for next time, just incase!

NYZUL! We finished Aeyze's, Medi's, Reb's and Ber's Discs! So now that we have all 6 at 100 we can farm until our hearts content. I'm ay 75k/150k tokens for the Nyzul side of Kenkonken, I want to keep doing it to get that darn book ASAP. D: Not sure how much morale will stay for people if we got everything we wanted yet still have to farm, I mean that's pretty much HALF WAY there, D:! So challenging...

Speaking of PUP, I netted these at last. I'm using them a lot more than Usukane. Acc is easy to cap off in other places (I sit around 35-37 acc atm) so the extra Haste is great for Utsusemi and solo play without the spell or BRD songs. Yaya, he's talking about PUP again, nobody cares so let's just skip to the next image. The only other -1 Relic piece that would be nice is legs and body, but fuck Tav with a giant hot rod tyvm!

Anyway! This entry wouldn't be complete without the weekly Reb quote.

See you next time! ;D

Sunday, 2 November 2008


I'm back! IRL has been shafting me left and right for a good while now, leaving me only free to play at nights for Dynamis and Nyzul.

I'm currently doing 6 freelance artist project job...things, which isn't an easy task as they all have seperate deadlines. But I know what you're thinking. Less whining, more pics, right? RIGHT?

So this entry is mainly about Dynamis. Dynamis-Jkun to be exact! I'll let the pictures do the talking, though!

I now have a final magic build for E100. Pantin Legs/Feet combo, replacing Usukane and Cobra for now, since they still give STR, Att and Acc it isn't much of a loss, MAB/MAcc is too good to pass up anyway.

I'm also replacing Usukane gotes with Pantin for a while (Haste for both me and E100 seems more useful than a master's Acc+10), so we'll see how they work out. I also have the +1's being upgraded as we speak. Well, as I speak, and you read...and...well...shut up.

I now leave you with random Nyzul fun!

Grats to Berserker (Mainly cuz nobody else wanted them >_>)

lol, nou Reb, nou.