Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Far East...

...and I'm not talking about Aht Urghan!

I am finally en-route to starting my new life in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Thank you to everyone for all your support over the last 497 days!

See you again!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Fast and the Furious

Disclaimer: I am in no way a career mage, or career tank. I know next to nothing about perfect gear setups, or the execution of specific tactics for each of the two roles. I do, however, know how to efficiently play Puppetmaster, and if you don't like what you read, well, go read something else.

You dick.

Anyway! I've added two new gear sets to the left hand side, so tonight I'm going to explain them!

Evasion Build!

What's the best thing about using the incredible Hermes' Sandals? It's not the ability to quickly run to the Auction House and slap whatever twat put up 12 Echo Drops for 1k more than you expected, that's for sure. It's the ability to outrun a lot of dangerous NMs, and and when stacked with a proper Evasion setup, those poor critters won't know what they're hitting.

The optimal Spiritreaver soloing setup for PUP can vary greatly. A lot of people will go with full DMG Reduction, including stacking up on things such as VIT, Terra's Staff, Jelly/D.Rings, Chevvy Cape... you get the picture! Some go for half-and half, and slot Evasion+ gear in the slots that aren't covered by HP/VIT or DMG Reduction. As for me and about 1/3rd of the population, let's go for full-out Evasion.

Main: Wind Staff - Evasion +10, AGI +4
Sub: Reaver Grip - AGI +1
Head: Optical Hat - Evasion +10
Neck: Evasion Torque - Evasion Skill +7
Ear 1: Velocity Earring - Evasion +4
Ear 2: Ethereal Earring - Evasion +5
Body: Aurore Doublet - Evasion +8, AGI +4
Hands: Usukane Gote - Evasion +10
Ring 1: Jelly Ring - Physical Damage -5%
Ring 2: Alert Ring - Evasion +6
Back: Boxer's Mantle - Evasion Skill +10
Waist: Mithran Stone - Evasion +3
Legs: Crow Hose - Evasion +5
Feet: Hermes's Sandals - Evasion +5

That gives us a total of Evasion +66, Evasion Skill +17*, and AGI +9. Additionally, HQ Wind Staff would round that up to AGI+10 for another +1 Evasion point. Currently, this is one of the most optimal Evasion builds PUP can obtain without too much effort.

*At level 80, PUP's Evasion Skill will cap at 275. With 4 Merits in Evasion (+8 Skill), and exactly +17 Skill from gear, PUP's total Evasion Skill at 80 is a neat and tidy 300. Perfect if you have OCD, or really enjoy shouting out "THIS. IS. SPARTA!"

With this setup, PUP can easily outrun and survive through many Campaign mobs, certain NMs (Morille Mortelle, Farruca Fly), and since a few pieces are also fitted with Accuracy, certain obvious swaps (Crow Hose > Usukane Hizayoroi / Wind Staff > Hades Sainti) can be made to tailor one of the best Evasion Tanking setups currently available.

It's not rocket science. After you've performed a successful AMDD (Activate, Maneuver, Deploy, Deactivate) nuke with Spiritreaver, your Deactivate Timer will start to cool down. If you can keep the mob focused with Dia, Bio, or something to stop it from regening, you can use this setup to keep it occupied while you Reactivate, and build up those Ice Maneuvers.

Lastly, practice makes perfect. You can outrun mobs, but you can't run forever. Practice Utsusemi casting only when needed, get used to the difference on Blink and Stoneskin spell timers without all the Haste+ gear you're used to having in effect, and remember, there's always room for improvement. Perhaps a Dynamis run is down a kiter, or a low-man Limbus run needs someone evasive to help tank. Nominate yourself and impress them, while getting some kiting/tanking practice for yourself while you're at it!

Sleep Build!

PUP/SCH and it's Spiritreaver combination can conquer some impressive feats with it's soloable tactics. Being skilled in this aspect of Puppetmaster shows the incredible lengths players go to for recognition, or even just for fun. But for many Puppetmasters, it's perhaps just another means of trying to "fit in", and find their own little place within FFXI's insanely judgmental community.

Main: Dark Staff - Dark MAcc +20, INT +1
Sub: Dark Grip - Dark MAcc +2
Head: Teal Chapeau - INT +6
Neck: Prudence Torque - INT +5
Ear 1: Phantom Earring - MP +8, INT +1
Ear 2: Abyssal Earring - INT +2
Body: Teal Saio - MAcc +4, INT +6
Hands: Teal Cuffs - MAcc +5
Ring 1: Omega Ring - MAcc +3, INT +3
Ring 2: Flame Ring - INT +2
Back: Rainbow Mantle - MP +9, INT +3
Waist: Al Zahbi Sash - MP +15, INT +2, Spell Interrupt Down -6%
Legs: Teal Slops - MAcc +3, INT +5
Feet: Goliard Clogs - MAcc +2, INT +4

As mentioned before, I am not a mage, and I'm not rich. Even if you donated me gil, I'd blow it all on installing a region-free DVD player into E100, so I can watch Mithra porn from all over Vana'diel.

