Saturday, 10 January 2009

With Good, Comes Bad

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone got drunk and stayed up until 8am like I did, what a bad influence I am! :( Let's get on with the update.

I think this year will be a lucky year. After camping Gigas for 2 hours on December 31st with Aeyze, we had no luck with Hobbybo lumber drops. I went out to a party and came back at 2am on New Years, and killed one Gigas:

Well, the picture says it all. Yay luck.

RNG MERITS ...are finally complete, leaving me to start on casually meritting magic skills, and *shock* maybe start levelling a new job.

...Which might be MNK! In my time off during the Christmas break I did a bunch of quests, grabbed a bunch of items such as O.Kote (ilu Ains!), Fumas, and Ju'Gi.

I also camped my RSE Sachet and luckily went 1/3 in an empty zone! I loved camping this NM, but hated camping Mee/Quu, and ending up borrowing Kote and buying mah Fumas. Seriously, they're still overcamped to hell and I honestly still don't fully understand how the hell they work, constantly ending up missing a pop by snuffing around in widescan's dreadful interface.

I mean who makes an NM able to pop DURING the 12 min repop of it's PH? It's like as soon as the 1 hour respawn time is up you have to CONSTANTLY CHECK WIDESCAN AND NEVER LEAVE THE PC. I was at it for 8 or 9 straight hours, and they never popped after the 1 hour mark, and always popped 1-2 min after the PH died. Seriously, bunch of stupid NMs gave me nothing but a sore neck. 0/5 and 0/6. Maybe they'll drop one day, but not anytime soon.

Speaking of NMs, me and Aeyze bumped into this fellow on our level 12 mini-adventure. Aeyze...kinda died when she thought she could solo it on DRG, so came back on her megaNIN and killed it nps!

Mmmm Nyzul has been shit recently. We got the band back together but we've been so unlucky with drops and timeouts. Bleh.

Lastly, during my RNG merit spammage, I finally got my finger out and bought Perdu on impulse just to see what all the fuss is about. So here, have a very biast and vauge review:


WOW IT SUCKS. TP gain is slower due to less TP a hit (even on /SAM!), it makes me crit less (obviously hurr durr), and worst of all it makes me look like a god damn Gundam action figure when combined with Homam/Adaberk/Ace's. If those aren't all incredibly good reasons to avoid it, then you must be high.

Other Subjobs:

I even tried it out on /NIN and was shocked at how low my damage was in Nyzul. NYZUL. After 100% you may aswell get an AH Walmart WAR to replace the fact it does shitty damage, especially when you're holding TP for HNMs and skillchains. The Acc/Att bonuses are not noticable at all. Infact I think I missed MORE with Perdu than I did with Tred because of the non-forced crits.


Say what you want, for a high-end DRK with Scythe/Crit merits and Abyssal, Tred blows this pile of crap out of the water on everything. Because Insurgency opened up even more Skillchain options with other jobs, I find myself holding TP a lot more in order to get bonus MB/SC damage, and Perdu really punishes you for going over the 100% TP mark. So, don't waste your IS. I could, because I have 100k of the fuckers, but I still regret it.

So let's end on a happy note with a bunch of stupid quotes as per usual!




omg I love this new Salvage group.

...But I HATE REB.

Over and out~! I hope everyone had a great new year and I can't wait to see how lucky I'll get in the following months. Unless I quit before then, teehee.