Sunday, 15 February 2009

A Little Trip #2

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a smoochy time. Reb has had a lovely past two days, with Nid finally dropping her N.Legs, and Omega finally giving away his heart. (Much better presents than I could afford!). Reb also bought me a FALZUM BURNER for my MH, and we did the new Valentione's Day event, netting us some incredibly cute signed wands.

Aside from that we've done nothing but levelling MNK and SCH all the way from 40 to 65! I'll be honest, we've been in maybe 2 or 3 parties overall. Most of the exp has been duo or trio. Like above. Level Synch can be awesome when it's not eating up all the desired whore jobs.

It's the best way to do it though! We also duo'd all of our AF, from Reb's easy as hell crazed-SCH BCNM, to coffer key farming and hunting for me. It's been so much fun!

However this is just the half-way point (Or is it 66? I forget), and it gets even more unfortunate!

Incoming wall-o'-text!

As mentioned in my last entry, I start my new job after moving house next week. I won't have the internet for a while, and I seriously doubt I will be able to play FFXI under these harsh working hours. I've already notified the LS, whether they understand and respect it is up to them, but I can't see myself being as loyal and "always on call" as I was back when I was a hobo.

Late night events and weekend events I will probably have to miss. I want this new start to put me in a better position both mentally and physically, as I try to burn off some FFXI-flab and get into shape.


In saying that, I dunno when I will be back!

I can be sure of one thing though; My views on FFXI as a game more than a job will become much stronger, since with limited free time I'll want to have as much fun as I can, and I'm not letting anyone tell me how to to spend it.

So, here's a few last quotes from me, Reb and Ze's little adventures:

Yes. Yes it did.Uh...It's not mine I swear.

Not the first time she's done that, either.


Worst. Skillup. Ever. 200ish more to go? D:D'awwwwlol, idk it was funny at the time.DON'T WORRY, YOU GOT YOUR REVENGE.

In closing, a big thank you to everyone on both Fairy and back on Fenrir who helped me make it this far (if you're still playing!). Reb, I don't have to thank you for everything you've done because then the entry would be bigger than your bum (the same one that breaks down Sandy's walls...) Aeyze, keep on rocking, bra', and don't forget to visit. Hi. Tussilo, thanks for It really opened my eyes and introduced me to a lot of really nice people that made me feel incredibly welcome when I needed it the most. This includes Rad, Bers and of course you, Medi!

For everyone else, don't forget your friends, family, school, and work. Ho ho ho. Take care!