So um, using some DRK gear, this setup rounds my lolElvaan PUP/SCH up at INT +40, MP +76, and MAcc +29.

We all know how PUP/SCH works. You know, I know, my dog knows, and even my Mum knows. Hate free nukes from the Automaton, and Dark Arts pushes our Enfeebling Skill way up there in order to land Sleeps. For survival tips on staying alive after these nukes, well, didn't your just read the Evasion Build notes already?

You DIDN'T?!

Wow, you really are a dick.

Back to the point, no matter how much INT we have, it's useless without MAcc, which is what this setup is focused on. MAcc up front, to make sure Sleep lands, and INT to back it up, or at the very least, make up for an idiotic Elvaan's severe lack in it.

There are many items that can outweigh this simple setup, including an Ixion Cloak, proper earrings, rings, back and waist pieces, but again, if you are on a budget and want a setup that can perform well and knock mobs to sleep - at this current level cap - this will do, and it works extremely well!

For the record, all gear for both of these setups that were bought from the Auction House came to just under 200k. The rest were camped, farmed or taken from my DRK build (such as Sea, Salvage and Nyzul items).

Good luck and happy hunting!

Friday, 23 July 2010

The Long Trek II


So yeah, Mantis' pre-80 Damage stage is complete!

Mucho kudos to Rebme, E100 and Zophar. 2-and-a-half manning Farruca Fly was great fun. After a few trials runs we managed to knuckle down our positioning tactics and everything went smoothly. These tactics included "Stop fucking putting it near E100", "Take off Crow Legs so you can tank, idiot", and "...or just have Zoph tank".

Very easy fight with a semi-evasion build DNC and full-evasion build PUP. He even put out!

Then Rebme decided she hadn't murdered enough Sarutabaruta wildlife and proceeded to whack some toads. What a bitch.

After a tiny maint, and the fact that shitty Spurrer Beret NM never pops...

Ahem. I popped over to Sandy to check out how Blaize was doing on his DRG Polearm trials. Look who appeared underground!

But let's keep to tradition! What could be more traditional than this bonnie wee bairn richt here!

"Fair ye weel ya canny we beastie. Ah winnae dae ye any herm. Just pop yer skin oot o' yer back, and gies it tae us, 'erm fer an 'erm!" - Jamesie Burns


And finishing on that little outburst of Scottish pride, stay tuned for a couple more updates before I leave, where I'll go into detail as to why I look like a complete tool while fighting Farruca!

See you again!

Monday, 19 July 2010


I got screenshots working again on my laptop, but they look like shit, so suck it up!

This week has been really eventful. It's no wonder when I only have a fortnight left until the land of the rising sun, and have free time pouring out of my ...pores?

After getting over my horrible, horrible week-long camp of Wilhelm's Earring, I got the itches to start a new camp. So much choice, so much shit gear! Gotta have it all!

Lycopodiums Everywhere. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeen-eque spawns "near the tower at I-9" from what I was told. So, for the first day of camping this, I wondered why it hadn't spawned. Looks like I camped at the wrong tower.

What a dumbass.

Some bird-like NM spawned where I was. Woops! Upon fighting Chen a few times, between Campaign, Limbus, VNM, it finally decided to drop it's goods at 8am this morning.

1/6! These paws turn all melee damage into Piercing. Very good team up with E100's Sharpshot frame, though the overall DMG rating is a little low; 4 less than Hades, and 7 less than Mantis! So, what's weak to piercing? Hmmm. Wait a sec, wasn't there a bird-like NM somewhere around Cheneque's camp spot?

Perhaps the same NM I camped by mistake?

A mere 10 mins after killing Chen, I went to investigate, and as luck would have it, after punching one mere placeholder, Habergoass appeared. I didn't even know what the drop was, or that I had upset about 2 or 3 afk MNKs, but went 1/1 on it! As they say, haters will indeed hate.

The latent is activated by Footwork. If I recall, MNK/PUP just got Tornado Kick, which is enhanced by Footwork and Kick Attack damage...Looks like I've just found my MNK's free Tornado Kick piece right here! Hahaha.

Seriously though, I expected more hate mail.

A few more small achievements:

3 years too late, christ.

5 years too late, christ.

PUP Skillup progress: H2H/Melee/Magic: Capped. Ranged ...still in progress. :(

Lastly, two goodbyes. Junkette, my very first Mule, and Chiikou, my third. Junkette was in charge of Subjob/low level item storage. Chiikou took care of all my HNM meds. My third mule, Yuuzu (or on Sylph, Miikou) was my Woodworking Mithra. Now she is all I need! No more subjobs to level, and no more meds that I can't buy on demand. Goodbye you too, you served Jkun well!

Even though all I got out of it was like, a measly 40k and £3 less to pay a month, fuck.

Okay, time to round up and go to bed;

A first time for everything!

