Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Once More, From The Top!

It's been an interesting and slightly surreal week to say the least. I got the job I was interviewed for which opens up a lot of new career paths and opportunities. Unfortunatly, it also means I'll be moving house within the next two weeks and will probably be internetless for a while.

So enjoy this last little update until I'm on my feet again!

Let's start with Windurst. A place I've been very interested in since getting Sandy Rank 10 purely because I've always wondered what it felt like to be part of another nation. Well, now I know!

I solo'd Ranks 1-5 to catch up with Reb who was stuck on 5-1. We used our newly levelled SCH and MNK to take down the 2-3 Boss, then Fiye and Macho helped us with the notorious 5-1. We then duo'd all the missions up to 9-2, which Medi and Aeyze helped out on. Thanks a lot guys.

The story was great. Not as good as Sandy, but epic nontheless. Little hints of CoP that I would of missed had I started in Windy, and also some amazing new zones and enemies I'd never touched or seen before such as Cardians and Toraimorai Canal. I had a great fun few days doing these missions, and it paid off. My wallet even made a little 300k profit!

But that's not all I've been up to. I've also caught up on WoTG missions with Reb and Medi, which have outstanding dialouge and character animation as usual. Some pointless running around but hey, this is FFXI. Everything's a grind!

Then I dicked about with some new NMs for the hell of it. I got a shiney new pair of H2H for my MNK, but some of the other drops were pretty abysmal.

Like this boopin' ass Tia, which lasted up to 3 hours long because some idiot flailed it at 1%, resulting in us having to mass-HP and gather again for a second round...All for a few fire crystals and some materials I won't see again. Ho hum.

So, let's get on with this week's stupidness, shall we?

Do want. :(


Perfect timing.


Srsly, idk wut u did but it rly pissed her off leik.

Gearmod plugin ftw. I LOOK AWESOME.

That's all for today, stay safe and don't forget about me! ;D