Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A Reason for Fisticuffs

I didn't make a post last week because nothing happened and I was really busy irl. Now it's died down a little, I've went back to the Aery (It's so much more fun during the day with the good old Brits playing), and in addition to LS Events, I've also camped a whole host of NMs in my spare time!

Including an unclaimed Fafnir! Okay, but seriously. Aery aside, let me get one thing straight. I hate camping NMs. If I could, I would never do it. But because some items REQUIRE certain NM hunts as prereqs. to continue other quests, I have no choice.

Alas, with thanks to Aeyze, Rebme, and myself, we managed to thwart down the following foes over the span of three days, and almost finish one of the most annoying questlines I've ever started:

The brown belt.

First up, I had to eradicate two rams that loved to wander the entirety of two whole zones.

Aeyze/RNG and my RNG/WHM kept both zones covered, luckily nabbing a claimed Rampaging Ram at 1% from a fellow BST who kindly gave me the horn. Then as Aeyze went to sleep, the Ram's Lumbering counterpart appeared where she parked her character. Honestly, they both look so much alike I had a double-take, hohoho.

Stage one complete! (Now, onto the worst part...)

When I was camping treasure caskets in Sauro for those Herder's panties that were released in the patch, I came across Dodo. He dropped the skin on the first kill, even if it took me 2-3 hours of killing placeholders for chests and eventually running into him by accident.

Okay that's a total lie I was camping him for 3 hours but shhh don't tell anyone.

Next up, I decided to camp Morborl as I heard he was a simple, easy timed camp with no placeholders.

I wish people would stop lying to me.

Anyhoo, I parked my character in Ordelle's at 4pm, full of high hopes, sunshine and marshmallow dreams of a quick 1 hour pop. 2am came along, and I had to go to Dynamis. Still no pop. Dynamis only lasted an hour as we hilariously messed up the boss in Qufim and I had to solo tank the fucker for a few minuites. So, after a delicious Raise 1, I headed back to Ordelles where I loaded Timestamp and went to bed from 4am until mid afternoon, I don't remember. Some time after Faf had died.

Anyway, still no pop. In my log, at 4.30, a guy came and started to kill the Stroper in the room many times, and he was still there, but /away when I woke up, which lead me to believe Morborl still hadn't popped while I was asleep. (Else I would have seen someone kill it in my log, ah ha~!).

No problem. That leaves between 2pm-4pm for him to pop. I heard he was a 21-24 hour NM, so I thought if I went there at 4pm the day before, the earliest he can pop is 2pm. I stayed staring at the screen from then until 3pm, when he finally decided to show up.

So, a straight 23 hour camp with a sleepy break in between. What a nightmare, tbh.

And so, I decided to end this dream swiftly by camping the dreaded Nue once and for all.

"0/5", "0/93", "1/1 tee hee!", "5 hour repawns", "Didn't pop for 16 hours" were all phrases I read on forums and heard about from friends. This was not going to be pret--

Oh. Hi there Nue. It seems you're up unclaimed.


Oh, hello again Nue. It seems you're up again unclaimed, 1 hour after I killed you.


Rebme and Aeyze popped out to come help me, but this time Nue didn't show his ugly face for 3 hours.


...Including his Fang!

1/3. That's my story.

I was sad to hand all these items in, especially after the painful adventures it took to go get them. I also had some fun doing Tenshodo fame and Ninja scroll quests, to give me a little more cash and to also get my reputation up to level 6 for the black belt, buuuuuut let's not get too ahead of ourselves, shall we?

Mission Complete, Fox.

Could this be the start of a new job for Jkun?

Could he actually be levelling something of use in high-end merits and endgame itself?

Could he finally have a chance to level up Guard skill for PUP?

lol, Don't be silly. But we'll see!