Aͩ̒̈́ͮ̑̃̈́̇͏̴̖̝̼ ̢̤͚͔̟͎͚̙͈͔ͥ͢W̜̲̩͕̩̔̇ͫ̀͗ͬ̇̒͟͢I̳̣̦̜͙͇ͮ͒̆ͥͪͭ̚͞L̲̺̊̂ͭ̎̔D̖̹͓́̉̔̌ͩ͒͠ ̵̮̹ͫͣ͆ͦͯ̈́̈ͅͅM̢̦̮̮̖̹͎̅ͮ͊̈́̑ͤ͌ͦ̕͟ͅI̷̢̱̼̮͇̻͍ͮͫ̓͊̋̚S̶͕̝̰̤̹͇̲͍̋̅S͕͇͇̗͔̬ͬ̇ͣ̃̎̈ͧ̍I̴̺͚̥͍̘̓ͮͯ̈͜N̴̺̭̝̖ͩͦ̇͆͑͂̋̚͟G̮̫̔ͦ̾̀̽N̨̛̘̩͍̩̦̼̹̘̏̐ͬ̐ͮ̈́ͅO̥̗̥̺̩̩̺͛͆ͩ́͡ ̾͏̧͖̖̪A̭̫̼͔͎̖͎̩ͥ̈́ͤͮ͌ͪ̎́̚͝P̴̛͎͈̐̔̽P͔̳͈̳͚̟̆̾͒͋͗̓̕Ę̶̼̯͔̣͓̥̽̒̂͡A̵͋͏͓̺̗̟̩̹̲̠͝Ṛ̱̲͊S̛͍̆͑̕

u mad Blaize?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Long Trek I

I've successfully moved back home to Scotland before I set off for Japan on the 31st. All my packing is going to remain packed as am I am only taking over the essentials.

My laptop ha been my little gateway to FFXI for the last week or so, but it doesn't allow me to take screenshots. :( Here's a summary of what has happened!
  • 1/18 Goaftrap - Altdof's Earring
  • 1/20 Goblintrap - Wielhelm's Earring
  • NIN and WHM to 49!
  • DRK to 80!
  • Lots of Besieged!
  • Lots of skillups!
  • Lots of kicking Zophar's arse!
Take care!

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Is it magpies that steal lots of shiney stuff? Yeah? Oh, okay.

As my placement in Japan grows closer, my time in Vanadiel is becoming limited day by day. I've been working quite hard to get some new gear. Some of it is quite minimal, some of it is quite, well shiney. So, magpie mode: ON.

In order to get help, we've gotta give a little something back, eh? Toukakoukan and all that bullshit. You can't expect to get everything by yourself. Not in FFXI. So! I helped Zoph with CoP! It's my favorite expansion (or a very close second to ToAU) and the cutscenes are so nostalgic.

Now that the level cap was removed, every single one of these fights was a pushover.

These fights used to be a nightmare... with my good old Fenrir static wiping up to 10 times in one night. We were that bad ...ass.

Some things used to be impossible to do, like soloing map quests, or level 50 cap NMs.

Some things like setting foot in Sacrarium for those really gay panties was a challenge...

...and some things don't change.

I got to see some lovely sights during this time too. Places I had forgotten, like Tavnazia.

Yet after hitting 80 on PUP, I've been trying to get DRK up there too. I jumped from 75-78 in one party thanks to Tav, and these tangfastic new birdies. They're like Colibri, but, y'know, NOT DICKHEADS.

I also tried some of that new, low-man content we were promised! Like the Walk of Ech--

Yeah, no.

Sooooo, onto the shineys. After hitting DRK 76, I instantly got access to Infernal Scythe!

Darkness damage, big pincers that come out of the ground, and some really awesome startup frames, kinda like Cata. Shame it sucks shit. Next up, soon after hitting DRK77, an invite to Odin! Time for round 2!

Then after maintenance, I set up camp at everyone's favorite Roflesia, or as I liked to call her, "Bella-fucking-Donna, when ya gonner droppa~" Yeah fuck you too.

For the record, I went 1/12, hitting every pop for about, I dunno. A day. The time it did drop, I cheated apparently. You know, because asking Reb to bring TH4 is cheating in FFXI.

Totally cheating.

I think Slycer from Fenrir expressed my thoughts on this next drop perfectly: "I can't believe you still didn't have this".

When CDC did Sea on Fenrir, my best friend Fortei was levelling COR and really wanted this thing. I was first in line at PUP 75, his COR tailing behind at 67. You know, back when point systems actually worked. In the end, I passed.

Fortei got it, then soon quit. I've never regretted that moment, because that little Taru bastard gave me so much more than what this stupid torque is worth, and I'd drop it in an instant if it meant bringing him back. But that will never happen, and now, 3 years later, I've finally got my own. Gogo breaking the 300 cap on PUP, but more importantly, thinking of him when I wear it!

Not gay.

Next up, insert generic "Oh look I ranked up in Campaign but nobody cares because it's going to rank down again anyway" image. Derp.

I also sneaked into, uh, fully contributed to another Dynamis with DynaFFS in hope that I might get a throwaway PUP Cape. Alas, one did drop, but went to, y'know, and actual member, so I made away with these! I just need the feet now, then I can store the whole useless set!

Lastly, I finally managed to get my revenge on that no-good, rotten, corpse-dancing Taru;

Oh, and one more thing;