Monday, 17 November 2008

New Tact

It's been a very eventful and progressive week to say the least, so let's start with some new shineys!

Limbus! We broke out of the norm for one day to do a Temenos and as luck would have it, PUP and COR popped in the same chest for me and Rebbers. Which lead to:

Wait a minute. I thought Saagheera was meant to upgrade these?! Unfortunately after talking to a GM there is indeed a typo on a (lot of) new jobs' AF+1 sets, PUP feet were one of them. Oh well!

After seeing another LS starting to warp while picking these up I asked if they had any PUPs that wanted the item. I've never really asked for something like this before, considering I've kept to myself and my own LS for anything I needed, but they said they'd rather give it to someone who can use it than watch it drop to a random person, so I really am in their debt considering it dropped just as I zoned into Temenos!

So much thanks to Missingno, Kuroi and their Limbus group!

I tagged along to a crazy SMN burn lead by Gol and a few other people to kick some Dobsons around for Aeyze's robocop hat so she can do crazy WSs on NIN, and we managed to get two! She told me to ask Gol if I could come, since she really didn't want to see any others rot. How thoughtful. ;3 Thanks all!

I also camped this bastard for 5 hours straight one night. Whyyyyy? For this, of course!

PUP's /SCH build is almost complete, however more on that in a later update. There's so much to talk about I don't know where to begin!

The LS gathered again on Saturday to take down another ToAU king, this time it was the worst one of all... DurrHurrLur is a douche. We started off with around 16-17 people, went down to 13, then at 9%, 4 hours later, the rest of the LS *finally* arrived a LITTLE TOO LATE and finished him off with us. It was a very intensive fight, purely because I had to fight the boss, his adds, and my sleeping pattern in order to bring him down.

But bring him down we did! 2/3 Titles, one to go!

Once I get some more tests and screenies of gear when isn't being lame I'll make another update note on PUP/SCH gear and tactics. I've also included various job's gear sets on the left hand side which are updated regularly!

Take care~